episode 6

Q in the life part seven

The enterprise was able to disperse the lightning bolt. “Could this be some kind of life form?” gordi
asked.”I am not sensing anything from it. It May just not be transmitting in a form I can process!”Deana reported.
“This hardly seams like random . it seams even more then instinctive!”yar commented.”agreed.”Jack said.
Q decided to hold his peace. He knew what was going on but decided not to say any thing. He did not want his identity revealed.
“I am attempting to contact the life form. I am sending out a General transmission. “She said.
Sudenly she was some kind of trance. She saw a bright Gray wall. She did not see anything. Se heard a voice. “Unatural must not be!” the choice said.
The room shock like an earthquake.”am I not unnatural. Is. My abilities! What is unatural?”Deana asked. “No not you! You acceptable!”the voice said.
“What .. Who is unaceptible?”Deana asked.

“The brain! The control. The controller is disease. He is perversion. “The voice said.
“You mean the captain?”Deana said.”the one called Jack!”the voice said. “The captain !why are you against our commanding officer?”the counselor asked.”must not be! Desease,contamination. Unatural!”the voice insisted.
“All bodes must have brains. He control the body called enterprise. “Deana said. “No not him. Another can control. Not him. “The voice said.
“A’s log,Jack crusher serviving changed key events. The asana. Checked the Cardesiens.the asana were able to free the jurandra. The wormhole technology has somehow aroused the suspison of non humanoid races. They can somehow detect temporal abnormalities. While my taking human form aroused the celamerane,the wormhole did so with  captain crusher. ”
“For some reason this particler  creature or whatever it is is not willing to accept the presence of captain crusher. Can this entity be persuaded to leave captain crusher alone.”
Q stoped time. He snapped his fingers. He was inside the gravity well creature. “Q! I should have known you would be behind this!”the creature said. 
” why are you so opposed to this? He is one man! Surely one man cannot affect you that adversely ! I don’t see why you are so concerned by his existence.”q commented.
“This monstrosity cannot be! Jack crusher must die!”he insisted. “It has already happened. What difference does it make now? Let this reality play out. It is one reality in a vest multi verse. “Q said.
“It should have never been! This was your doing! You q can’t leave things alone. “The creature said.
“What would you have me do? Kill Jack now? Things are already in motion. The asana ascendant .the jurendra reaserting themselves. Do you want to destroy this universe. Go back and have crusher die? “Q asked.
The creature considered it. “This is your mess q! You created this! Your arogence. You will solve it. If you do not I will! My patience is not infinite. Act quickly!” the creature said .
Q returned to the bridge of the enterprise. Q went to his station. Then he snapped his fingers and resumed time.
“Sir! The phynomina is gone! “Yar said. “It was like it was never hear!” word said. “Get us to a safe distance!”Jack ordered. The vessel went to warp.
“Detecting an asana wormhole !” worf reported. “Shields up! Red alert!”the captain ordered.  “We can’t get a break!”Jack said.
The worm hole opened up. A large mistle headed out. It headed for the enterprise.
“Mr. Data can you generates similar wormhole?”Jack asked. “Yes but without the exact formula,it won’t be stable . “data said. “That is fine but we need to move on quickly!”Jack ordered.
Data got up and went up to the aft station. He Sat down and got to work. An officer took over the ops station.
The mistle came at the mistle. Yar fired on the mistle. The mistle had advanced shielding.it dodged the phaser and photon torpedoes.
Worf activated the deflector dish.the dish powered up. The dish hit the mistle. The enterprise followed up with with phaser and photon torpedoes on the mistle.
The mistle serviced the multiple attacks. The mistle stil headed for the enterprise. Data was able to create another wormhole. The wormhole headed for the mistle. The mistle was enveloped. The enterprise hit the vortex.the vortex and the mistle exploded.
“Mr. Laforge get us as far away from hear as possible !”Jack ordered. “No objection hear!”he said.
The enterprise went to warp.
Q continued to function until the end of the day watch. Then he left the ship. He would not be a stranger.
The end
Next up
Jack’s past comes back to haunt him. A newly established colony comes under attack. The enterprise comes to it’s aid. Jack learns that the colony

