episode two

The hijack part seven

The two ships were batiling it out. There was two battles. There was the space battle and the ground battle.
The murader hoped to disable the enterprise. If that was not possible,destruction was an option. He did not want to sacrifice his crew especially his first officer. He wanted a victory or he wanted to prevent a victory by the other side.  Either option was viable at this point.
  The murader also hoped to aid the bording party. The enterprise was holding its own. The enterprise was in no jepordy of being crushed quite yet. They were not home free.
Security officer hudson fired his phaser rifle at the furengi and alied commandoes. He hoped to stop the furengi from gaining more acess to the ship especially to the saucer section.
Hudson never expected to fight a battle on the ship. One never knew. Hear he was. He and the rest of the security team held there ground.
Ensign  youngblood was on his first asigment out of the academy.  He was told deep space asignment meny going from one advenrure to another. They were not joking. The two sides fought and fought.
Security officer ramoss ordered his team to stay sharp. He hoped that they can drive the hostiles out or force them to yield.
The murader hit from space. The combantents on both side felt the impact. The ship returned fire. The enterprise hit the enemy vessel.
Once the crew in satus came tu,several grabed a phaser and joined the battle to retake the ship.  More arived and joined in.
“What do they want now?”rycer asked. “They wanted to steal part or most of the ship. Now if they. Cannot get the ship,they will try to destroy it. That will not be an easy task. “Jack said.
“They bit off more then they could chew! ” Yar said. “They knew what they were getting into it. I suspect they love a challenge . So do i”jack said.
Both battle were a stale mate. Neuther side had the uper hand.would it go on foever. It seamed that it was going on for a little bit.
Worf found a soft spot in the murader. He sent the data to yar. Yar targated the area. The enterprise fired phasers and photon torpedoes at the hostile. It kept fireing. The vessel was damaged.
  This did not deter daimon tarr. He kept fireing. “Shields at 79 percent!” Yar said. “Stay sharp every one!”jack said. The enterprise fired again. 
Worf found another flaw in the ship. He decided to exploit it. He sent it to yar. Yar fired on the warship. Another volley hit the ship.
“Get me tarr!” Jack ordered. “Your on !”she said. “How far are you willing to go tarr?  “Jack said.”as far as i have to! ” he anounced. “I am not a violent man. I perfer peaceful solutions but i will defend my ship. “Jack said.
The murader fired again. “Shields at 61 percent !” Yar said.the enterprise fired on the murader. There was visible signs of damage.
“Come on tarr! Do you really want to die? Come on stand down! Don’t let it go down this way. “Jack said.
The murader fired on the deflector dish. The whole ship felt the impact. The enterprise fired. Yar found a way to hit the shields. “There shields are down.” Worf said.
“Tarr its not worth it! There is no need for a suiside mission ! “Jack said. ” We are being hailed!” Yar said. “On screen !” Jack said.
“Jack! I wish to negotiate a cease fire. You won the day but the battle has just begun! This is not over! ” tarr said.
“Thanks for the warning! You have an hour to get your people out or i will detain them! “Jack said. “Vety well! Until next time!” The daimon said. The screen faided.
Letok got the order to stand down.they imidiatly began to withdraw and beam back to the murader.
“Captain’s log the crew of the murader have returned to there ship. The murader has went to warp and has left the area. This chapter is over. I suspect that there will be more encounters with the furengi! That is for another time!”
” Captain. I discovered that the furengi stole some information in our data base!”yar said. “Have we determined what they stole?”bill asked. “Blueprints for the ship !”worf said. ” They want to design one of there own. ” Bill said. “It would apear so!” Jack said.
The door opened his two oldest kids entered the bridge. “Good work wess!”jack said. “Thanks dad!”Wesley said. ” You too less!”he said. “I did not do much!”she said. “I could not have done it without you. I meen that!”Wesley said. “Thanks !”she said.
“Well just in case tarr changes his mind. We should get out if hear! “Jack said. “I am in complete agreement “bill said. ” Mr. Laforge take us out!” He said. The ship went to warp.
End of part 7

