episode seven

Brothers in arms part six.

U.s.s horatio
Under star fleet poetical,when there are more then one ship involved in a situation,the commander of the largest vessel commands the mission. In the absence of the enterprise,the next in line was the ambassador class vessel horatio. With crusher gone,captain walker keel was in command.
“Captain! Incoming message from the enterprise, they are about to procede. “The tactical officer said. “Ok order the fleet to stand by. It is almost time!”keel said.
Planet coustea
“Sir! The order just came in !”Lois said. “Send the planetwide order. There is no turning back now. “It will be a shamefull matter for the king if these men die badly'”Robert said. “Funy I don’t think I have ever heard you quote Shakespeare. “Lois observed. “It seams to apply.maybe Jean luc rubbed off on me more then I want to admit!”Robert said.
All over the planet,the rebellion began in Ernest. The population of the colony staged massive protest of the occupation. While the protes were non violent,the people involved knew that the response of the occupation force would be anything but.
While the occupation had been benevolent,the comfortable of slavery was still slavery. The asana were erratic.they were unstable. They were whimsical. They were touchy. The most inconsiqencial act of unintentional disrespect could be misinterpreted as an insult and be answered with disporticional retribution. The ovulation had to be dealt with now.
In orbit the enterprise went to  maximum warp. The vessel used the gravity of the secondary Sun to be propelled to the planet. It took percison flying by gordi. While word at one of the science station activated the em pulse data and yar had designed.
The pulse eminated to all corners of the planet. The enterprise then got out of the way. It went to warp. The ship left the orbit of the planet quickly.
Government complex
“There is a massive indirection all over the planet!”the second in command informed Keriek. “I sm declaring a planet wide insurrection…”the leader said. Before the admiral termed emperor and military governor could get out the rest of his order,the room went dark.
Keriek was very angry at this development. “Report!”the admiral demanded. ” excelentcy! The power is off line. I believe it may be planet wide!”a tech reported.
How could this have happened? The admiral was astonished. They had believed they considered every contingent. What they had not factored in there evasions was the creativity of an android lt commander named data.
All over the planet the power was out the rebellion was In full swing. The occupation force was overwhelmed . This was only the beginning.
U.s.s enterprise
“The Planet is almost totally dark Sir. Mr. Data ‘s plan appears to be sucesfull. “Yar reported. “Did you doubt me lt?”data said. “No! Of course not commander!”she replied. 
“Tasha send to fleet command,move in !”Jack ordered.”sending now!”the eastern European female tactical officer responded. She quickly sent the order to the u.s.s horatio.
U.s.s horatio
“We are instructed to go In!”the tactical officer informed the captain. “Order the fleet to move out! The time is now!”keel said.
The ships moved out. The fleet had everything from frigates to ambassador class. The fleet was impressive. So was the asana.
Asana flagship
“Federation fleet is moving out. They are heading on a direct intercept course for us!”the sandor tech reported.
“Break formation. Intercept that fleet!”captain hirjez ordered. The ship broke formation.the asana ship plotted an intercept course of there own. The two fleet headed straight for each other.
The u.s.s renegade got off the first shot. The frigate fired a full volley of photon torpedoes. The torpedoes smashed into the nearest enemy warship. Two warship fired on the renegade. The Thomas pain dodged there fire. The renegade narrowly escaped a fire ball.
The battle was in full force. Both sides engaged the orther. Both sides inflicted heavy casualties on the orther.
A New orlions class vessel was sliced In half by a asana warship. The vessel then exploded. The warship was hit by the hood.
On the planet,the asana could nit use there ground based mistle or there air based vessels or equipment. Using hand phaser and rifles they did just as much damage. They shoot anything that was not asana. They used there weapons at budings.it was not as efficient as bombs or mistles but it worked.
It was not as deadly as it could be. It was deadly enough. As an early 21st century earth professor Seth widgets on observed ,”dead was dead” unfortunately there was plenty of that.
Thanks to chief argyile a dampening field was established. It stoped at least temporarily any more ships coming though via a wormhole.
This was the first battle waged by star fleet since the timed incident in the early days of the 24th century. The federation may be a little rusty but was ready. The federation and enemy forces were just about evenly matched.
The federation had home field advantage. They knew the terrain. This was there home. This was personal.the colony was family. Though many of the crew had no ties to the commonest,none of that mattered.
Several ships had been destroyed. Many more were damaged. The star fleet had taken out several
Of the enemy as well.
“We have to get pass the enemy lines. Order all ship’s to get pass the battle lines. The uss renegade tried to get pass the blockade. The vessel went up and down. The shipping though. Several ships followed though.
The asana fleet was overwhelmed. The enterprise headed to the Planet. Several ships headed to the enterprise. Several scout ships covered them.
“Send to enemy fleet! Order them to surrender!” Jack said. He hoped that the asana would not be fool hardy. There was no way they could hold this world. That did not mean they would just Give it away.this could get berry bloody very fast. The ball was now in the asana’s court. What would there next move be?
To be continued.

