episode seven

“Brothers in arms”

Previously on star trek the chronicles of Jack crusher.
While on an away mission,then lt.commander Jack crusher’s best friend captain Jean luc Picard is killed. Jack is given command of the stargazer.
At the visitation of the body,Jack meets Robert the brother of Picard. Robert tells how the two had been estranged. Jack gives his condolces.
Uss enterprise mission to farpoint is interrupted . the asana begging an attack on the federation.
An asana admiral who dissapered returns. The admiral has seized control of the asana empire.
The universe sealed to have been created as a q experiment. Several entities with the ability to discern temporal abnormalities object to the existence of Jack. Q has for the time being convinced them to not harm Jack. F
And now tonight’s episode.
U.s.s enterprise D
Qurters of Jack crusher
He had the same dream ever sense the creature had tried to envelop him.it was the event that changed his life in ways he could never quite understand. One that shock him if he knew. 
He was back on the away team. He saw his best friend and commanding officer taking a phaser blast ment on him. Jack ran over to him.
Then the scene flashed ahead to the morgue. Bevily had agreed to come with him to meet the brother of Jean luc.
Jean luc  had spoken about his brother Robert frequently. He knew they not see eye to eye on many things. Robert cared more about the family vineyard. Jean luc had been the only one In his family who had looked to the stars.
Jean luc had been the family favorite. He broke every rule his farther had made and got away with it. Then he broke his parents heart by going to star fleet. It steamed his relationships with his family.
Jack and heavily met up with Robert outside the morgue. “It was good of you to come!”Robert said. “It was the least we could do!”Jack crusher said .he had visible wounds.
They went to the vault. The body was retracted . “It should have been you Jack! You should be dead not him!”Robert declared. The blanket was removed. It was revealed to be him. Then he woke up.
“Jack! .you ok? “Bevily asked. “Yea! Bad dream!” he said. “You have been having a lot of those lately. “Bev said . “I know!”he said. ” you ok Jack?”she asked. “I’m fine bev. ” he said.
He started to get out of bed. “Where are you going?”she asked. “I am going to roam the ship for a bit. Tire myself out!”Jack told her. “Oh ok. “She said.
He kissed her. He then left the quarters. She went back to bed. He went though the hallways. There was little activty right then. Tecknically there was no night of day in space. Most federation starship ran on a 24 Hour day. If you were on day watch you got up when the cronomitor said it was morning and slept when it said it was night.
This reminded him of an event from his past. “Roming the halls at this time a night Jack?”Jean luc Picard said. “I could say the same about you?”Jack said. “True. I still can’t believe this is my ship. It may not be an excelsior or ambassador but I like it. “Jean luc said.
“You think I will ever command a starship?”Jack asked. “Tired of being my understudy Jack. In all seriousness I know you will. You will be a good one!”Picard told him.
  Jack got so lost in thought that he almost ran into lt. Worf. “Sorry Mr. Worf I did not see you there. “The captain said.
“It is quite alright sir!”Worf said. “I am usually not up at this time a night.”Jack said. “I did not think so.”Worf said. “I have a lot on my mind ” Jack said.
“You have seemed restless ever sense the gravity well tried to envelop you!”Worf said. “You noticed.it was probably petty noticible. “Jack said. “A little bit!”Worf said.
“14 years ago my commanding officer and close friend died saving my life. Ever sence then I have felt that I was on borrowed time. I can’t shake it!”Jack said.
“You were given an incredible gift by your former commanding officer. It is your duty to live to the fullest!”Worf said.
“I have tried. Odd I have thought what if I had not lived. I would not have two daughters and a son. I would not have commanded this ship. Funny I bet Picard would command the ship. “He said.
“Despite what could have happened. The most importent is what did happen. You are where you need to be. ” Worf said. Jack hoped that that was true.
Planet Cousteau
The planet was a New colony started a few years earlier .the colony was part of a project ten years in the making. The planet was a collaborative effort betweehn private group’s and teraform command.
Four years ago the actual community was started. People began to move in and start a life. The population included young families just starting out. It also included young adventures. There were middle aged and retires. There were humans and aliens. So far it had been a success.
The capital city was the crowning achievement. In the town square the governor looked over the town. He stil could not believe he was hear. He never thought he would leave France or earth. He was not an adventuer.
Hear he was. After the death of his brother his focus changed. He was different . he had been a committed belchor. He met Marie. They got married and had a son.
The colony was the brain child of a child friend of her brother. Lois talked about nothing but the project. Robert and Lois has never been close. After the death if Jean luc,he was his only link to Jean. Lois was the concept guy but did not have the practical fall though.that was where Robert came in.
Robert did not want to be governor but everyone wanted him to do the job. Finaly he took the job. The planet was in the heart of the federation and not considered in trouble.
Asana ship
“We are in position !” the helm officer reported. “Excellent! Procede!” keriek ordered.
The door way opened, several ships entered the worm hole. The wormhole led the ships just outside the planet Cousteau.
End of part one.
There had not been a lot of details on the death of Jack crusher. It was on an away mission led by Picard. The Information we do have is from Wesley in encounter at farpoint. The other is a dream sequence perpetrated by a telepathic alien trying to steal memories. The flashback is not particularly realuble. I have tried to peace to gather the flashback using those sources.
Robert and his wife and son appeared in “family” Robert was played by Jeremy Kemp.
I did not have a name for this so I called it the Jack crusher chronicles. It is paying homage to terminator the Sarah corner chronicles. There is definate similarities beyond just the title.