episode five

“Isn’t it romantic” part three

“Personal log,captain crusher reporting. I am curently on leave with my wife on the planet. We are curently at a resturant in the capital citty. We are comemorating out 17Th weding anaversery. ”
“Jack these have been the best 17 years of my life. I would not trade any of it. “Bevily said. “I have not always been the most sensitive i gues'” jack said.
“Your fine! “Bevily said.
“I know you have had to make a lot of sacrifices for me. They have not gone unoticed. “Jack said. “You have made a few for me. Look i may tease you and i still will. “She said.
At the orther table,the two talked. “You ok? You seam nervous ?”she asked. “I am fine! I’m sory jarulia,i don’t meen to be so jumpy. I really am having a good time !” He said.
She smilled. “I am too! ” she said. He was glad to hear that.
The door opened,several entered. They wore a kind of gray uniform. The man looked up. “Oh no!” He said. “Shalnof what is it?” Jarulia asked. “We have to have to get out of hear!” Shalnof declared.
“I will explain latter. We have to leave!” He said. He took her hand. They went for a back door. The solders dispersed and looked for the man.
“Over there!”a soldjer said. “He is atempting to get away! “Another said. The soldjers atempted to overrealm him. One of the soldjers fired a warning schot.
The guest and staff started to panic. “What’s going on?”bevily asked. “I am not sure!” Jack said.
Jack wondered what was going on. He hoped that it was not too serious. He did not what was turning into a magical evening into an infamous day. He tried not to fret about it now. It was not clear what was going on. Perhaps it could be cleared up quickly. He hoped so. 
“What is going on hear?” The waiter asked. “This is not your concern!” The commander of the commandos said. He pushed the waiter to the ground.
“You have no jurisdiction hear ritnof !” Shalnof said. “I have jurisdiction whever i claim it!”ritnof declared.
They serounded the man. “Please let him go? He is a kind man!” Jurilia said. “I have my orders. Shalnof you know what my order is like. For your shake and the shake of those around you,you have to give up!” Rulnof said.
Jack and bev watched the event unfold. Neither one had a clue what was going on.
“I anhor violence. Give up and we can do this qietly and without incident!” Rulnof said.
“I won’t go back! “Shalnof said. “You do not apear to have a choice. You are out numbered and out gunned. ” kozer said.
“You! “A man well dressed came out of the back room. “This is none of your concern!” Bezrek said. “I should say it is! This is my establishment ! “The owner berdirit said. “Our charter supercedes every thing!” Rulnof said.
“Your order has no right to operate hear. This is soveregn space not under your ‘organization’ pervue!” Shalnof declared. “I have always believed might makes right!”rulnof said. “We have the might!” Kozer said. His ilk agreed.
“I won’t do it! I won’t go back!” Shalnof said. “It is not up to you!”bezerek said. “It never was!”qoovik said.
“I won’t go with you!” Shalnof said. Rulnof went for julrilia. He held a phaser to her head. She had a terified look. The guest screamed.
“Please ! I won’t have violence in my establishment !”the resturant owner declared. “You have no say in this! I do not have a say in this! Only shalnof does!” Rulnof said.
