episode 3

The realm part 7

Wesley and Lesley left there qurters. “Where are we going ?”she asked. “Science lab!”Wesley answered.
They went to the lab. They sat down. “Do i want to know ?”she asked. He accesed several filles.
He got up. He headed out. “Where are we going now?” She asked. Her brother did not answered. He just kept moving . She tried to catch up with him.
They went to a storage unit. He entered in some codes. “What are you doing?” She asked. “I am trying to hack into ships system in order to gain acess to highly volitile substences. “Wesley said.
“Great! How many rules are we going to break before this is over?” She asked. “I hope to keep it to a minimum. You do what you have to. “He said.
“Why not go to commander data and the crew?” She asked.”it will ask question i would rather not answer. Better to ask for forgiveness rather then permission !” He said.
“I thought i was the rebel. Your Wesley the ultimate yes man! “She said. “This is an unusual matter. This is no usual emergentcy. This is life and death maybe for the galaxy.” Wesley said. ” Fine! I really hope i don’t regret this!” She said.
He tranaported several substances into a torpedo. He took a breath. Then he prepared to lunch the torpedo. “Hear goes nothing !”he said. He presed the lunch button.
“Captain we just lunched a torpedo !” Worf anonced. “Did you athorize this lt?”data asked.” Negitive!”yar said. “Can you stop it?”data said. “Its too late!”worf reported.
The torpedo headed to a certain spot. It held position. Wesley presed the detonation button.
“We have no control of this!”worf reported. “Then who does?”gordi asked. “Good question !”deana answered.
The torpedo,exploded. A doorway opened. The enterprise was tractered inside. Gordi and obrian tried to fight it. The ship was going in.
Images were dipicted. Picard and yar in the shartle galilao. Picard assuming command of the enterprise.
The enterprise enveloped by the q grid. The command crew in the post atomic court room. The enterprise trying to get away from the asteroid. Yar fighting yarena. The enterprise going into a distent galaxy.
Image after image came into view. The enterprise went though the doorway.
The jurendra followed. Wesley prepared a seccond torpedo. The torpedo was lunched. Wesley presed the detonation buton. The 29th century. A universe that had become a wasteland . There was little left. Time went backwards.
In the 26th century ,there was a series of explosions occured. Time went backward. Romulous was not destroyed. The jurendra were not able to expend. The jurendra were traped.
Then the doorway exploded. The jurendra were traped. History was saved for now. It was not over. They were stil in the game. Not a complete victory but definitely a good move.
Space was restored. There were stars. There was no evidence that the doorway had ever been there. Things could get back to normal.
Enterprise bridge
Jack woke up. He was in the command chair. He was next to rycer. “What happened?”jack asked. “We are right where we started.”worf said. “We remember what happened?”bill said. “Gordi get us out of hear. Just in case!”jack said. The enterprise warped away.
Wesley and Lesley found themselves back in there qurters.they both remembered what had occured. “Did it really happen ?”she asked. “It did!”Wesley answered. “What now?”she asked. “the jurendra that esaped before are still out there including the one who helped the asana. Sufice it to say this is not over but we did gain some ground!”he said.
Ancient past
The jurendra near romulis. A bright light apears. A ship comes out. It is the enterprise d. The vessel opens fire with a modified torpedo. The explosion creates a whole. The jurendra are sucked in. Every thing is gone. Space remains. As does the romulin fleet.