episode 6

Q in the life

  “Log q reporting. So i am going undercover as it were. I am mascerading as a member of the enterprise crew. While pretending to be a star fleet lt seams uterly beneth someone like me,it seams the only way i can pass off as a member of the crew. It is beter then an ensign or enlisted person i gues”
“Being a ship of a thousand ,stowing away and pasing off as one of them was not that difficult. I was even able to alter the data banks and create a biography for myself. No one was the wiser. ”
“I wanted to be where the action was. I had myself assigned to the bridge. I was asigned to one of the aft station. One of those back stations that really don’t matter. At least that is my opinion but i digress. ”
“I decided not to deprive mr. Laforge on being at the helm for what promises to be a very eventfull mission. He could be useful in what is sure to be a very exciting afair. If nothing else he can calm a potentialaly tense situation with an anecdote mr. Data won’t understand but will still coment on ”
Q left his qurters. He wore a gold uniform. He perfered the burgendy but his assignment called for the gold used by suport division such as engineering and security. That was what he wore.
He joined up with several orther officers all tapped to work on the bridge during this watch.
“Good morning !”q said. “Good morning lt!” Lt jg hudson said. Several orthers said hello.
“I assume today will be eventfull!”q said. “They always are on the enterprise!”a female said. “I like it that way!”ensign bannet said. The turbo lift opened and they all entered.
“Bridge !” Hudson said. The turbo lift sped up. The new bridge crew were engaging in smal talk while the lift headed for its destination.
“I don’t understand the human’s disdain for silience. If there is more then one human in a room and no one is taking ,they assume something is wrong. Silience is considered evil or negitive. It is quite bafiling to a q.  Humans view the universe very differently. ”
“They try to fill every void. They fail to see that silience is a conversation in itself. Oh well. I gues that is there loss!”
The turbo lift opened,the bridge crew entered. The new shift releved the old. The last shift left as the day shift took over. Soon the activities began to discrease and things got to normal.
“Bill star fleet reports an odd acurence at the farpoint station .”captain jack crusher anounced. Commander rycer was taken aback by that anouncement.
“In many ways this universe is almost identical to the orther. Yet some thiings are different. Will is known as bill. I have never understood how you get bill out of wiliam any ways. Rycer is stil a dullared even in this universe. Women stil seam to like him. Something else i don’t understand.  he is not that atractive. I have met signle celled cretures more eligent then commander rycer!”
“Far point station was destroyed.some kind of energy creture attacked it. The creture took the station away. We don’t believe they were any servivors.”jack crusher said.
“Oh my. Why did they do this?”lt.yar asked. “Star fleet does not know. Star fleet command is going to confuct a full investigation. The bandi claim that they give full cooperation but star fleet is concerned about them. They did not give a lot of details. “Jack said.
“I wish i could tell them. I can’t.i cannot interfere. Not this time.this universe must go its own way. That is how it has to be. I will not interfere only observe.”
“Captain i am receving a distress call from a colonial convoy. They are heading to the baltair sector. They claim to be under attack by the asana!”yar said.
“This is a long way from asana space !”lt. Laforge said. Data declared just how far it was not realizing that that explination was not necessary.
“Mr. Laforge set course for the convoy maximum warp!”jack ordered. “Course set!” Gordi anounced. ” Engage!”jack ordered. The ship went to warp.
End of part one.