Jurilia looked really scared. She had no idea about violence. She grew up on a farm. She had barely seen a phaser let alone hold one. She was a bit of an idealist,a dreamer. She never expected this.
“I will schoot! I won’t lose any sleep over it. ” rulnof said. She looked to shalnof.
Jack watched the whole thing.he had no idea what was going on. He did not know how to procede.he was not sure if he should procede.
“Who are these people! Jack?” Bevily asked. “They are called the telcrit mining group. They control a remote area of the betta qudrent. It has imense resources but it is far away from any of the major powers. The planets were all pre warp. Some were pre industerial. This mining guild seized the telcrit solar system and moved there entire operation there. They created a security force witch was a well equiped army. They even recruited former soldjers even generals and admiral from other planitary aliences. “He said.
“So they are not a real sate?” Bevily asked. “No! No government recognizes them. No one has oposed them either. They win by default. They are too far away from star fleet and the federation. We have no way to put presure on them. “Jack said.
“That man is kaverien. The kaveriens are no where near the tulcrit sector. How did he caught up in this ? “Bevily asked.
“I think that we are deeling with a 24th century version of being shanghaid. “Jack commented.
“They are kidnapping people from far off places and making them work the mines. Iligal sencient trafficking. Slave labor. Most likely some government oficials are bribed or they just turn a blind eye. “She said.
“They don’t like esapes. Even if one person esapes,they won’t stop until they are caught. They thrive on fear!” He said.
“Will the adariens alow these slavers to just extract this man?”bevily asked. “I don’t know !”jack said.
Shalnof went for rulnof. Jurilia tried to get away. One of the thugs took out there phaser and aimed it at her. Jack ran and slammed bezerek to the wall. He grabed the phaser and aimed it at him.
Kozer had rushed to jurilia’s position and aimed a phaser at her. “Don’t move !”kozer insisted. Bevily ran and drove the thug to the ground. She grabed the phaser. She aimed it at him. “Don’t think about it?” Bevily admonished kozer.
Suddenly jack was serounded. “Its not worth it!” Rulnof said. “I don’t like slavers!” Jack said. “I don’t like terans!” Rulnof said. “Put it down!” Qoovit demanded.
“Do it! I am not worth it! I don’t want bloodshed. This is not your fight!” Shalnof told him. Jack threw the phaser on to the floor. One of the thugs picked it up.
Bevily stil had a phaser aimed at bezerek. ” Ok teran order your friend to drop the phaser and release my asociate!”rulnof demanded. “Its ok bev. Let him go!”jack said. She released him and droped the phaser. “Very wise!”rulnof said.
“Who are you?” Rulnof asked. “I’m Wesley youngblood i am a murchent currently living on alpha cinaris. I am hear on business !”he said. “This one your business partner?”ilvic asked. The orthers laughed. “After a fashion !”jack said.
“We have compony. It is the adaren security ministry!” Bezerek said.
Rulnof thought quickly. The man took the perimiter of the resturant including the egreses. They pointed there weapons at the staf and patrones. Qoovit and ilvic stuned random guest. There was screams.
“Ok every one! I am taking control of this establishment. You are all hosteges. If we die you die!” Runlof said.
End of part three