episode 3

Realm part six

Wesly fell asleep. He was not ones to take naps. He felt tired. Before he knew it,he was out cold.
Wesley was not sure where he was. He was a place that looked like a citty. Part of it looked like a citty of the future. The orther part looked like something from the past. It was like something out of jules verne.
He looked around. He saw a man who seamed to staring at him. It was brothering wesly. He finally went over to him. “Who are you? Why do you keep staring at me!” He asked.
“I’m sorry Wesley ! I did not meen to  alarm you!”he said. “Who are you? How do you know my name? ” he asked.
” i know many things. What importent is one moment?”he asked. “What do you meen?” He asked. ” things can change in a moment. Empires rise and fall. Things change foever in a signal moment. ”
“When the t’kon empire fell there was no warning. The star just went nova. ” The man said.
“Things change in an instent i get it! ” Wesley said.he is in another place. He sees his farther on the away team. He saw his farther killed when it replayed but this time picard was killed.
“What is this? What is going on?” Wesley asked.” Wesley ! The enterprise has been removed from the space time continum. Time may have stood stil for you but not for every one else. Time is going foward.  Without the enterprise! The jerendra and the asana will be on the march. They will carve up planet after planet. They won’t stop. The universe will be more dangerous. More chaotic! “The man said.
“How do you know?”Wesley asked. “Because i have seen it! I wached the asana and jerendra expend. I saw the universe at war. I saw whole planets destroyed. It cannot happen again!”
He replayed it rapidly. Wesley saw image after image. He saw the chaos. He saw the mayhem. Wesley was apaled by all this. “That was real?”he asked. “Yes! It is!” He said. “How do i stop it?”he asked.
“There is a way. We cannot get involved ,not directly . Not yet. The jerendra must be stoped or we risk losing every thing. ” He said. “The man said.
“Who are you?” Wesley said. ” I am a travaler! Please do not let anyone you met me. Not even your farther.  You and he have seperate destinies. “He said.
“Am i your only hope?”Wesley asked. “No there is another but i think you knew that. ” The travaler said. “I think i did!”he said.
He saw back on the enterprise.he woundered did he ever really leave? He was not going to figure that one out.
He went to the maine section of the qurters. “Less!” He said. “Oh no! Whenever you want to do something questonible you ask me for help! I stil can’t believe you got me involved that time yoy blew up the science lab on the olimpis. “She said.
I did not blow up the science lab. I imploded it!” Wesley said.”not helping !”lesley said. “Less i need you! If we don’t hang together we hang seperatly. I need help. “He said. “Fine lets do this! You owe me big! “She said. “Deal!” He said.
Rycer saw images. He saw himself falling into a river of black. As he was being propelled into the river,he screamed,”data something got me!”he said.
Then he saw a man tackle him. The man looked human. He had some kind of energy. He presed him. “Give us the medicine or this person dies!”
“What is this ?” Bill asked. ” humanity is at a cross roads bill. It is not totally clear what road humans will take. My race is at a crosroads as well ! ” arlec said.
“Your race is interested in violence. Expansion by force. “Bill said. “You have not heard our side of the story bill!” Arlec said. “I’m listening!” He said.
“We are humanoid and energy. We were expanding our influence around the same time as the romulans were colonizing romulis and remus. ”
“Unlike orther worlds they challenged us. They waged a brutal gurila war on our forces. They faught in space,on planets. They just kept fighting. ”
“They kept us at bay. They were prolouging the inevitable. We had breached there defense perimiter. We were poised to take romulis and remus. Then it all changed!”
  The jurandra fleet went near the twin planets. The romulin fleet was in ruins. A jirandra left the flagship. It flew to romulous. Suddenly a door way opened up. The jirendra was swalowed into the doorway.
“This is a prison ?”bill asked. “Yes someone traped us hear.we have no idea who or why! The romulins had no check. Many other races who would have been tamed by our ocupation became revinous wolves. ”
“Over time this prison if you will developed a crack. We are now returning. We are going to pick up where we left off. “The jirendra said.
“You want us to help you?”bill asked. “No we mearly want you to look the otther way'” arlec said.”you crush the romulans?” He asked. “They are your enimies. “Arlec said. “We have rules. We don’t condone slaughter. That is what it would be. “Rycer said.
Wesley and leslie got ready. They had a lot to do. There was not much time. The future depanded on success.
To be concluded.

