episode two

The hijack part two

The two sides of the enterprise started to come apart. No one knew why. The battle section left the area.
“The drive section has gone to warp!” Worf anounced. “Hail the drive section !” Jack ordered. “Our comunications are being jammed!” Yar reported. “Intercept course!”jack ordered.
Gordi set the course. He engaged the heading. The enterprise saucer folowed the battle drive section.
“What is going on?” Deana asked. “I wish i knew!” Jack said. The ship headed for the drive section. The ship neared the drive section.
“Ready tractor beam!” Jack ordered. Before yar could activate the beam the drive opened fire on the saucer.
“Mr. Argyile! I understand that the battle section has its own prefix code!”jack said. “Yes in case something like this happened!”the chief enginer said.
“Call it up!”jack ordered. The ship was hit again by the drive section. “Return fire!”jack ordered. The saucer fired on the drive section.
“I have the code. Sending it to tactical now!”argyile said. “I have it!”yar said. The code was entered. “The code was changed!” Yar said.
“How is that possible ? “Rycer asked.”whoever is in control of that ship,they think of every thing!” Jack said.
Battle section
Wesly woke up in enginering. All of the crew was knocked out even asistent enginer schimoda. Wesly looked at a pannel. “Acording to this,the ship has seperated. There was no evac order,no anouncement.
“Wesly crusher to battle bridge! “Wesley said. No response. “Wesly crusher to auxiliary control!” Nothing. Wes went over to a control pennel. The controls were locked out. The lock out code was in a langauge he did not recognize. Was this some kind of hijacking. Were the intruders on the ship?
  Ships relief officer milles obrian had been knocked out. He came tu in a coridor. He had a feeling something was wrong. He went to a weapons locker and found a phaser. He decided to be cacious.he was concerned.
Obrian was usually quite ameable. He was sensitive. In a crunch sutuation he went into a defensive mode. It all began while fighting the asana on setlik three. He decided to go to enginering.
“Maintain intercept!” Jack said.”on course! ” gordi said. “Is there a way to bring down there shields?”jack said. ” I am looking into them but it may some time!”data said.”get me something data. Your came highly recomended. Don’t let me down! ” jack said. “I will endevor not to sir!”data said.
The enterprise saucer section kept on. The vessel caught up with the ship and opened fire on the drive.
The drive was hit multiple times. The shields held together.”they just transfered power to the engines!”lt. Taures reported.”who is transfering the power?” Bill asked. ” the crew is not in charge over there. I think most of them are not conscicous. The ones that are are not in charge!”deana said.
“Then who is! I don’t like this sir!”worf said. “Neither do i mr. Worf! “Jack said. “Jack ?”yar said.
She motioned for her to come over to her. “Jack Wesley was on the drive section at the time!”she said. “Oh my. Deana you sense those on the drive are alive?”he asked. “I can’t sense individual. I sense our people are there!”Deans answered. “I see! “Jack said
“Crusher to dr. Crusher!” He said.”go ahead!”she said.”bev i need you to come to the bridge!” Jack said. “I will be right up!” She said.
Furengi ship
“We have  deverted non esential power to there warp drive!” Letok said. “We can use the life suport as leverage if we have to. I will have that ship. ” Daimon tar said.
End of part 2

episode two

“The hijack”