episode four

Siblings day part 7

Inside sheliek space, the gatherers began there plot. It took mouths of traversing many hostile space. They had to be careful. 
They did not did not go the direct route. They had to take back alleys. It had finally paid off.
After pain steakng work the gatherers had located one of the ancient ships. The ship was stil in good working condition. They had to figure out how to use it they stil had to work on not being caught by the sheliek or  anyone else. That was a chore in a half.
  They did not know all it did. It was still a mystery. That mystery was holding them back. It gave others time to respond.
The shartle neared sheliek space . “We are really going in?”she asked. “Yes we are!” He answered. “Are you crazy. The sheliek do not like any kind of intrusion into there space. If they see us they won’t hesitate to open fire. This is beyond a bad idea. “She proclaimed.
“Trust me i know what i am doing!” She said. “Oh ok. “She said. The shartle kept going.
“Whats is all this?” She asked. “What do you meen?” He asked. “Ever sense the mission inside the jerendra realm,you have been different and its not just your abilities! Your doing things you would never do! “She said.
“I don’t understand all this myself yet. It is stil me. I am not just trying to figure everything out. “Wesley said. 
“Eventually mom and dad will figure all of this out. Well mayby not the extraordinary abilities part. They are going to find this out. They are going to know something is up!” She said.
“I know. One step at a time ok? ” He said. “Alright ! “She said. The shartle kept going.
The shartle had to be careful. They had to avoid the sheliek and the gatherers themselves.
The gatherers were abored the ancient ship. They had learned a lot about this ship. They stil had a lot to learn. 
  “Someone seams to be following us! ” a technician said. The man n charge looked at the screen. “Well well well! Plot intercept !”the commander said.
“It is a shartle! It is no threat to us!” One of the underlings said.
“You do not understand !” The commander said. The commander was unphased. He knew what he had to do.
The commander ordered the vessel to alter course. The ship headed for the shartle.
“They are heading straight for us!”Lesley said. “Your not seriously  considering  taken on  the gathers yourself ?” Lesley asked. “I have a plan !” He said. She hoped for all there sakes that they did.
The ship neared the shartle. “We are being hailed!” Lesley anounced. “On screen !” Wes said in response. On the view screen was the bridge of the ship.
“I am Wesley crusher of the united federation of planets. I know your plans to steal this ship and use it to invade acamar! I cannot alow it. “Wesley said.
“Accamar is my destiny mr. Crusher ! It is a smal planet in a remote reigion! Why not let me invade it. I can be an aly of the federation. “The commander said.
“Yes,that sounds like a great idea!”Wesley said. “We are not interested in conquest outside of the accamar system. We want our ansestral lands. That is all'”the commander said.
“I have heard that refrain before ! ” Wesley said. “There is no reason to distrust us. We have no qaurel with the federation. “He said.
“You have raided our bases!”Lesley said. ” It was out of necessity!” The commander said.
“Won’t that be your argument when your in power ! I doubt you will stop!” Lesley said.  “this conservation is mute! I have the ship and you are in a shartle. “Druim said.
“The vessel is going to warp. ” Lesley said. “No!” Wesley said. Time stoped.
“What’s going on?” Lesley asked.”i think i stoped time!” He said. “How?” She asked. “I don’t know! I have never done this before. ” He said.
” This ship cannot be revealed. It is too risky. It will threten everything. The government of soveregn murok must not fail! “Wesley said.
“Ok good call on stoping time but what now?”she asked. “I don’t know yet!”he said. “Not what i wanted to hear!”she said.
“Can we bored the ship?” She asked.”i have no idea . I have never stoped time before !  “Wesley said.
Wesley decided to try something. He went to the emergentcy hatch. He opened the hatch. Lesley had no idea what he was planing.
He jumped into space. “Wes what are you doing ?” She asked. “The laws that govern the universe don’t aply. “Wes said. He venrured outside the ship. He went to the orther ship. Lesley folwed her brother into the orther craft.
They opened the hatch. The two entered. They saw the crew frozen in time.
The ship was masive. The two walked around the craft. They looked for anything that could be useful.
“Where do you think this ship came from?” She asked. “I am not sure. It is quite a mystery.one that does not seam easily solved. “Wesley said.
“Remember when we were just normal teenagers ? “Lesley said. “Were we ever les? Really. Children of a celebrated starship captain,morther a medical officer with a notible carer of her own. “Wesley said.
“So mayby being a titen of some kind is not so weird. “She said. “I have no idea what is going on. It might not be me. I may not be some kind of super hero. I have no idea! I know we have to stop this ship some how! The gatherers cannot gain control of it. ”
The two go into a cralway. The area was very erie. The whole ship was. The two entered neared the engines. “Wes the engines are humming. That is not possible! “She said.
“This ship is multidimensional. “He said. “How is that possible ? How do you create a multidimensional ship?”she said. “I don’t know. I am not thinking that it was the travaler. “He said.
“You idolize him. You barely know him. You can’t totally know his intentions!”she said.
“I know that! It is just a feeling. “Wesley said. They stoped.
They neared where the engines was. Wesley opened it. “Please tell me your not going inside ?”she asked. He went inside.
“What is this?”Wesley said. “We are from far away. We are from another dimension. We alied with a humanoid race to build these ships. These ships are not for this time. They must be kept secret. “A vioce said.
“How can that be done? ” Wesley asked. the vioces started to tell him. He was ready to procede.
   Derim woke up. He and his crew woke up in an alien environment. They were serounded by members of the acimerian security. How they got hear is not known.
Wesley and Lesley emurged in the shartle. Time restrated. “Now we go to the star base?” She asked. He laughed. “Yes!” He said.
The end