episode 3

The realm part five

“Enterprise log, lt. Commander data reporting. Captain crusher has been returned to us but is unconscious. All atempts to revive him have so far failed.”
“Commander rycer has been takon. We have little information who has taken the commander or why. The ship is on high alert!”
Confrence room
“We have atempted to locate an egress but have not been able to locate it!”chief engineer argyile said. “We have considered that it may be cloaked but have found no evidence of that. “Worf said.
“I have to assume there is some presence hear. “Yar said. “Where are we?”bev said. “Your not going to like this answer doctor but we have not been able to determine that! “Agyile said. “Your right chief i don’t!”bev said.
“How is the captain?”data asked. “He is stable but i can’t revive him. I have no idea why! “Bevily said. “We will remain on high alert for now! That will be all!”data said.
Data got up. The rest of the command crew did the same. Everyone was woried. They had no control over this situation . None at alll.
  Inside the realm,rycer got up. “Where am i? “Bill said. “Wiliam brandon rycer,son of kyile and Elizabeth rycer,your farther is a civilian advisor to star fleet on stratigic matters. He was seriously injured during an incident with the tholiens. ”
“Your morther died when you were young. Your farther tried his hardest to raise you. Most of your youth was spent with your aunt and uncle in alasca. “The vioce of arlec said.
“As mutch as i enjoy this walk down memory lane,i don’t see the point!” Rycer said.
“Rycer the universe is at s cross roads. In the past my people altered the course of the past. We kept the romulons from emurging as a universal power and arested there development for multiple generations. Our goal was to crush them beyond repair. We were stoped. An unknown group intervened and inprisoned us outside the space time continum. ”
“As a consiqaince of that interventions ,the romulins have rebuilt there civilizations and now are poised to become a galatic power once again. I cannot alow that to happen. “Arlec said.
“Why are you fixiated on the romulons? ” rycer said. “Your people have fought wars with them. Hot and cold wars. Why not join us? Help us defeat them. Usher in a new era.”arlec said.
“We don’t know who you are!”bill said. The figure steped from the shadows. “The jurendra! I should have known !”rycer said.
“We ask little . With the romulan threat diminished,the federations would be able to breath. The romulon star empire has been a constent thorn in the federation side. Imagine if that threat was removed. “Arlec said.
Rycer did not like the sound of that at all.
“Come now bill! Don’t be so outraged. These are your enemies!”arlec said. “For now. That could change. If if it does not,that hardly justifies what you want to do! “Rycer said.
“You do not understand wiliam b rycer.  “Arlec said. “No i don’t. Futhermore i don’t want to. “He said. Arkec laughed.
“Your people are so closed minded! I had hoped to overcome it. You are stuborn! I think it is far worse then i suspect. “Arlec said.
“I won’t help you. I know what your about ! The thing is i don’t trust you. When the romulon are out of the way you wil come after us eventually. If your wiling to wipe out one race there is no teling how far you will go. You are genicidal. I am sure of that. ”
” you don’t understand ! You are closed of commander.Regretible!” Arlec said.
Ancient past
T’kon empire
  At an outside cafae,two people who looked t’kon sat down. “Without the enterprise,the jurendra will expand to all corners of the alpha and beta qudrent. The enterprise taken out of tge eqasion changes everything ! We have the ability to intervene!”one said.
“If we do we risk exposing ourselves . If the jurendra learn there is an active recistence to there expansion,all eforts to stop them could fail. It is too soon!”the other said.
“There must be a way. We have to save the enterprise. The enterprise is the key. The enterprise is the only answer.”the orther said.
“There may be a way!” The first man said.
End of part five

episode 3

Realm part 4

Ancient past.
The romulon ships that remaned met up. They were in bad shape. This was all they had.the jurandra had them on the run.
Bridge flagship
” the jurendra asked us to surender. They say we will be able to govern ourselves under there oversight. They cannot be trusted. They made agreement with orther worlds then broke them. We have to take this last stand. Our choices are death or death. We will fight!”admiral chonere said.
Commander derit knew that they could not win. Every one did. They had to fight. Mayby just mayby there was a tiny fraction of a chance. They had to try.
The vessels moved out. The vessel headed for the jirendra ships.
Jirendra flagship
“Detecting the enemy fleet! “A sansor officer said. “They come at us with stics?” The jirandra commander said. The crew laughed.
The ships fired on the hostile fleet. In seconds the last of the romulan fleet was cut down. “Detecting unknown readings!”a romulan sansor officer said. The vortex opened,the jirendra were swept inside. They were gone.
The evidence of the jirendra was stil there. There was plenty of damage left. There would be for some time. They were still alive.
Jack had no idea where he was. The area was whiteish gray area. He saw someone coming towards him. He saw several someones.
“Captain jack crusher ! “The jirendra said. “Who are you?” Jack asked. ” My name is arlec! I am a jirendra! Yes i know you know who i am!” Arlec said.
“You have destroyed whole worlds. Your people are responsible for untold millions of deaths !”jack said.
“You have only heared one side!”arlec said. ” i witnesed the carnege. I have seen you in action !”he said.
“Let me tell you a story john! A group of disafected diaspora fled one world after there war like regime was overthrown. They came to another. They conqured the natives and forced them to live on the sister planet and to mine the fuel that insured there slavery. ”
“They did not stop there. Any planet that they saw was carved into there empire. There rule grew. Then we steped in. We altered history in a way that alowed orther planets to flurish that probably would not have. ” Arlec said.
“Your saying your doing a service?” Jack asked. “John calm down. I am not done yet. Let me explain. “The jirandra said. ” Very well go on! “Jack said.
“The romulans were on there way to becoming a regonal power. When we interveigned we haulted romulan expensions. It took generations for them to recover. We changed every thing! The romulan empire for all intense and perposes colapsed and had to be rebuilt. That did not happen for cencuries. Had we not been haulted there may not have been a romulon empire. We could have stoped one of your biggest rivals. What could have the federation have accomplished without romulan interference ? They have been a thorn in your side sense the federation’s inception. “Alerc said.
“I refuse to believe that enda justify the meens. Violence is never the answer. Death is death. Violence and death should never be a solution. The romulans have been a challenge . I refuse to confrunt a challenge with violence and death!” Jack said
“War is the way of things! It has always been! “Alerc said. “How many orther races have you templed on. How many orther races would you have trempled on had you had the chance? I know who you are! I know what your about! I won’t help you!”he said.
“We are comming one way or another. Why not help us or at least get out of the way. A non  agreson pact. ” he said.
“No way. For manny reasons. Sory!”jack said. ” We will win captain! We will pick up where we left off. This time will be different!”the jirendra said.
Jack was rerurned to the enterprise. He was unconscious.rycer was gone. Data got up. The commanding officers were gone or incompacitated. Data was now in command.
End of part four