episode 6

Q in the life

  “Log q reporting. So i am going undercover as it were. I am mascerading as a member of the enterprise crew. While pretending to be a star fleet lt seams uterly beneth someone like me,it seams the only way i can pass off as a member of the crew. It is beter then an ensign or enlisted person i gues”
“Being a ship of a thousand ,stowing away and pasing off as one of them was not that difficult. I was even able to alter the data banks and create a biography for myself. No one was the wiser. ”
“I wanted to be where the action was. I had myself assigned to the bridge. I was asigned to one of the aft station. One of those back stations that really don’t matter. At least that is my opinion but i digress. ”
“I decided not to deprive mr. Laforge on being at the helm for what promises to be a very eventfull mission. He could be useful in what is sure to be a very exciting afair. If nothing else he can calm a potentialaly tense situation with an anecdote mr. Data won’t understand but will still coment on ”
Q left his qurters. He wore a gold uniform. He perfered the burgendy but his assignment called for the gold used by suport division such as engineering and security. That was what he wore.
He joined up with several orther officers all tapped to work on the bridge during this watch.
“Good morning !”q said. “Good morning lt!” Lt jg hudson said. Several orthers said hello.
“I assume today will be eventfull!”q said. “They always are on the enterprise!”a female said. “I like it that way!”ensign bannet said. The turbo lift opened and they all entered.
“Bridge !” Hudson said. The turbo lift sped up. The new bridge crew were engaging in smal talk while the lift headed for its destination.
“I don’t understand the human’s disdain for silience. If there is more then one human in a room and no one is taking ,they assume something is wrong. Silience is considered evil or negitive. It is quite bafiling to a q.  Humans view the universe very differently. ”
“They try to fill every void. They fail to see that silience is a conversation in itself. Oh well. I gues that is there loss!”
The turbo lift opened,the bridge crew entered. The new shift releved the old. The last shift left as the day shift took over. Soon the activities began to discrease and things got to normal.
“Bill star fleet reports an odd acurence at the farpoint station .”captain jack crusher anounced. Commander rycer was taken aback by that anouncement.
“In many ways this universe is almost identical to the orther. Yet some thiings are different. Will is known as bill. I have never understood how you get bill out of wiliam any ways. Rycer is stil a dullared even in this universe. Women stil seam to like him. Something else i don’t understand.  he is not that atractive. I have met signle celled cretures more eligent then commander rycer!”
“Far point station was destroyed.some kind of energy creture attacked it. The creture took the station away. We don’t believe they were any servivors.”jack crusher said.
“Oh my. Why did they do this?”lt.yar asked. “Star fleet does not know. Star fleet command is going to confuct a full investigation. The bandi claim that they give full cooperation but star fleet is concerned about them. They did not give a lot of details. “Jack said.
“I wish i could tell them. I can’t.i cannot interfere. Not this time.this universe must go its own way. That is how it has to be. I will not interfere only observe.”
“Captain i am receving a distress call from a colonial convoy. They are heading to the baltair sector. They claim to be under attack by the asana!”yar said.
“This is a long way from asana space !”lt. Laforge said. Data declared just how far it was not realizing that that explination was not necessary.
“Mr. Laforge set course for the convoy maximum warp!”jack ordered. “Course set!” Gordi anounced. ” Engage!”jack ordered. The ship went to warp.
End of part one.

