episode one

Encounter part two

  Asana vessel
“I have located the energy signiture! ” the sansor officer reported. “Head for it at once!”field admiral keriek ordered. ” Aye sir!”the helmsman said.
“Excellentcy,our orders are to procede to the bandaras sector!”the first officer said. “We cannot attack the benderas sector without the blessing of the jirandra! “The admiral said.
“I am suprised a man of your sature would embrace myistism. ” The ships second officer said. “I am a fleet commander! I will not be questioned by a non flag officer. My orders will be caried out! Is that  clear?”keriek asked.”yes excellentcy!”the second in command said. “A wise choice!”the admiral said.
The fleet headed in a different durection from where they were ordered to. They headed to a nebula.
“We are outside the nebula!”the navigator reported. “Sir! This nebula is highly toxic. We cannot venture inside. “The science officer said. “It is our destiny to go in. I am fated to enter. “He said.
“We must turn back excellentcy! We could be destroyed!”the first officer said. “No we must go inside ! The jurendra are waiting for us! “He declared.
The exo took out a phaser and aimed it at him. “Step aside. I am exersising my right as commanding officer of this vessel and releving you of command! “The captain anounced.
“You puny thing! You disgust me.we are on the verge of a golden age,yet you cower in fear ! “Keriek declared.
“This man is insane! He must be removed from office!” Captain dugear said.
“Very well! The bored of inquiry will look into this. They may not side with you! You could regret this !” Keriek said.
Keriek took out the phaser and he looked like he was going to surender his side arm. Instead he took it and vaporized the second in command.
“Take us inside !”keriek ordered.the fleet headed inside. The ships were pumalled but the shields held together. They were tractered inside.
Keriek was somewhere else! He was not sure where. “Admiral keriek! “The image said.
“Jurandra?” He asked. “You are a warior! You shall be our warior priest. Our leader! Our representitive. “The image said.
“You give your blessing to the attack on the benderas syistom?”he asked. “Yes but not yet. The athiest regime must be overthrown first. You must take over the government. Reinsate the faith and then begin the great task! If you begin the attack under the baner of that reprobate emparor and the turd who calls himself chancellor ,you will fail! ” he said.
“I will do as you say!” Keriek declared. “I knew you would ! “The jirandra said. “I will do thy bidding !” Keriek said. “The age of the jirandra will soon be at hand! “He said.
The fleet headed out. “Sir according to a setilite,we have been out of space time continum for two years!” The science officer said.
“Jirandra space must be out of the space time continum !”keriek said. “Sir?”the new first officer asked. ” It is time to complete unfinished business !”keriek said. “We are going to peocede with the mission to attack the benderas system. Should we not check in with high command!”the new exo asked.
“No we will not be going to benderas! Not yet! Helm set course for the asana homeworld!” Keriek said.
The asana fleet headed for the homeworld. Keriek will fulfil his mission. He would seize control of the asana empire. Then he would attack the federation. Then the sky was the limit!
End of part two

episode one


Planet elderel four
The transporter beam emurged. The away team emurged on the serface. The team leader tapped on the com badge. “Picard to stargazer! “Picard said.
“No response!”jack crusher said. A large projectile came at the team. Picard pushed jack out of the way. Picard was hit by a phaser. Picard was hit. Picard with his last ounch of breath fired on the sniper. The shiper was hit. Another sniper struck picard. Picard died instently.
Crusher and the rest of the team hit the attackers. Jack feared that they would all suffer the same fate as his friend jean luc. He would not let that happen . No more,He thought to himself. He would not let anyone else die today. At least not on his watch.
Jack knew that they had to get passed the jamming device. He did not know how. The team fired on the attackers. The attackers were determined to bring down the team. Jack would not let them. They would not go down,not like this.
The team kept on. They fired there phasers. Suddenly the stargazer apeared in the sky. “Away team!we stil can’t lock on to your signal. We are trying! “The actimg captain said. “We will try to hold on until then!”jack said. The stargazer fired on the serface hoping to convince the enemy forces to standown. The stargazer tried to avoid serious fire.  they wanted to avoid injuries on both sides. The team had to get back to  the ship in one peace.
The team tried to move to a safe distence. They hid near a rock face. The stargazer kept mantaninting fire.
“Sir! I believe i have located the source of the dampening field!”one of the team members said. He informed jack where it was. The rest of the team covered him. Jack went and fired on the necklace of the enemy leader. The neclace was hit.
The team was beamed back to the ship. The stargazer went to warp.
Lavere france
The recovering jack crusher went to the door of the ansesteral home of picard. Robert picard answered the door. ” Mr. Picard. I regret to inform that your brother jean luc is dead. “Jack said. “Can i see him?”robert said.
Jack escorted robert to the mougue. “You don’t have to do.this!”jack said.”yes i do!”robert said. He brought him to picard. The blanket was removed from his head. Robert was in shock.
“Its funy,we were not that close. We really never had been. I regret that he is dead. I fugured.we evenualy work things out. Now i gues that wont happen !”he said.
“I am sory for your loss!”jack said.”you maried!”she asked.”yes i am! ! “He said. “Do you have children ?”he asked. “A son! “He said. “He would not consider his sacrifice a veign one!”robert said.
“It does not make it any better!” Jack said. “Understanible. Live a long productive life!make his sacrifice count! “Robert admonished him. “I will! I sware it'”he said. ” I wish you all the best lt. Commander crusher!”robert said. ” and you mr. Picard!”he said. With that they departed.
End of part one