episode 3

The realm part 7

Wesley and Lesley left there qurters. “Where are we going ?”she asked. “Science lab!”Wesley answered.
They went to the lab. They sat down. “Do i want to know ?”she asked. He accesed several filles.
He got up. He headed out. “Where are we going now?” She asked. Her brother did not answered. He just kept moving . She tried to catch up with him.
They went to a storage unit. He entered in some codes. “What are you doing?” She asked. “I am trying to hack into ships system in order to gain acess to highly volitile substences. “Wesley said.
“Great! How many rules are we going to break before this is over?” She asked. “I hope to keep it to a minimum. You do what you have to. “He said.
“Why not go to commander data and the crew?” She asked.”it will ask question i would rather not answer. Better to ask for forgiveness rather then permission !” He said.
“I thought i was the rebel. Your Wesley the ultimate yes man! “She said. “This is an unusual matter. This is no usual emergentcy. This is life and death maybe for the galaxy.” Wesley said. ” Fine! I really hope i don’t regret this!” She said.
He tranaported several substances into a torpedo. He took a breath. Then he prepared to lunch the torpedo. “Hear goes nothing !”he said. He presed the lunch button.
“Captain we just lunched a torpedo !” Worf anonced. “Did you athorize this lt?”data asked.” Negitive!”yar said. “Can you stop it?”data said. “Its too late!”worf reported.
The torpedo headed to a certain spot. It held position. Wesley presed the detonation button.
“We have no control of this!”worf reported. “Then who does?”gordi asked. “Good question !”deana answered.
The torpedo,exploded. A doorway opened. The enterprise was tractered inside. Gordi and obrian tried to fight it. The ship was going in.
Images were dipicted. Picard and yar in the shartle galilao. Picard assuming command of the enterprise.
The enterprise enveloped by the q grid. The command crew in the post atomic court room. The enterprise trying to get away from the asteroid. Yar fighting yarena. The enterprise going into a distent galaxy.
Image after image came into view. The enterprise went though the doorway.
The jurendra followed. Wesley prepared a seccond torpedo. The torpedo was lunched. Wesley presed the detonation buton. The 29th century. A universe that had become a wasteland . There was little left. Time went backwards.
In the 26th century ,there was a series of explosions occured. Time went backward. Romulous was not destroyed. The jurendra were not able to expend. The jurendra were traped.
Then the doorway exploded. The jurendra were traped. History was saved for now. It was not over. They were stil in the game. Not a complete victory but definitely a good move.
Space was restored. There were stars. There was no evidence that the doorway had ever been there. Things could get back to normal.
Enterprise bridge
Jack woke up. He was in the command chair. He was next to rycer. “What happened?”jack asked. “We are right where we started.”worf said. “We remember what happened?”bill said. “Gordi get us out of hear. Just in case!”jack said. The enterprise warped away.
Wesley and Lesley found themselves back in there qurters.they both remembered what had occured. “Did it really happen ?”she asked. “It did!”Wesley answered. “What now?”she asked. “the jurendra that esaped before are still out there including the one who helped the asana. Sufice it to say this is not over but we did gain some ground!”he said.
Ancient past
The jurendra near romulis. A bright light apears. A ship comes out. It is the enterprise d. The vessel opens fire with a modified torpedo. The explosion creates a whole. The jurendra are sucked in. Every thing is gone. Space remains. As does the romulin fleet.