Planet furaginar
200 Years ago
  The planet was all about greed. The story is a man named gint went on a spritual quest on another planet. He saw a pot of gold. He believed mony was every thing. He overthrew the furengi government and created a society based on extreme form of capitalism.
  ” We canot find daimon burek! We have had sigtings of his ship but canot locate him!” An aid informed the nagus.
“Why should i be concerned about one daimon?”the nagus said. “There are rumors he is formenting rebellion. “A daimon said. “So! I have delt with a lot of rebellions and rumors of rebellion in my time as nagus. None have panned out! Neither will this one! That i am convinced off!” The nagus declared.
“He should be taken serious. This man is a celebrated officer! He has garnered a lot of support !”the daimon said.
“I have looked at his portpholio.he has no mony! You cannot cary out any corps on furenginar without mony!” The nagus said.
“With all due respect to daimon jurelt,this man is a joke. There is no way he can gain power. You are perfectly safe!”the clerk said.   In orbit,several ships entered. The ships opened fire. The ships were not expecting the attack . The ships were unprepared.
  The forces loyal to burek were able to incompacitate the forces ‘loyal’ to the nagus.
Burek and his forces stormed the home of the nagus. He went into the private chamber. “Going in hear is a capital ofense!”the nagus said. “I would love for you to try. The nagus has no cloths!”burek said. His folowers laughed.
“Greed is not eternal! Greed is dead!” Burek declared. “This will never work! “The nagus said. “I think it will!” Burek said. The nagus was escorted out.
Burek sat in the seat of the nagus. He took all of the business and nationalized them. He built up the military and put much into research and development.

“Hello lt!”Lesley crusher said. “Hello Lesley !”lt. Yar said. “Heading to the bridge ?” She asked. ” Yes! “She said.
“This is quite a ship?” Leslie said. “Best ship in the fleet,at least i think so!”yar said. “I do too. I can’t believe we are hear. This makes our last posting feel like a bojoren sailing ship!” She said.  “I saw you at helm! You have quite the nack for it! “Yar said. “I am glad you noticed it ! My dad is quite taken with Wesley . I am not sure he notices!”leslie said.
“He will. Wess will be going off to the academy and you will be able to shine!” Yar said. “I plan to make captain before he does!” Leslie said. Yar left.
The turbo lift opened. “Have a good day lt!”she said. “You too Lesley !”yar said. Yar got inside the lift. The door closed.
“Sir! There has been some intermittent power flucurations all over the ship!” Worf anounced.”what is causing it?”jack said. “We are not sure yet! We are performing full diegnostics!”chief enginer argyile said. “We are a galaxy class vessel ,this is beyond sate of the art,this should not be happening!”jack said.
“We will figure it out sir!”argyile said. “Please do chief and hurry!”jack incisted.
“Sir! Saucer seperation has been iniciated!”gordi reported.”stop it!” Jack said. “I cannot over ride it!” Gordi said. “I am atempting to on my end as well!”data reported.
The enterprise began to seperate into two parts. No onw knew why. There was no stoping it.
There was a nearby ship waiting and waching. ” It is beginning !” The furengi daimon said.
End of part one