episode one

Encounters the conclusion

The planet rener was considered to be the center of the empire. It was a transit point for traval and trade though the empire. There was plenty of mining as well. The planets population included natives and romulons.
The romulon ships set up a blokade. The enterprise battle section arived. The ships assumed a defensive stance.
Battle bridge
“Alright what are we looking for?” Jack asked. “An energy creture! I have ajusted the scan acordingly. “Data said.
“Begin the scan,start with the civilian ships. I doubt he is on the serface yet or the planet would already be destroyed. “Jack said.
Data began to scan the computor for any sign of the life form. He checked every vessel. He found none on the civilian vessels. He altered the search grid for the military vessels. Perhaps one of the aliens snuck aboard.
Data was able to locate the creture. “Captain the creture is abored the flagship!” Data said. “It must have snuck aboared unoticed ! ” yar said. “Can you locate where the creture is?”jack said. “Yes i have!” Data said. “We warn them either they will go bizerk or the alien will!” Rycer said.
“Alright ! I may be comitting an act of war! I’m going over there! Yar with me. Bill it might get ugly! “Jack said. ” i am prepared for that sir!” Bill said.
” Let’s go!” Jack said. Crusher and yar excited the battle bridge. Rycer took the command chair. “It is going to get realy dicy!”rycer said.
Transporter room
  The chief activated the controls.jack,yar and a security team got on the pad. The team beemed off of the ship.
The team emerged on the ship. The transporter ride was a bit bumpy. The chief had to time it just right to get though the shields. They had made it.
A group of soldjers came to them. They had weapons. “What is the meaning of this!”the cenrurion said. “You have an intruder on bored!” Jack declared.”your the only intruder i see!”a soldjer said.
“We don’t have time for this!”yar declared. Yar ran with her phaser. The gaurds  chased her.
A creture falls off of the ceiling.the creture went for yar. The romulons fired on the creture. The creture seamed to not be afected by the phaser or disruptor fire.
Jack put the phaser on the kill setting. He fired. It caused the creture to stop.
“John j crusher! Called jack!”the jirendra said. “Who are you?” Jack said. “We once were and will be again ! ” the jirendra said.
“The jurendra! To the asana your gods! To the romulons your a manace! ” he said.
The energy creture continued on. Jack tried to climb on to the ceiling. He fired on the alien.”you cannot harm me mortal! “He said. “That has never detered me before !”jack declared. 
He ran to the creture. The creture ran to open space. The ships opened fire on the ceeture. The creture fired on a dederudex class vesel and the ship was vaporized in an instent.
The creture headed for the planet. The ships tried to blokade the planet and tried to keep the alien from getting to the planet. 
The creture hit one of the warbirds. The warbird exploded.the creture tried to get to the planet. The ships tried to set up another blokade.
  At the central military facility of the planet,a tech presed a few buttons. A weapons platform fired a masive mistle on to the creture. The creture was partialy wounded. It was a flesh wound.
The creture kept on going. The weapons platform fired multiple mistles on the creture. This one did some damage. The creture was beamed off of the planet.
The creture emurged in a transporter beam. There was a force field around the beam.
“This will not keep me enslaved foever! “The jirendra said.”one thing at a time! “Jack said. ” we have no qarel with your silly federation! You don’t even like the romulons!” He declared.
“We believe that every race has the right to excist!” Jack said. “We do as well so long as they do not interfere with our agenda! “The jurendra said.
” the romulons must be destroyed. They will be! If not today! They will be down the road!” The jirendra declared.
“We have a saying on earth,’the devils greatest lie was convincing the world that he did not excist. ‘ I know you excist now! We know!” He said.”it won’t be enough!” He said.
“Enerzize!” Jack ordered. The creture was beamed to a chryonic unit in the cargo bay.
“Captain’s log, the threat from the jurendra for now is over. The enterprise has set a course for the federation border. The asana has continued to build up his border presence but has toned down the rhetoric . Admiral keriek has returned to the asana homeworld. ”
“While the chrises is over,we have reason to believe that there will be more trouble with the asana to come. ”
The saucer section and battle section recoupled. The ship was once again in one peace. The ship was whole.
Jack entered the bridge with the senior officers. “I yield command back to you!” Worf said.”i acept.”jack said. Jack took the command chair.
  Unknown location
“This jack crusher is quite intreging!” A female looking person said. “He is no jean luc but he might do!” Q said.
“All decks standing by!” Yar said now dresed in a uniform skant. “Mr. Laforge set course for the legolas system !”jack ordered. The helm set the course. “Course plotted !” Gordi said. “Lets see what’s out there!” Jack said.
The end.