episode one

Encounters the conclusion

The planet rener was considered to be the center of the empire. It was a transit point for traval and trade though the empire. There was plenty of mining as well. The planets population included natives and romulons.
The romulon ships set up a blokade. The enterprise battle section arived. The ships assumed a defensive stance.
Battle bridge
“Alright what are we looking for?” Jack asked. “An energy creture! I have ajusted the scan acordingly. “Data said.
“Begin the scan,start with the civilian ships. I doubt he is on the serface yet or the planet would already be destroyed. “Jack said.
Data began to scan the computor for any sign of the life form. He checked every vessel. He found none on the civilian vessels. He altered the search grid for the military vessels. Perhaps one of the aliens snuck aboard.
Data was able to locate the creture. “Captain the creture is abored the flagship!” Data said. “It must have snuck aboared unoticed ! ” yar said. “Can you locate where the creture is?”jack said. “Yes i have!” Data said. “We warn them either they will go bizerk or the alien will!” Rycer said.
“Alright ! I may be comitting an act of war! I’m going over there! Yar with me. Bill it might get ugly! “Jack said. ” i am prepared for that sir!” Bill said.
” Let’s go!” Jack said. Crusher and yar excited the battle bridge. Rycer took the command chair. “It is going to get realy dicy!”rycer said.
Transporter room
  The chief activated the controls.jack,yar and a security team got on the pad. The team beemed off of the ship.
The team emerged on the ship. The transporter ride was a bit bumpy. The chief had to time it just right to get though the shields. They had made it.
A group of soldjers came to them. They had weapons. “What is the meaning of this!”the cenrurion said. “You have an intruder on bored!” Jack declared.”your the only intruder i see!”a soldjer said.
“We don’t have time for this!”yar declared. Yar ran with her phaser. The gaurds  chased her.
A creture falls off of the ceiling.the creture went for yar. The romulons fired on the creture. The creture seamed to not be afected by the phaser or disruptor fire.
Jack put the phaser on the kill setting. He fired. It caused the creture to stop.
“John j crusher! Called jack!”the jirendra said. “Who are you?” Jack said. “We once were and will be again ! ” the jirendra said.
“The jurendra! To the asana your gods! To the romulons your a manace! ” he said.
The energy creture continued on. Jack tried to climb on to the ceiling. He fired on the alien.”you cannot harm me mortal! “He said. “That has never detered me before !”jack declared. 
He ran to the creture. The creture ran to open space. The ships opened fire on the ceeture. The creture fired on a dederudex class vesel and the ship was vaporized in an instent.
The creture headed for the planet. The ships tried to blokade the planet and tried to keep the alien from getting to the planet. 
The creture hit one of the warbirds. The warbird exploded.the creture tried to get to the planet. The ships tried to set up another blokade.
  At the central military facility of the planet,a tech presed a few buttons. A weapons platform fired a masive mistle on to the creture. The creture was partialy wounded. It was a flesh wound.
The creture kept on going. The weapons platform fired multiple mistles on the creture. This one did some damage. The creture was beamed off of the planet.
The creture emurged in a transporter beam. There was a force field around the beam.
“This will not keep me enslaved foever! “The jirendra said.”one thing at a time! “Jack said. ” we have no qarel with your silly federation! You don’t even like the romulons!” He declared.
“We believe that every race has the right to excist!” Jack said. “We do as well so long as they do not interfere with our agenda! “The jurendra said.
” the romulons must be destroyed. They will be! If not today! They will be down the road!” The jirendra declared.
“We have a saying on earth,’the devils greatest lie was convincing the world that he did not excist. ‘ I know you excist now! We know!” He said.”it won’t be enough!” He said.
“Enerzize!” Jack ordered. The creture was beamed to a chryonic unit in the cargo bay.
“Captain’s log, the threat from the jurendra for now is over. The enterprise has set a course for the federation border. The asana has continued to build up his border presence but has toned down the rhetoric . Admiral keriek has returned to the asana homeworld. ”
“While the chrises is over,we have reason to believe that there will be more trouble with the asana to come. ”
The saucer section and battle section recoupled. The ship was once again in one peace. The ship was whole.
Jack entered the bridge with the senior officers. “I yield command back to you!” Worf said.”i acept.”jack said. Jack took the command chair.
  Unknown location
“This jack crusher is quite intreging!” A female looking person said. “He is no jean luc but he might do!” Q said.
“All decks standing by!” Yar said now dresed in a uniform skant. “Mr. Laforge set course for the legolas system !”jack ordered. The helm set the course. “Course plotted !” Gordi said. “Lets see what’s out there!” Jack said.
The end.


episode one

Enconters part 12

The asana’s technology was mostly on par with star fleet. In the last decade more hardline eliments of asana society were filing political ,civil service and military positions in the government. ”
  The hardliners had began to create super secret units involved in reserch and development. Amoung these black projects was phase cloak technology.  It was stil untested technology . Keriek now believed he was a phrophet from the gods. He did not believe he was imortal but he believed he did enjoy a certain degre of protection.
  “If we are going to go silent. We had better do it now !”the tactical officer reported. ” agreed! Do it!” Keriek ordered.
A technician activated the phase cloak. The vessel was rendered invisible.
“We are under phase cloak!” The tactical officer anounced. “Set course for the enterprise. That ship must never make it to the romulin border!” Keriek incisted. The crew agreed. The plan was to destroy the enterprise. Although romulins did not have phase cloak technology ,they were interested in development of such technology. The federation would blame the romulins.  There would be no federation-romulan alience against the jurendra.
Then the asana and jurendra could go on there quest to expend there influence. They would do it without opisistion from the federation-Klingon alience and the romulan star empire! ”