episode one

Encounters the conclusion

The planet rener was considered to be the center of the empire. It was a transit point for traval and trade though the empire. There was plenty of mining as well. The planets population included natives and romulons.
The romulon ships set up a blokade. The enterprise battle section arived. The ships assumed a defensive stance.
Battle bridge
“Alright what are we looking for?” Jack asked. “An energy creture! I have ajusted the scan acordingly. “Data said.
“Begin the scan,start with the civilian ships. I doubt he is on the serface yet or the planet would already be destroyed. “Jack said.
Data began to scan the computor for any sign of the life form. He checked every vessel. He found none on the civilian vessels. He altered the search grid for the military vessels. Perhaps one of the aliens snuck aboard.
Data was able to locate the creture. “Captain the creture is abored the flagship!” Data said. “It must have snuck aboared unoticed ! ” yar said. “Can you locate where the creture is?”jack said. “Yes i have!” Data said. “We warn them either they will go bizerk or the alien will!” Rycer said.
“Alright ! I may be comitting an act of war! I’m going over there! Yar with me. Bill it might get ugly! “Jack said. ” i am prepared for that sir!” Bill said.
” Let’s go!” Jack said. Crusher and yar excited the battle bridge. Rycer took the command chair. “It is going to get realy dicy!”rycer said.
Transporter room
  The chief activated the controls.jack,yar and a security team got on the pad. The team beemed off of the ship.
The team emerged on the ship. The transporter ride was a bit bumpy. The chief had to time it just right to get though the shields. They had made it.
A group of soldjers came to them. They had weapons. “What is the meaning of this!”the cenrurion said. “You have an intruder on bored!” Jack declared.”your the only intruder i see!”a soldjer said.
“We don’t have time for this!”yar declared. Yar ran with her phaser. The gaurds  chased her.
A creture falls off of the ceiling.the creture went for yar. The romulons fired on the creture. The creture seamed to not be afected by the phaser or disruptor fire.
Jack put the phaser on the kill setting. He fired. It caused the creture to stop.
“John j crusher! Called jack!”the jirendra said. “Who are you?” Jack said. “We once were and will be again ! ” the jirendra said.
“The jurendra! To the asana your gods! To the romulons your a manace! ” he said.
The energy creture continued on. Jack tried to climb on to the ceiling. He fired on the alien.”you cannot harm me mortal! “He said. “That has never detered me before !”jack declared. 
He ran to the creture. The creture ran to open space. The ships opened fire on the ceeture. The creture fired on a dederudex class vesel and the ship was vaporized in an instent.
The creture headed for the planet. The ships tried to blokade the planet and tried to keep the alien from getting to the planet. 
The creture hit one of the warbirds. The warbird exploded.the creture tried to get to the planet. The ships tried to set up another blokade.
  At the central military facility of the planet,a tech presed a few buttons. A weapons platform fired a masive mistle on to the creture. The creture was partialy wounded. It was a flesh wound.
The creture kept on going. The weapons platform fired multiple mistles on the creture. This one did some damage. The creture was beamed off of the planet.
The creture emurged in a transporter beam. There was a force field around the beam.
“This will not keep me enslaved foever! “The jirendra said.”one thing at a time! “Jack said. ” we have no qarel with your silly federation! You don’t even like the romulons!” He declared.
“We believe that every race has the right to excist!” Jack said. “We do as well so long as they do not interfere with our agenda! “The jurendra said.
” the romulons must be destroyed. They will be! If not today! They will be down the road!” The jirendra declared.
“We have a saying on earth,’the devils greatest lie was convincing the world that he did not excist. ‘ I know you excist now! We know!” He said.”it won’t be enough!” He said.
“Enerzize!” Jack ordered. The creture was beamed to a chryonic unit in the cargo bay.
“Captain’s log, the threat from the jurendra for now is over. The enterprise has set a course for the federation border. The asana has continued to build up his border presence but has toned down the rhetoric . Admiral keriek has returned to the asana homeworld. ”
“While the chrises is over,we have reason to believe that there will be more trouble with the asana to come. ”
The saucer section and battle section recoupled. The ship was once again in one peace. The ship was whole.
Jack entered the bridge with the senior officers. “I yield command back to you!” Worf said.”i acept.”jack said. Jack took the command chair.
  Unknown location
“This jack crusher is quite intreging!” A female looking person said. “He is no jean luc but he might do!” Q said.
“All decks standing by!” Yar said now dresed in a uniform skant. “Mr. Laforge set course for the legolas system !”jack ordered. The helm set the course. “Course plotted !” Gordi said. “Lets see what’s out there!” Jack said.
The end.


episode one

Encounters part 14

Battle section
Confrence room
“Why rener! Why not sutril or canda?”tabok asked. “They want to destroy romulous. They have picked planets on a direct course. Several they have ignored. Given every thing we know,i believe i can sate with a near certainty thay rener will be next!”data said.
“It is a big risk! I can’t see leaving sutril vanerable to attack !”thei said. ” thei said. ” I understand that your concern. If you lose rener,romulis and remus will be wide open. You have to protect rener!”jack said.
The commander thought it over.
“He is corect! We canot risk losing rener! We are send as many ships as we can spare to rener!” Tabok said.
“On the advice of a star fleet captain. This is lunacy!” Thei said.”they have destroyed two planets. We canot risk losing romulous! ” tabok said.
“How can we trust these people ?”thei said. “Look we have never comited war crimes against the romulin people. We try to avoid war at all cosst. The nutral zone treaty had held together for 200 years. We don’t want the romulin empire to fall! I asure you of that. I have been totally forthright with you. I’m not the enemy!”jack said.
“The decision has been made! We will do it there way! We have no chioce! ” tabok said. “Very well!”the exo said.
“Captain’s log the romulons have reluctantly agried to our help! I only hope we are not late! There are bilons of people on rener. I hope they can be saved!”jack said. 