episode 3

Realm part three

  Ancient past
Romulan empire
The romulan fleet was in ruins. Only a few ships remaned. They knew it was a long schoot. Most of the fleet was imobilized in minutes.
On the grace fire,commander deret servayed what remaned of his ship and fleet. The war was over before it had begun. Soon world after world would fall. Then romulous itself would sucomb to this manace.
  “Commander! The fleet is to randevez at hitoria. We are going to atempt one last stand!”the com officer said. “There is nothing to stand with !” “Derit said. “Those are our orders!”the officer said. The commander agreed.
Despite knowing the odds,romulans were a people of dutty. This was a dirty he would perform. He would do it well as he tried to do things.
Inside realm
U.s. s enterprise
“Where are we?” Jack asked. “The readings are off the scale !”yar said. ” I can’t get a solid reading ! I have no idea where we are!”worf said. “This is highly parculier!” Data said.
“Does anyone have an answer!” Jack asked. “Captain!  I believe we may have jumped to another dimension!”data said.
“We have gone where no one has gone before ! ” gordi said.  “i am sensing multiple life forms!”deana said. “Do you know who they are?” The captain asked. “Not yet!  I canot seam to make contact. Either that or they do not want to contact us. “Deana said.
In sickbay dr. Bevily crusher was working on paper work. She saw a large field like phynomina. She found herself some where else.
She wore black. With her was someone she had not seen in some time. He looked the way she remembered him. She never remembered him looking like this. He had been wounded. What was this?
“It was nice of you to come!”she said. “It was the least i could do! You don’t have to do this!” The man said. “I have to!”she said.
They went inside. She pulled off the blanket. She shudered. He went over to her. It was jack. She was back at the enterprise.
She could not believe this. That was in the past. That had already happen but it had not happened. What was this?”
“Dr. Crusher to bridge!”she said. “Go ahead bev!” Jack said. “Sory to brother you jack! I just needed to hear your vioce! “She said. “Are you ok?” Jack said. “I’m fine! All is well”bev said.
There was some kind of storm. The ship did not seam to be efected. “What is this?” Jack said.”unknown! It is hard to determine! “Data said.
“Sir look at this!” Yar said. She put it on visuel. It was a smal dot.it was heading right for them. “Could this be a life form?” Gordi asked. “I believe it is some kind of transportation aperatus!” Deana reported.
The device hit the ship. It passed though the ship like it ofered no difficulty. It apeared on the bridge. The device hit jack. He was gone.
“I stil sense him! He is not dead! “Deana said. “Where is he?” Bill asked. “Out there!”deana said.
Wesley was in his qurters. He saw the swimering lights. He was somewhere else. ” Mom you ever regret not having more kids!”Wesley said. “We thought of having more. Then he died! Why?”she asked. “I have no idea why i thought of it!”Wesley said. Then he was back.
“Wess you ok?”Lesley asked. “Yea less I’m fine!”he said.”you look like you have seen a ghost'”she said. “Its hard to explain!” He said.
“Today the united federation of planets is putting a hundred year cold war with the jurendra asana allience to an end. The peace treaty will put an end to the hostilities between the two powers. The klingon empire has refused to sign thr treaty witch normilizes relations between the federation and the alience! “The reporter said.
“While the federation is not totally happy with every policy established by the alliance,the federation fleet is strached thin and with the emurgence of black holes,the federation feels that it had choice but to agree to this case fire!”
“WHole sectors whiped out. They terned a gray coller. This is not an acident. Someone is destibolizing the galaxsy. They are trying to reshape the galaxy!”a human looking male said.
” The focal point began at the disapearence of the enterprise d. The dissapearence changed every thing. “The first male looking man said.
“We must stop the disapearence!”the second male said.
End of part three