episode one

Encounters part 11

“Captain’s log commander data ships operations officer is anyilizing the disk i obtained from the romulons. He is also looking into a hunch of myine. Mr. Data is the only inteligent life form serving in star fleet. He has proven quite an aset to star fleet. I am exicited that he is abored the enterprise!”
“While the asana has alre ady begun a move to anex more taritory.i have decided to meat with admiral keriek who claims to be the surpreme leader of the asana!”
Asana flagship
“I am glad you finally decided to meat with me captain. I don’t like being given the cold soulder.”keriek said.
“I have not been able to confirm that you are in control of the asana. “Jack said. “I asure you i am captain. I want to sign a non agreson pact with you right now! It could be fully implimented. Peace between our two peoples could be acheved rather quickly ! ” Keriek said.
“So let me get this straight admiral.  the federation and the asana sign this non agreson pact. While you focus your eforts in the non aligned sector. You qietly build and then we are overwhelmed. ” Jack said.
“I believe in a kind of manifest destiny ! I don’t deny that. I am not interested in picking a fight with the federation. A war with the federation would be very coastly. The world’s we ocupy would be difficult to maintain! I would prefer to avoid that. “Keriek said.
“There is no way that the federation would turn a blind eye to any agresion like this. We won’t agree to a deal that dooms orthers!”jack said.
“The miradorn are murcinaries,pirates, no big deal. They are informal enimies as worst with your federations!” Keriek said. “I am not going down that road !”jack said.
” of course not! If you change your mind contact me!” Keriek said. “Oh admiral. By the way i know you have a new ally. I know your ally was behind the attack on tridex! “Jack said.
“I don’t know what your talking about!” The admiral declared.”of course you don’t!” Jack said.
“Captain !  I have completed the reserch you requested!”he said. “What did you find ?” Jack asked.”the attack on tridek matches myithology of creture who are huminoid and energy cretures. These cretures were refrred to as death mages. Also called planet killers. A recent servey of the debre from the planet tarken sugest that the planet was a victom of some kind of energy creture. ” Data said.
“This does seam to fit the facts! “Jack said. “I found a corelation between the romulons and asana. The romulons was at war with a race called the jerendra 459 years ago. The romulons pushed them out of there space. The jerendra were able to operate in open space but lived on planeta as well. The asana now are a secular society. Religions rulled the empire directly and indirectly ! The domination of the religious orders ended 207 years ago during the quick rebellion . The asana religion involved a super race called the jurendra!” Data said.
“Could the skurge of the romulans be the gods of the asana?”deana said. ” I believe it is a distinct posibility! “Data said.
“There is your link!” Bevily said.”this is a lot bigger then i thought.we are looking at two advanced races on the prowl. ” Jack said.
“If the romulons somehow defeated the jurenda. This could be some kind of quest for vegience. ” Data said.
” i believe the jurendra wil wage a gerila war but using themselves as weapons. Perhaps they will go planet to planet!”data said.
“Captain. Tridex is an outer world. It is the first stop if one was on there way to romulous and remus!”worf said.
“This is a atempted genocide !”yar said. ” indeed! Alright ! Take us to tridex mr. Laforge!”jack ordered. “Sir?”gordi asked. “We need prof. That proof is on tridex. I want to warn the romulons if i am right !” Jack said.
“The romulons canot be trusted ! “Worf said. “I know that but i will not alow the romulons to be exstinguised in his way! Set course!” Jack said.
The enterprise went to warp. It headed for the romulan planet of tridex.
“Sir! The enterprise has left our border. They are heading for romulan space !” The tactical officer. ” well jack! You have just commited the unpardonible sin at least with me. Order the fleet to hold position ! Helm intercept !” Keriek ordered.
The helm agrred and ploted an intercept course. The flagship persued the enterprise. The vessel went to warp.
End of part 10