U.s.s enterprise
” you seam aprehensive captain?” Deana asked. “I am counselor. I feel that this is do or die time. The window of opportunity is getting smaler and smaller. One little thing goes wrong for us and  the whole thing could unrevel. The universe could be at a turning point. If we lose we might never recover!” Jack said.
Asana ship
” The enterprise is in a sicluded spot!”the tactical officer asked. “Target the enterprise!” The captain ordered. The weapons officer aquired the target. The admiral ordered him to fire. The gunner presed the fire button.
“We have incoming !”worf said. “Shields up red alert!”jack ordered. “Brace for impact!” Rycer ordered.out of no where the ship was hit.
“Shields holding!” Yar said. “Where did that mistle come from?”deana said. “Unknown !”worf said. The ship was hit again.
“Shields at 95 percent!”yar said. “Without targarting sansors,it will be difficult to return fire!”worf reported.
“Return fire at something tasha!” Jack said. Yar targarted where she thought that the ship might be. She pres the fire button. The enterprise fired phasers and photon torpedoes.
“Captain. There is nothing there!” Gordi comented. “I do sence a series of presence. I believe there is a crew conducting all of  this!” Deana reported.
“This is not a convential cloak with an ability to fire. We are deeling with something more advanced!” Data said.
” Until we can nutrilize it we are in deep du du!”jack said. Data started to vioce his confusion when gordi interupted him. “Data ! Don’t even think about it!” Gordi said.
  “No use in returning fire!”yar said. “I doubt surender is an option!” Deana said. “I figure they want us destroyed and dead!” Jack said. “I hope that we will be disipointing them! “Jack said. At this point he was really not sure.
” “I beleve i.can create a burst that may incompaticiate them but i canot gurente for how long! “Data said. “I need something mr. Data!”jack said.
“We will need more power. I recomend saucer seperation! ” jack said. ” Get things ready! We will have to hold out long enough to seperate! Gordi make it look like we are retreating! ” jack said.
“This seams a little risky! ” bill said. “It is! Very much so! This may be our only chance! ” Jack said.
“Sir! The vessel is retreating’. They seam to have set course back to federation space!” Gordi said. ” Keep a close eye on them! Crusher is up to something . I just don’t know what! “He said.
All non esential crew were sent to the saucer section. The saucer section would be heading to the nearest star base.
“Mr. Worf i need you to command the saucer section. I know your esentialy a warior. If something should go wrong,i neead a warier to protect the crew! “Jack said. “I can’t say i like it sir but alright !”he said.”thank you!”jack said.
Battle bridge
The turbo lift door opened,jack,rycer,data, and yar entered. “Ready on your orders!”obrian at con said. “Seperate!” Jack ordered.
End of part 12