episode one

Encounters part 13

” captain’s log,the galaxy class star ship is the first class of vesel that can seperate into two parts. This was felt necessary because it is esentialy a city in space. ”
“Given its size in a battle,it may become necessary to seperate the two sections. It has in this case! ”
“We are about to test out a theory by mr. Data. Mr. Data is the only android in star fleet. He has proven an aset on many ocasions. It seams he will on this as well!”
“I must confess that he is probably the crewman i understand the least. Perhaps in time the enigma that is lt. Commander data will become more clear!” 
The clamp was closed. The ejection button was presed. The process bagan. The two sections began to seperate. It was a fairly slow and loborious process. The two sections went there seperate ways. 
” We are clear!” Miles obrian said. ” Head for romulan space miles!” Jack ordered. “Are you sure he will come after us?” Yar asked. “HE WILL Come after us! ?”jack said.
The ship went to warp. “They are coming back. Just the drive section !”the tactical officer reported. “This crusher is very bold. I like that. I will have to kill him but i do admire him. “Keriek said.
The enterprise was hit. “Ready mr. Data? ” Jack asked. “Ready sir! “Data responded. ” Do it!”jack ordered.
The ship emited a pulse at the direction of the last target. The ship apeared for a few secconds.the enterprise emited another pulse though the deflector dish. The ship was hit.
The ship was forced to reveal itself. The warship opened fire on the enterprise. The enterprise fired back on the warship.
“They have sustaned minor damage!”yar said. ” without there advantage,one ship can’t stop us!”bill said.
“I know and theu know. They will not hesistate to do whatever it takes including colision course to stop us from getting to the romulons”jack said.
The enterprise was hit. “Shields holding!” Yar said. ” Return fire!”Jack ordered. The battle section hit back hard. It fired multiple voleys of phasers and photon torpedoes.
The warship came about. The warship fired on the drive section. “Shields at 80 percent !”yar said. “You got to get me something to work with!” Jack said.
” I may be able to jam there shields just for a moment. Uss my previous ship we were under attack by the ghaharie! They did something similar to us! It took a while but i figured what they did. I believe i can recreate it!” Yar said.
“Make it happen tasha!” Jack said. Yar got to work right away. The enterprise fired on the warship. The two.ships exchanged fire. Neither ship was wiling to give up. This was a grudge match.
Yar had data look over her information . He agreed it was sound. “Ready captain!”yar anounced. “Do it!” Jack said.
The enterprise emited the signal. The shields buckled. The enterprise fired a masive volley at the warship. The enterprise fired phasers as well. The warship was damaged.
“There shields are down!” Yar reported. “Good work tasha. Miles get us to the nutral zone maximum warp! “Jack ordered.
The enterprise drive section went to warp. The ship headed for the border.
“The asana warship is not persuing!” Yar said. “We don’t have a lot of time. If i am right the jurendra will go from planet to planet,destroying every thing in there site until they get to romulous and remus!” Jack said.
Romulan border
Romulin warbird
“Commander a federation starship,part of a galaxy class vessel is heading our way!”dub commander thei said. ” hail that vessel!”commander tabok said.
“Commander romulin vessel. This is captain jack crusher of the federation stsrship enterprise. The energy creture that attacked tridex is a jerendra!”crusher said.
“Imposible. The jurendra are mythological. It is a story we tell our children to scare them!”sub commander thei said.
“Look at the facts! Look at the stories. It fits the facts perfecly. You once defeated them. They want revenge!”jack said.
“The jurendra! Dont be foolish!”thei said. “You lost tridek you will lose more!”jack said. “We already have. Deret has fallen!” Tabok said.
“Commander rener will be next then suneer. They will hit every planet from hear to romulous. I believe there goal is the elimination of your race!” Data said.
“Look we don’t agree on virtualy anything. We are competitors. Our conflict have always been within certain rules. We don’t wish your people ill. On this we agree! Let us help. I’m not asking for any agreement ,lets share information,work to stop this slaughter!”jack said.
“No commander! These are our enemies! ” thei said. “We have a bigger enemy. You have seen what they can do! You know how grave this is. This is do or die not just for your empire but your species!”jack said. “Very well! We will share information !” Tabok said.
End of part 13