episode five

Isn’t it romantic part 7

“Captain’s personal log,my wife,my best friend,the love of my life has been captured by a group of bounty hunters that work for a mining consortium. Working with the local authroities,we are ready to atempt a rescue mission. ” jack said in his log.
  The strike teams had prepared to move out. The egress to the forest area was fully sicured. A command post was set up.
Some would stay behind while orthers would move out. The goal was to use overwhelming force. They would seround the hostile emcampment then seize it. Every one knew it would not be that easy. While it seamed like it would be a cake walk but jack crusher and lt. Yar knew better.
“Are you ready?” Colnel ucrat asked. “Ready as i will ever be i supose!”jack said. “Lets do it!”yar said in response.
The swat team moved out. There were multiple units. Some were on foot. Others were in vehicles specificaly designed for rough terain.
Jack was extremely aprehensive. He tried not to show it. He knew that the bounty hunters had no chance of wining. That was not his fear. He feared that they might go scorched earth. He feared bevily might get caught in the crosfire or worse.
If something happened to her,he would never forgive himself. Odd he always feared that he might be killed leaving bev to raise there children alone. Now he feared the oposite might happen. This scared him. He did not want to have to go though life without her. He calmed himself . He did not have to face that now. It had not happened. He was hopeful that it would not happen.
At the encampment bevily said little. She tried to avoid talking to her captors. She also tried to not cause any trouble. She hoped this would be over soon.
She just wanted to be back with her husband. She wanted to be back with her children,her family.she wanted this to be all over and soon.
  She did not think too much about an unfaborable outcome. She kept teling herself not to. Jack had been thorough manny troubling events and came though them. She had as well.
As a child she was on arveda three though a deadly plaugue. She and her grandmother servived though discovering erbs on the planet.
As a star fleet officer she had several trails she had to endured.she was confident that she could get through this one as well. She would try.
The bounty hunters were planing there next course of action. They knew that it was blique. They had little chance of wining. They knew it.
“Odd. We are not usually on the losing side?”bezek commented.”i know. We are not in the telcrit sector any more are we?”rulnof said. “I am glad that the telcrit system is sicure. There is that!”qozik said.
“Indeed. If we don’t catch up with shalnof,someone will. It is inevitable. He will be recaptured or killed eventually. That i know!”rulnof declared.
The asult forces got closer to the encampment. The team set up blokades. They had a staging area.
“You ok sir?”yar asked. “Not at all but that is to be expected. “Jack said. “I unserstand!” Yar said.
On ucrat’s order,the asault team stormed the area where the slavers were located. The tropers opened fire.
The slavers returned fire. Jack rushed in. He fired then ducked then fired. He stunned several of the thugs. He had to avoid being hit.
He was acting in an eratic manner. Were his wife and morther of his children not in danger,he would probably not be acting in this mannor. This was not a normal ocurence.
Yar tried to cover her captain.he was not making it easy. She was not usually a fan of the policy that mandates the exo lead the away team not the captain,but in this she suspected that he should have stayed behind. That was a mute debate at this point. She focused on the task at hand. In this case it was protecting the captain and stoping the telcrit group.
Romos,Hudson and youngblood covered yar. Yar and jack went at the thugs. Jack ran for bevily. He ducked several impact. He fired back.
“Mr. Youngblood! The merchant from alpha cenaris!” Rulnof said. “My name is crusher jack crusher. Captain of the federation starship enterprise. Your holding my wife hostege!”jack said.
Rulnof came at jack. Jack kicked him to the ground. He was about to be hit. Yar stuned rulnof.
“Jack!” Bevily said. She ran to him. He protected her. The battle came to an abrupt end.
“Captain’s log,the stand off with the talcrit group has come to an end. Most of the captors were captured. Two were killed in the raid. Fortunently none of the away team or planitary force were killed.”
Jack went over to bevily. He huged her. “Bev I’m sory. My grandmorther used to always say,’never make a promise life won’t let you keep.’ I really tried to have an acual vacation!”jack said. She kissed him. “Your fine jack! I love you. This is one aniversery i will never forget!”she said. “Next year picnic on the hollow deck! “He said. “Sounds good!’ She reaplied.
“For now i am free i supose. I suspect i will never be fully free. They won’t stop !”shalnof said. “Don’t give up. Don’t let them win!”bevily said. “I will try!”shalnof said. “I am not letting him out of my site”his wife  said. “Good idea!”jack said. “I wish you all the best!”jack said.they thanked them.
U.s.s enterprise
“Are we ready chief?”jack asked.”yes. There was nothing wrong with the ship witch i knew. Oh well!”chief engineer argyile said.”at least now we are sure! ” jack said. “Maybe !”argyile said. Jack laughed.
“Well time to get underway. Helm take us out of orbit. “Jack ordered.
The end
Next up
  Q impersonates an enterprise crewman during a pivotal mission.
Romos was an enterprise D security officer in “heart of glory” in that episode he was killed. He was played by stunt coordinator Dennis maddalone.
Hudson was a uncredited recurring character seen in the background during the first two seasons. He was played by dexter clay. The name was never used but apeared in the name of 1988 calander. In memory alpha he is listed as unaimed security officer.
Ensign youngblood was an uncredited character apearing in the first season of the next-generation. He was fetured in the third issue of the star trek the next-generation magazine.