episode one

Encounters part 8

Non aligned space
“Personal log, the beroliens and the federation have had a straned relationship. They deal almost exclusively with the romulans. This has made us suspicious. We have had little dealings with them.
After an event like this,the beroliens can prove usefull. The federation has had no contact with the romulons sense the tomed incident 50 years ago. This seams to be the only way to get in contact with them. ”
Jack was dresed in civilian clothing when he entered the bar. He was careful not to be watched. 
He was not sure what he was looking for. He ordered a romulan asle. He figured that would get someone’s attention. He sat at the booth. He waited.
He saw who he preceved to be the romulin concil. This representive could be the contact he needed.
“I thought romulan asle was illegal in the federation?”the concul asked. “I am not curently in the federation besides it is not illegal to consume only to import it into federation space witch i have no intention of doing. “Jack said.
“I see. You seam to like to live dangerously human! This is not earth!” The romulin diplomat said. ” this is a dangerous galaxy. A romulon planet one of your most populated colonies obiterated just like that! “Jack said.
“what do you know about that?”the alien diplomat asked.”not much. Your people seam to be keeping a tight lid on information on it. We oford to help but your government was not interested. “Jack said.
“We can handle our own problems human! “The romulan said. “Of course! I was not sugesting ortherwise! ” jack said.
“Good! This would be a bad time for the federation to take advantage of our ill foutune!”he said. “We are not like that! We will not use this to our gain. ” Jack tried to asure him.
“Then why are you hear?” The ronulan asked. ” a threat to the empire is a threat to the galaxy. Whoever did this to you is bound to come after us eventually. I was hoping to get information ,something. ” jack said.
“The rihansu intend to solve this problem on our own ! We are the masters of our own destiny. No one else. ” The man said.
“No empire is an island ! Tell your people we stand ready to asist should you need it!”jack said. With that he left the bar.
He knew he was watched. Probably local security,romulan agentcies probably others. He got a weird feeling from alien he did not recognize.
Jack went outside. The alien left too. Jack tried to not look desperate but to be deteemined.he wanted to get back to the shartle and be on his way back to the enterprise.
While his mission did not quite yield the results he wanted them to, he did get a message to the romulan government . That was not nothing. The consul was a minor functionary but perhaps he could get the message to someone higher up.
He neard the shartle. He had a gnawing suspicion that he was being watched. He instinctivly took out his phaser.
He was struck. He fell to the ground. “You have no business being hear! “The alien said. ” who are you? I have never sean your race before?” Jack said. “Who i am is unimportant! Do not interfear!” The alien said. The man struck him with a waund like device.
Jack limped back to his shartle. He fell unconscious before getting to the craft.
U.s.s enterprise -d
Rycer was very nervous. The federation ships were staring down the asana and vice versa. It made rycer very aprehensive. 
“We are stil being hailed by the  flagship !” Yar said. “He does not give up!” Worf said. “The asana are known to be relentless! Thet never yield easily !”data said. “I sence that keriek feels confident. Right now he feals over confident! He beleves he is in charge. I sense he is anoyed over our refusal to talk to us. “Deana said.
“So the delay tatics is workng! ” rycer said. “It seams so ! ” deana said. “How long do we intend to give them the cold soulder?”gordi said. “For the foresiable future! “Rycer said. “Inquiry? Cold soulder!”data Asked. “Never mind!”data said.
Qurters of the crushers.
Leslie came in. “Hi mom!”she said. Bevily was feeding her baby daughter. “Where is dad!”leslie said. “I am not sure? ” she said.  “Is every thing ok mom?” Leslie asked. “Of course ! ” bevily said.
Planet mahascal
Jack woke up in some kind of cave. He was restraned. He saw several in hoods.
“So your awake?”the leader said. “What’s with the hoods?”jack said.”we like to mantain a certain animimity. Sense your going to die anyway. Why not reveal ourselves. He removed the hood. It was an asana.
Perhaps jack was right. The asana were involved in the attack on tridex. How he did not know. He hoped he would live long enough to figure it all out and convince others. That would be a tall order.
End of part 8.