episode one

Enconters part 12

The asana’s technology was mostly on par with star fleet. In the last decade more hardline eliments of asana society were filing political ,civil service and military positions in the government. ”
  The hardliners had began to create super secret units involved in reserch and development. Amoung these black projects was phase cloak technology.  It was stil untested technology . Keriek now believed he was a phrophet from the gods. He did not believe he was imortal but he believed he did enjoy a certain degre of protection.
  “If we are going to go silent. We had better do it now !”the tactical officer reported. ” agreed! Do it!” Keriek ordered.
A technician activated the phase cloak. The vessel was rendered invisible.
“We are under phase cloak!” The tactical officer anounced. “Set course for the enterprise. That ship must never make it to the romulin border!” Keriek incisted. The crew agreed. The plan was to destroy the enterprise. Although romulins did not have phase cloak technology ,they were interested in development of such technology. The federation would blame the romulins.  There would be no federation-romulan alience against the jurendra.
Then the asana and jurendra could go on there quest to expend there influence. They would do it without opisistion from the federation-Klingon alience and the romulan star empire! ”

U.s.s enterprise
” you seam aprehensive captain?” Deana asked. “I am counselor. I feel that this is do or die time. The window of opportunity is getting smaler and smaller. One little thing goes wrong for us and  the whole thing could unrevel. The universe could be at a turning point. If we lose we might never recover!” Jack said.
Asana ship
” The enterprise is in a sicluded spot!”the tactical officer asked. “Target the enterprise!” The captain ordered. The weapons officer aquired the target. The admiral ordered him to fire. The gunner presed the fire button.
“We have incoming !”worf said. “Shields up red alert!”jack ordered. “Brace for impact!” Rycer ordered.out of no where the ship was hit.
“Shields holding!” Yar said. “Where did that mistle come from?”deana said. “Unknown !”worf said. The ship was hit again.
“Shields at 95 percent!”yar said. “Without targarting sansors,it will be difficult to return fire!”worf reported.
“Return fire at something tasha!” Jack said. Yar targarted where she thought that the ship might be. She pres the fire button. The enterprise fired phasers and photon torpedoes.
“Captain. There is nothing there!” Gordi comented. “I do sence a series of presence. I believe there is a crew conducting all of  this!” Deana reported.
“This is not a convential cloak with an ability to fire. We are deeling with something more advanced!” Data said.
” Until we can nutrilize it we are in deep du du!”jack said. Data started to vioce his confusion when gordi interupted him. “Data ! Don’t even think about it!” Gordi said.
  “No use in returning fire!”yar said. “I doubt surender is an option!” Deana said. “I figure they want us destroyed and dead!” Jack said. “I hope that we will be disipointing them! “Jack said. At this point he was really not sure.
” “I beleve i.can create a burst that may incompaticiate them but i canot gurente for how long! “Data said. “I need something mr. Data!”jack said.
“We will need more power. I recomend saucer seperation! ” jack said. ” Get things ready! We will have to hold out long enough to seperate! Gordi make it look like we are retreating! ” jack said.
“This seams a little risky! ” bill said. “It is! Very much so! This may be our only chance! ” Jack said.
“Sir! The vessel is retreating’. They seam to have set course back to federation space!” Gordi said. ” Keep a close eye on them! Crusher is up to something . I just don’t know what! “He said.
All non esential crew were sent to the saucer section. The saucer section would be heading to the nearest star base.
“Mr. Worf i need you to command the saucer section. I know your esentialy a warior. If something should go wrong,i neead a warier to protect the crew! “Jack said. “I can’t say i like it sir but alright !”he said.”thank you!”jack said.
Battle bridge
The turbo lift door opened,jack,rycer,data, and yar entered. “Ready on your orders!”obrian at con said. “Seperate!” Jack ordered.
End of part 12