episode 3

Realm part two

Uss enterprise
“Captain’s log,the enterprise is  Serveying the elrond nubula. Our mission is mostly scientific in nature. ”
“So is the ship fully recovered from the incident with the furengi?”jack said. “Every thing checks out. Believe me sir i have rechecked it four times!” Chief engineer argyile said.
“It does not totally eleviate my fears but i will take it!” Jack said. “I know what you meen!” Argyile said. “I just don’t want any more suprises!” Jack said. “I thought that was the nature of our mission ?”argyile said. “It is! Cary on!” Jack said.
“Thank you for showing me this program!”leslie said. “No problem ! Feel free to use it any time !”lt. Yar said. “Thank you lt. It is nice to be noticed. Some times i feel over shadowed by Wesley! “She said. “I figured. You will be noticed. You will play a sugnificant role to the universe and to star fleet!” She said. ” I really hope so! When you were my age. Did you have asperations!” She asked.
“My home planet was a war zone. My citty was controled by rival gangs. They did not care if someone got caught in the cross fire. Every day was a strugal to servive. I felt that that life was not all there was. I believed that there had to be something better. Now i see that there is. ” She said.
“Well it is almost time for my shift! Catch ya later!”yar said. “Thanks  lt!”she said. She excited the hollowdeck. The hollow deck closed.
“There is probably not much for non science or engineering staf to do on this mission !” Rycer said.”i still have things to do commander!” Worf said. “I was not woried about that!” Rycer said.
Lt. Yar entered the bridge. She releved ensign youngblood at tactical. A few second later captain crusher entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge !”Gordi commented. “As you were! ” jack said.
” Captain i am detecting an unusual energy reading nearby!” Lt. Commander data said. ” can you determine the nature of the energy reading ?” Jack asked. ” Not at present ! ” data said.
“I know that this won’t make our science departments happy but i want to know what is going on!” Jack said.
“Mr. Data send the location to mr. Laforge! ” Jack ordered. Data transfered the coordinates to the helm. “I have it!”gordi said. Gordi set the coordinances. The enterprise went to warp.
The enterprise arived at the location of the energy reading. “All stop!” Jack ordered.”we are at all stop!”gordi said. ” Begin scan!”commander rycer ordered.”Comencing scan now! ” data anounced. The computer ran the scan. “Sir! The energy seams to be multi dimensional!”data said. “Multi dimensional?”bill said. “I sense a presence of some kind. I believe someone is on the orther side of those readings. ” Deana said.
  Suddenly the reading emits some kind of beam. A ray hit the enterprise. “I believe it is some of tractor beam!” Data said.
The enterprise fired on the ray. The beam was not abated. The ship was caught. The ship was unable to get out of the mysterious tractor beam. The enterprise was slowly being sucked into the doorway.
Within a few seconds,the enterprise was gone. There was just open space. Even the doorway was gone. All was qiet and calm.
Where was the ship? It was any ones gues. Would they be back? end of part 2

episode 3


” welcome to federation today a look at news of the day afecting the united federation of planets and beyond. I’m your host blare jonson. ”
” Today marks the 25th aniversery of the dissapearence of the galaxy class starship enterprise ncc 1701-d. The vessel vanished without a trace after only a few weeks in its mission to explore beyond the rim of the known galaxy. The vessel was reported near the jackman nebula. ”
“There was an exstensive search by uss hood,esex,excelsior,ambassador and the sister ships uss yamato and odyisy. The vessel was never found and was oficialy declared lost. ”
“Over the years there has been much speculation. Several books have been written. Every student at star fleet academy and daystrom has a take on it. ”
” sense its dissapearence the federation itself has endured some difficult days. The asana and jurendra have invaded much of the non sligned sector. They have concured low tech worlds turning there inhabitents into slave labor mining material for there military reserch and development. ”
“At the sane time the bajorens have tried to punish the cardesiens for there ocupation wich ended after cripiling defeats to the asana ans furengi.the federation has tried to tiptoe around the bajorens. While the tholiens and breen and sheliek have increase there influence as well. ”
“We have seen a destrsbolized romulin empire. With threats by the jirandra and rebelion by outor worlds and a growing remen recistence the romulin have largly turned inward. The federation-klingon alience had been on its own. ”
“That combined with a computor virus that forced the star fleet to recall much of there fleet. The federations and star fleet has had a difficult time. ”
“Today president yishi tigumie will lay a reaf at the utopia planatia’s enterprise birth. He will be making remsrks. At star fleet headquarters they will be observing a moment of silience. While some have called for an enterprise e but bras has been reluctant to name a new enterprise!” The male reporter said.
  A male was watching the newscast at a hotel lobby. “Can i get you anything more?” The waistress asked. The gentleman said no.
Beyond space and time lied the answers. This was not the future but a possible future.
End of part one