episode one

Encounters part four

“Captain’s log we have arived at farpoint station where we begin to take on the rest of the crew including my first officer commander wiliam rycer. ”
Farpoint station
” Commander the enterprise..”the man with some kind of device arond his eyes said. “Is this an oficial report lt?”commander wiliam rycer asked. “Oh yes! Sory sir. Lt. Gordi lagorge.sir the enterprise has arived. Captain crusher would like you to bored as soon as you can!” The lt. Said.”thank you lt!”he said. “Of course commander!”the officer said.  Coridor.
” Counselor! I am heading to meat our new exo!”jack said. “I see!”deana said. “Look! Commander i am not a betazed but i senced a reaction when i even mentioned the first officer!”jack said.
“I knew commander rycer. He was stationed on betazed briefly.it was a while ago. I should have considered that we might be on the same ship but it did not cross my mind!”she said.
“Is it going to be a problem ?”jack asked.”no sir! Its not!”she said. The two entered the transportor room. “Ready on your order sir!”a slightly balding transpirtor chief said.”enerzize chief!” Jack ordered. The transporter operator activated the beam. Commander rycer materilized on the pad.
“Rycer wt reporting as ordered!”rycer said. “Welcome abored bill! It is good to have you abored. You came highly recomended. “Jack said.”i will try not to dissipoint!” He said.
He saw deana. He tried not to look stuned. “Commander !”rycer said.”hello bill! ” deana said.
“Captain you have an incoming message from admiral hildalgo,priority one!” Yar said. ” I will take it in my ready room!”jack said. “Rerouting now!”yar said. “Bill you have the bridge!” Jack said.
Jack entered his office. He turned on the monitor. ” Admiral!”he said. “Jack,you remember a couple years ago,there were rumors of an asana fleet planing to attack the banderas system ?”he asked.
“The whe area was on high alert but nothing came of it! ” he said.”a fleet just left asana space ! I believe we may be attacked! I know the enterpeise was sheduled to poke around farpoint. I want the enterprise out there. I want you to procede near the asana border!” The admiral said.
“Of course admiral!” Jack said. ” There are rumors that there gas been a change in government . We don’t have anything tengible. “He said.
“Understood!”he said. “We will keep in touch!”the admiral said.”you got it sir!” The captain said. “Star fleet out!” Then the image faided. He turned off the monitor.
“There has been a change of plan! As soon as the rest of the crew is abored,we will be leaving farpoint!”he said.
“We are not investigating the station sir?” Rycer asked. “The asana may be perparing to invade the banderas system. We are going to showing the flag! “Jack said. “We will be making the preperations sir!” Rycer said.”very good number one!” Jack said.
“So! You get to have all the fun?”captain desoto said. “Frankly i don’t consider dodging asana tallons fun but ok bob!”jack said. “I get to probe the farpoint station!”desoto said.”something is going on down there! “Jack said. “I have seen some unusual things myself . Well good luck jack!”he said.
“All decks standing by!”yar reported. ” Alright lets do it! Mr. Laforge take us out of orbit!” Jack said. The enterprise cleared orbit.
“Now clear of orbit!”data reported. “Set course for the asana border!”jack ordered. “Course ploted!” Gordi said. Jack took his hand and ordered “engage”. The enterprise went to warp.
“Troubled q?” A human looking figure asked. “Yes! “The q said. “It will pan out!”the figure said. “Perhaps !”q said.
End of part 4

episode one

Encounters part 3

Uss enterprise docked at space dock earth.
Earth year 2366
Location bridge
“We have incoming ships! It is the captain’s yaught. They are requesting permission to dock!”lt. Yar said. “Clear them to come abored!”chief engineer argyile temporily in command said. ” Sending now sir!” Yar said.
Captain’s yaught cousteu
  “We are clear to enter!”Wesley crusher a teen at the pilots chair said.  “Take us in ‘ensign’!”his farther jack said. “So do we get to go on the bridge ?”leslie, there daughter said. ” I will have to talk to the captain but i am sure we can work something out. ” captain crusher said. They all laughed. ” can i take the helm?”wesly asked. “Lets not get ahead of ourselves !”jack said. They laughed except for the two.little kids who did not get the joke and the baby. The cousteu entered the private bay designed specificaly for the entetprise as a scout ship. The vessel docked inside. The door closed and then the bay was depreserized.
Then the door opened and the captain and his family excited the craft. The crew snaped at attention.
“To captain john r crusher from star fleet command. You are requested and required to assume command of the u.s.s enterprise afective this date. Signed admiral norah setie. ” jack said.
“Welcome abored sir!”lt.commander data said.”you must be the android ! You came highly.recomended!”jack said. “Thank you sir. You have quite a record yourself sir!”data said.
“You must be counselor troyi”he asked.”i am sir. It is good to meat you!”she said. ” and you. You must be lt.worf!”he said. “I am sir!”worf said.” The only Klingon in star fleet ! Quite a feat!”he said . “Someone had to be the first !”worf said.”indeed!”worf said.
“All decks standing by !”yar reported. “Clear all morings!”crusher said. Lt. Torres presed the ejection buttons.”morings are off!” Toress said.”take us out con!”jack ordered. The enterprise d left the docking area. The vessel neared the space doors.
“Oppen space doors!”jack ordered. The door retracted. “Take us out!”jack ordered. The galaxy class starship excited the space dock. “We have cleared space dock!”worf reported. “Set course for farpoint station! Maximum warp! ” jack reported.torres set course and then presed the engage button. The enterprise went to warp.
What no one on the enterprise knew what was that they were being wached. Who was watching them was unknown or why. “Your not going to contact them?”one asked. “I am curious but not enough to make contact. At least not yet!” The first observer said.
Asana homeworld
Capital complex
“The fleet commanded by keriek has returned!”admiral biznovle said. ” That is not possible ! The fleet dissapered two years ago! “Grand chancellor zhienev said. “We have confirmed that it is the fleet! They are headed hear!”biznovle said. “Hear? “The chancellor asked. “Confirmed excellentcy. “Admiral geari said. This concerned the leader of the asana. It concerned him a lot. He did not not know why but he did.
Later on.
The fleet entered orbit of the asana homeworld. Keriek requested a meating of the commite of chancellors at once. The chancellors reluctantly agried to meeat with keriek. Keriek beemed down to the council chamber.
The asana legislature was tri cameral. It had a chamber of chancellors,chamber of lords and a chamber of commons. The chancellors wielded the most power. At one point the chancellor was part of the lower house but the chancellor and the ministers were given a third house designation. The military now yielded a lot of power. The religious leaders once held sway but fell into disfavor and had little role in the government. Then there was the burocracy.
“The chancellory recognizes fleet admiral ezrea keriek!”the grand  chancellor said.
“Mr. Chancellor ,members of the chancellory. You are probably wondering where we have been for the last two years. We were taken into the realm of the jerendra!”he said.
The whole room was a gasp. Thry chould not believe what they just heard.
“The jerendra have chosen me to be there representive. There contact. “Keriek said. The whole chamber broke into uproar. “Do you really expect me to believe that you encounter the jerandra and they made you there vicker. “The chancellor said.
“You don’t believe me !”keriek said. ” Of course not! You are a lunitic ! We don’t cater to lunitics!”the chancellor said. 
Keriek took out a wond like device. The gaurds tried to protect the chancellor. The chancellor was hit. The chancellor was vaporized.
“I am now the leader of the asana! Unless you want to suffer a similar fate! You will do what i say ! “Keriek said.
“What do you want?” The admiral asked. “First! I declare myself to be absolute leader of the asana and high clerek. I am disolving the tri-cameral legislature. We will invade the federation as we planed!” Keriek said.
End of part 3.