episode five

Isn’t it romantic? Part six

  “starship log,commander wiliam rycer reporting. What was to be a romantic getaway for the captain and his wife the ships medical officer has taken an unexpected and negative turn.”
“While at a resturant in the capital’s citty,they were taken hostege by a group of slavers who suply workers for mines. While the planet’s security force has sucesfully sicured the resturant. Some of the bounty hunters esaped,they took dr. Cruser with them. ”
Outside the resterant the thugs and there captors kept moving. They were determined to get away. They headed for a wooded area.
“Move!”bezek barked to bevily. “I am not part of this. Just let me go!” Bevily demanded. “You are inocent in all this. I need you for levege!”rulnof told her.”don’t you have respect for anyone besides yourself?” She asked.
“The universe has finate resources. There is not enough to fuel the fancies for the avarice of every cretures. It is simply how it is. This reigion remote,distent has resources in abudence. It is vertily desolate. Totally open for whoever can subdue it.”rulnof said.
“It is almost perfect except for one thing!” Bezek said. “You don’t have the manpower to mine the resources !”bevily said.
“If we advrotize the need for minners it will atract the attention of competitors!”qozek said.
“Nor just that,suddenly an uninteresting reigion becomes very unteresting. You become a siting duck to the romulons,ferengi,asana,breen and any orther power. Your gold mine becomes a war zone. You kidnap people ,lure in ships. “Bevily said.
“The success of our operation depands on the use of slave labor. We have to do it this way doctor. “Rulnof told her.
“We can’t have even one esape. “Bezek said. “It is over now!”she insisted. “Hardly. We have you. We have power. As long as we do we can still salvege this situation “he said.
  Jack was treated by one of the orther staf medical officers from the enterprise. Commander rycer,and several security officers came over to him. “Bill both the captain and first officer should not be out in the open. “Jack said.
“I agree entirely sir. You should head back to the enterprise at once!” Rycer pleaded.
“Nice try bill. There is no way i am leaving until bev is safe and sound. “Jack said.
“I figured as mutch but i had to try!” Rycer told him. “Of course. I understand your position on this but i am not buging. “Jack told rycer. “Very well!”bill answered.
The swat team commander went over to captain crusher. “Captain ! The capital is under full lockdown. Security forces and local police are seting up blokades all over the capital. We suspect that they are heading to the forest. “The leader of the swat team informed him.
“The forest is shielded from detection due to triderium deposit!”major shivest ,the seccond in command said.
“I assume the forest is going to be searched?”rycer asked. “Indeed commander! A team is perparing to go in shortly. “The leader said.
“There is no way that they can get off planet?” Rycer asked. “I don’t see how! The planet is on lockdown. “The leader said.