episode one

Encounters part 11

“Captain’s log commander data ships operations officer is anyilizing the disk i obtained from the romulons. He is also looking into a hunch of myine. Mr. Data is the only inteligent life form serving in star fleet. He has proven quite an aset to star fleet. I am exicited that he is abored the enterprise!”
“While the asana has alre ady begun a move to anex more taritory.i have decided to meat with admiral keriek who claims to be the surpreme leader of the asana!”
Asana flagship
“I am glad you finally decided to meat with me captain. I don’t like being given the cold soulder.”keriek said.
“I have not been able to confirm that you are in control of the asana. “Jack said. “I asure you i am captain. I want to sign a non agreson pact with you right now! It could be fully implimented. Peace between our two peoples could be acheved rather quickly ! ” Keriek said.
“So let me get this straight admiral.  the federation and the asana sign this non agreson pact. While you focus your eforts in the non aligned sector. You qietly build and then we are overwhelmed. ” Jack said.
“I believe in a kind of manifest destiny ! I don’t deny that. I am not interested in picking a fight with the federation. A war with the federation would be very coastly. The world’s we ocupy would be difficult to maintain! I would prefer to avoid that. “Keriek said.
“There is no way that the federation would turn a blind eye to any agresion like this. We won’t agree to a deal that dooms orthers!”jack said.
“The miradorn are murcinaries,pirates, no big deal. They are informal enimies as worst with your federations!” Keriek said. “I am not going down that road !”jack said.
” of course not! If you change your mind contact me!” Keriek said. “Oh admiral. By the way i know you have a new ally. I know your ally was behind the attack on tridex! “Jack said.
“I don’t know what your talking about!” The admiral declared.”of course you don’t!” Jack said.
“Captain !  I have completed the reserch you requested!”he said. “What did you find ?” Jack asked.”the attack on tridek matches myithology of creture who are huminoid and energy cretures. These cretures were refrred to as death mages. Also called planet killers. A recent servey of the debre from the planet tarken sugest that the planet was a victom of some kind of energy creture. ” Data said.
“This does seam to fit the facts! “Jack said. “I found a corelation between the romulons and asana. The romulons was at war with a race called the jerendra 459 years ago. The romulons pushed them out of there space. The jerendra were able to operate in open space but lived on planeta as well. The asana now are a secular society. Religions rulled the empire directly and indirectly ! The domination of the religious orders ended 207 years ago during the quick rebellion . The asana religion involved a super race called the jurendra!” Data said.
“Could the skurge of the romulans be the gods of the asana?”deana said. ” I believe it is a distinct posibility! “Data said.
“There is your link!” Bevily said.”this is a lot bigger then i thought.we are looking at two advanced races on the prowl. ” Jack said.
“If the romulons somehow defeated the jurenda. This could be some kind of quest for vegience. ” Data said.
” i believe the jurendra wil wage a gerila war but using themselves as weapons. Perhaps they will go planet to planet!”data said.
“Captain. Tridex is an outer world. It is the first stop if one was on there way to romulous and remus!”worf said.
“This is a atempted genocide !”yar said. ” indeed! Alright ! Take us to tridex mr. Laforge!”jack ordered. “Sir?”gordi asked. “We need prof. That proof is on tridex. I want to warn the romulons if i am right !” Jack said.
“The romulons canot be trusted ! “Worf said. “I know that but i will not alow the romulons to be exstinguised in his way! Set course!” Jack said.
The enterprise went to warp. It headed for the romulan planet of tridex.
“Sir! The enterprise has left our border. They are heading for romulan space !” The tactical officer. ” well jack! You have just commited the unpardonible sin at least with me. Order the fleet to hold position ! Helm intercept !” Keriek ordered.
The helm agrred and ploted an intercept course. The flagship persued the enterprise. The vessel went to warp.
End of part 10