episode one


Planet elderel four
The transporter beam emurged. The away team emurged on the serface. The team leader tapped on the com badge. “Picard to stargazer! “Picard said.
“No response!”jack crusher said. A large projectile came at the team. Picard pushed jack out of the way. Picard was hit by a phaser. Picard was hit. Picard with his last ounch of breath fired on the sniper. The shiper was hit. Another sniper struck picard. Picard died instently.
Crusher and the rest of the team hit the attackers. Jack feared that they would all suffer the same fate as his friend jean luc. He would not let that happen . No more,He thought to himself. He would not let anyone else die today. At least not on his watch.
Jack knew that they had to get passed the jamming device. He did not know how. The team fired on the attackers. The attackers were determined to bring down the team. Jack would not let them. They would not go down,not like this.
The team kept on. They fired there phasers. Suddenly the stargazer apeared in the sky. “Away team!we stil can’t lock on to your signal. We are trying! “The actimg captain said. “We will try to hold on until then!”jack said. The stargazer fired on the serface hoping to convince the enemy forces to standown. The stargazer tried to avoid serious fire.  they wanted to avoid injuries on both sides. The team had to get back to  the ship in one peace.
The team tried to move to a safe distence. They hid near a rock face. The stargazer kept mantaninting fire.
“Sir! I believe i have located the source of the dampening field!”one of the team members said. He informed jack where it was. The rest of the team covered him. Jack went and fired on the necklace of the enemy leader. The neclace was hit.
The team was beamed back to the ship. The stargazer went to warp.
Lavere france
The recovering jack crusher went to the door of the ansesteral home of picard. Robert picard answered the door. ” Mr. Picard. I regret to inform that your brother jean luc is dead. “Jack said. “Can i see him?”robert said.
Jack escorted robert to the mougue. “You don’t have to do.this!”jack said.”yes i do!”robert said. He brought him to picard. The blanket was removed from his head. Robert was in shock.
“Its funy,we were not that close. We really never had been. I regret that he is dead. I fugured.we evenualy work things out. Now i gues that wont happen !”he said.
“I am sory for your loss!”jack said.”you maried!”she asked.”yes i am! ! “He said. “Do you have children ?”he asked. “A son! “He said. “He would not consider his sacrifice a veign one!”robert said.
“It does not make it any better!” Jack said. “Understanible. Live a long productive life!make his sacrifice count! “Robert admonished him. “I will! I sware it'”he said. ” I wish you all the best lt. Commander crusher!”robert said. ” and you mr. Picard!”he said. With that they departed.
End of part one