Shalnof and his girlfriend went over to captain crusher. “Captain i am so sory that you got caught up in all of this. This was never my intention!”shalnof told the captain.
“I know that. I don’t hold you responsible for this. Every one has the right to be free. This was not your fault!” Jack assured him.
“I apreciate your words but it is stil hard for me to acept. I can’t help feeling responsible”shalnof told him.
“I deplore the use of forced labor. Your not at fault hear. I truely believe that. The blaime lies with the telcrit group. “Jack said.
  ” i will do anything i can to help out. I want her fried as well and as soon as possible !” Shalnof said.”i apreciate that. “Jack said.
“What do you think that these people will do?”the swat leader asked.”they will atempt to leave the planet.  I suspect that they have a getaway vessel on the planet. There are probably orther ships nearby!” Shalnof told them.
“We must stop these people !”the major said. “Yes there first prority is to get off planet. If cornored they will comit suiside or they will commit homicide while comiting suiside.” Shalnof told them.
Jack’s heart sank. He felt like he had failed her. He tried not to show any emotion. He tried to mantain his stoism. It was not easy to do so. He felt that it was important to mantain at the ilusion of that control.
Jack knew one thing. He was going to go after bevily now matter what. He would make sure that she was ok.
The telcrit mining group sucesfully made it to the forest. Rulnof ordered them to stop. “This is pointless. Your crusade is not pratical. To persue one fugitive. Now your traped!”bevily told him.
“You don’t understand us. You don’t understand who we are.” Rulnof said. “I don’t think i want to. I am prety sure i do not. “Bevily answered him.
U.s.s enterprise
“Mr data do you have anything ?”jack asked over the communicator. “I am still unable to get pass the minerals that disrupt the scaners. I am atempting to get a reading sir!”data informed him. “Keep working on it. “Jack said. “I will sir!”data said.
Jack went with the security forces with hover cars. The cars moved out. The vehicles headed to the woods. The security force was not sure if rulnof had to made it to the woods. No stone would be unterned. They would be located.
The hover cars entered. Jack got off of the hover car and joined the foot patrols. Jack moved out.
Jack had his phaser in hand. There were star fleet officers who folowed the captain. “Tricorder still not working !”yar informed him. “We will have to use our natural sansors. “Jack declared. Yar agreed.
Jack tried to hear everything. He took in every smel. He took it every sounds. He heard something. This way. The team folowed jack. Ramos,youngblood and hudson were right behind him.
The team kept on going. Jack took out 24th century. Banoculers. He enlarged the image. He saw bevily. He saw the orther thugs.
“We have to do this carefully !”the colnel said. “Agreed. “Jack said. The team got prepared. They had a plan and now it was time to impliment it.
End of part six


episode five

Isn’t it romantic part two

“Personal log,it has been said that the life of a starship captain is a lonley one. Manny starship commanders opt not to get maried. There are some who seam to be maried to there ship.”
“There was a time,not that long ago that families were not permitted on a star fleet ship. That complicated things. Now that families are alowed and in the galaxy program are encouraged,it creates new posibillities.”
” even for spauses that are also in the service,it can be a sacrifice. That can be lost on hard headed men like me. It had not always been easy on bev.sometimes i feel like i got the better part of thd bargain. I don’t know how she would react to that question. I would never ask her that.”
“I cannot not comerate a weding anaversery. I don’t want to.i really hope this one will be without incident but as a starship captain even at a port of call,that might not be viable. Time will tell i supose. ” Captain jack crusher said in his log.
Dr. Crusher completed her shift in sickbay. She made arangements with her staff. Then she left sickbay.
She droped off the kids at miss Gladstones. She headed back to her quarters. She got changed from the star fleet blue medical uniform to civilian clothing.
The door opened it was jack. He hugged and kissed her. “Are we stil on?”she asked. “Of course we are. Nothing is keeping us from this!” He assured her.
“No problems from the romulons. No assana build up. No jirendra or any other agresive species!”bevily said. “None that i am aware off. ” Jack said. “Alright. I would love foe us to have just one day to ourselves . Just you and i. A day of just enjoying each orthers compony. A day without an incident from some agresive species bent on universal domination.” She said.
“I will do my best!” He told her.”ok ! that will have to be suficient. “Bev said. ” I think bill understood that i was not to be desturbed except in a dire emergentcy.”jack said.
“How did you define dire emergemtcy?” Bevily asked.”the enterprise exploding!”jack said.”you made that clear to the commander?”she asked. “I did!”he answered. “Ok i trust you. I think!”she said.”it will be fine. We will have a nice romantic getaway. I book a room at one of the best hotels on the planet!”he said. “We are going to run into the klaysrtone.ambassador are we not?” She said.”no well we might but no  business or diplomacy i promise!”he said.  “Alright i will hold you to it!”she said laughing.
“I booked dinner at one of the best resturant on the planet. It is going to be really good. You will forget your loving husband is a starship captain!”jack said. “I hope so!”bev said.
They got there bags packed. Then they excited the qurters walking hand in hand. They headed to the transporter room.
The two entered. “Coordinates are set sir!”the chief said. The two steped on to the transporter pad. “Enerzize chief!” Jack ordered. The team beamed off of the enterprise and on to the planet.
“Doctor’s log. Personal entry,it has not always easy being the wife of a starship captain. There is the constent fear that something might happen. While star fleet mission are peaceful,things can occur. There are expectations on the part of orthers. As a captain’s wife and a medical doctor,it can get complicated. ”
They walked to thr front desk. “Reservations for crusher!” He said. “Uh yes mr. Crusher we have been expecting you. “The desk clerk said.
“Mr. Crusher!”bev said. “I kinda like that. Its nice to be titleess for a while !” He said. They laughed.
They checked into there rooms. Then they went to the resturent they were escorted to there table.
“I got something for you!”jack said. “Oh?”she said. He pulled out a box. She opened it. “Oh my its beutifull!”she said. “The murchent i got it from on tridex said it was a rare mineral on a distent planet. That part i don’t know. I like it it brings out your eyies. “He said. She smiled.
“I got something for you!”she said. She handed him a box. He opened it. “It is a warp coil! Its from the first federation starship enterprise. He saw something else. It was a picture of them on there first date. “Where did you find this?” He asked. “Nana held on to it. I left it on caldos the last time i was there. She held on it!” Bev said.
“If you had it to do over again ? Knowing what you know ,would you have stil said yes? “He asked.she took his hand. “Without hesitation!”she said.
“I know it has not been easy. In the early days we were seperated a lot. I was off patroling the nutral zone,you were at some intergalatic hospital. I have not always been the most romantic. Half the time i have no idea what i was doing. Sometimes i still don’t. “Jack said.
“Jack i would not trade these 17 years for anything. I meen that. I love you more every day. “Bev said.
“You don’t regret it?” Jack asked.”not at all!”she said.” I just wanted to make sure. I never ment to sacrifice my relationship with you for my carer!” Jack said. “I know that. “Bevily said. 
“This weekend,no work. I am john r crusher private citizen. No star fleet,no captain. If the t’zrncafe made an incursion into federation space its bill’s program!” He said. She laughed.
Outside the resturant
A man walked though the streets with a date. “You have never been hear before ? ” the female asked him. “No i have not. This is my first time in this sector !” He said. “You don’t leave your home space much?” She asked. “I did not. Now i intend to see the galaxy well this side of it of it anyways!”he said.
“I knew you were an adventuer! I could tell!” She said. “I use to be i gues. Now not so mutch. I just want to settle down somewhere. I don’t know where!”he said.
“Not hear ?”she asked. “It ia a beutifull planet. I would like to go further away. “He said.”i see! any reason why!” She asked. “It is very complicated. “He said.”oh i see!” She said.
The two headed into the resturant that jack and bevily were inside. They had reservations as well. They were led to a table near where they were.
What neither the man or his date knew was that they were being watched. This created the potential that jack’s promise of a qiet uneventful dinner for two might be in jepordy.
End of part two.

episode one

Encounters part 3

Uss enterprise docked at space dock earth.
Earth year 2366
Location bridge
“We have incoming ships! It is the captain’s yaught. They are requesting permission to dock!”lt. Yar said. “Clear them to come abored!”chief engineer argyile temporily in command said. ” Sending now sir!” Yar said.
Captain’s yaught cousteu
  “We are clear to enter!”Wesley crusher a teen at the pilots chair said.  “Take us in ‘ensign’!”his farther jack said. “So do we get to go on the bridge ?”leslie, there daughter said. ” I will have to talk to the captain but i am sure we can work something out. ” captain crusher said. They all laughed. ” can i take the helm?”wesly asked. “Lets not get ahead of ourselves !”jack said. They laughed except for the two.little kids who did not get the joke and the baby. The cousteu entered the private bay designed specificaly for the entetprise as a scout ship. The vessel docked inside. The door closed and then the bay was depreserized.
Then the door opened and the captain and his family excited the craft. The crew snaped at attention.
“To captain john r crusher from star fleet command. You are requested and required to assume command of the u.s.s enterprise afective this date. Signed admiral norah setie. ” jack said.
“Welcome abored sir!”lt.commander data said.”you must be the android ! You came highly.recomended!”jack said. “Thank you sir. You have quite a record yourself sir!”data said.
“You must be counselor troyi”he asked.”i am sir. It is good to meat you!”she said. ” and you. You must be lt.worf!”he said. “I am sir!”worf said.” The only Klingon in star fleet ! Quite a feat!”he said . “Someone had to be the first !”worf said.”indeed!”worf said.
“All decks standing by !”yar reported. “Clear all morings!”crusher said. Lt. Torres presed the ejection buttons.”morings are off!” Toress said.”take us out con!”jack ordered. The enterprise d left the docking area. The vessel neared the space doors.
“Oppen space doors!”jack ordered. The door retracted. “Take us out!”jack ordered. The galaxy class starship excited the space dock. “We have cleared space dock!”worf reported. “Set course for farpoint station! Maximum warp! ” jack reported.torres set course and then presed the engage button. The enterprise went to warp.
What no one on the enterprise knew what was that they were being wached. Who was watching them was unknown or why. “Your not going to contact them?”one asked. “I am curious but not enough to make contact. At least not yet!” The first observer said.
Asana homeworld
Capital complex
“The fleet commanded by keriek has returned!”admiral biznovle said. ” That is not possible ! The fleet dissapered two years ago! “Grand chancellor zhienev said. “We have confirmed that it is the fleet! They are headed hear!”biznovle said. “Hear? “The chancellor asked. “Confirmed excellentcy. “Admiral geari said. This concerned the leader of the asana. It concerned him a lot. He did not not know why but he did.
Later on.
The fleet entered orbit of the asana homeworld. Keriek requested a meating of the commite of chancellors at once. The chancellors reluctantly agried to meeat with keriek. Keriek beemed down to the council chamber.
The asana legislature was tri cameral. It had a chamber of chancellors,chamber of lords and a chamber of commons. The chancellors wielded the most power. At one point the chancellor was part of the lower house but the chancellor and the ministers were given a third house designation. The military now yielded a lot of power. The religious leaders once held sway but fell into disfavor and had little role in the government. Then there was the burocracy.
“The chancellory recognizes fleet admiral ezrea keriek!”the grand  chancellor said.
“Mr. Chancellor ,members of the chancellory. You are probably wondering where we have been for the last two years. We were taken into the realm of the jerendra!”he said.
The whole room was a gasp. Thry chould not believe what they just heard.
“The jerendra have chosen me to be there representive. There contact. “Keriek said. The whole chamber broke into uproar. “Do you really expect me to believe that you encounter the jerandra and they made you there vicker. “The chancellor said.
“You don’t believe me !”keriek said. ” Of course not! You are a lunitic ! We don’t cater to lunitics!”the chancellor said. 
Keriek took out a wond like device. The gaurds tried to protect the chancellor. The chancellor was hit. The chancellor was vaporized.
“I am now the leader of the asana! Unless you want to suffer a similar fate! You will do what i say ! “Keriek said.
“What do you want?” The admiral asked. “First! I declare myself to be absolute leader of the asana and high clerek. I am disolving the tri-cameral legislature. We will invade the federation as we planed!” Keriek said.
End of part 3.