episode one

Enconters part 12

The asana’s technology was mostly on par with star fleet. In the last decade more hardline eliments of asana society were filing political ,civil service and military positions in the government. ”
  The hardliners had began to create super secret units involved in reserch and development. Amoung these black projects was phase cloak technology.  It was stil untested technology . Keriek now believed he was a phrophet from the gods. He did not believe he was imortal but he believed he did enjoy a certain degre of protection.
  “If we are going to go silent. We had better do it now !”the tactical officer reported. ” agreed! Do it!” Keriek ordered.
A technician activated the phase cloak. The vessel was rendered invisible.
“We are under phase cloak!” The tactical officer anounced. “Set course for the enterprise. That ship must never make it to the romulin border!” Keriek incisted. The crew agreed. The plan was to destroy the enterprise. Although romulins did not have phase cloak technology ,they were interested in development of such technology. The federation would blame the romulins.  There would be no federation-romulan alience against the jurendra.
Then the asana and jurendra could go on there quest to expend there influence. They would do it without opisistion from the federation-Klingon alience and the romulan star empire! ”

U.s.s enterprise
” you seam aprehensive captain?” Deana asked. “I am counselor. I feel that this is do or die time. The window of opportunity is getting smaler and smaller. One little thing goes wrong for us and  the whole thing could unrevel. The universe could be at a turning point. If we lose we might never recover!” Jack said.
Asana ship
” The enterprise is in a sicluded spot!”the tactical officer asked. “Target the enterprise!” The captain ordered. The weapons officer aquired the target. The admiral ordered him to fire. The gunner presed the fire button.
“We have incoming !”worf said. “Shields up red alert!”jack ordered. “Brace for impact!” Rycer ordered.out of no where the ship was hit.
“Shields holding!” Yar said. “Where did that mistle come from?”deana said. “Unknown !”worf said. The ship was hit again.
“Shields at 95 percent!”yar said. “Without targarting sansors,it will be difficult to return fire!”worf reported.
“Return fire at something tasha!” Jack said. Yar targarted where she thought that the ship might be. She pres the fire button. The enterprise fired phasers and photon torpedoes.
“Captain. There is nothing there!” Gordi comented. “I do sence a series of presence. I believe there is a crew conducting all of  this!” Deana reported.
“This is not a convential cloak with an ability to fire. We are deeling with something more advanced!” Data said.
” Until we can nutrilize it we are in deep du du!”jack said. Data started to vioce his confusion when gordi interupted him. “Data ! Don’t even think about it!” Gordi said.
  “No use in returning fire!”yar said. “I doubt surender is an option!” Deana said. “I figure they want us destroyed and dead!” Jack said. “I hope that we will be disipointing them! “Jack said. At this point he was really not sure.
” “I beleve i.can create a burst that may incompaticiate them but i canot gurente for how long! “Data said. “I need something mr. Data!”jack said.
“We will need more power. I recomend saucer seperation! ” jack said. ” Get things ready! We will have to hold out long enough to seperate! Gordi make it look like we are retreating! ” jack said.
“This seams a little risky! ” bill said. “It is! Very much so! This may be our only chance! ” Jack said.
“Sir! The vessel is retreating’. They seam to have set course back to federation space!” Gordi said. ” Keep a close eye on them! Crusher is up to something . I just don’t know what! “He said.
All non esential crew were sent to the saucer section. The saucer section would be heading to the nearest star base.
“Mr. Worf i need you to command the saucer section. I know your esentialy a warior. If something should go wrong,i neead a warier to protect the crew! “Jack said. “I can’t say i like it sir but alright !”he said.”thank you!”jack said.
Battle bridge
The turbo lift door opened,jack,rycer,data, and yar entered. “Ready on your orders!”obrian at con said. “Seperate!” Jack ordered.
End of part 12

episode one

Encounters part 8

Non aligned space
“Personal log, the beroliens and the federation have had a straned relationship. They deal almost exclusively with the romulans. This has made us suspicious. We have had little dealings with them.
After an event like this,the beroliens can prove usefull. The federation has had no contact with the romulons sense the tomed incident 50 years ago. This seams to be the only way to get in contact with them. ”
Jack was dresed in civilian clothing when he entered the bar. He was careful not to be watched. 
He was not sure what he was looking for. He ordered a romulan asle. He figured that would get someone’s attention. He sat at the booth. He waited.
He saw who he preceved to be the romulin concil. This representive could be the contact he needed.
“I thought romulan asle was illegal in the federation?”the concul asked. “I am not curently in the federation besides it is not illegal to consume only to import it into federation space witch i have no intention of doing. “Jack said.
“I see. You seam to like to live dangerously human! This is not earth!” The romulin diplomat said. ” this is a dangerous galaxy. A romulon planet one of your most populated colonies obiterated just like that! “Jack said.
“what do you know about that?”the alien diplomat asked.”not much. Your people seam to be keeping a tight lid on information on it. We oford to help but your government was not interested. “Jack said.
“We can handle our own problems human! “The romulan said. “Of course! I was not sugesting ortherwise! ” jack said.
“Good! This would be a bad time for the federation to take advantage of our ill foutune!”he said. “We are not like that! We will not use this to our gain. ” Jack tried to asure him.
“Then why are you hear?” The ronulan asked. ” a threat to the empire is a threat to the galaxy. Whoever did this to you is bound to come after us eventually. I was hoping to get information ,something. ” jack said.
“The rihansu intend to solve this problem on our own ! We are the masters of our own destiny. No one else. ” The man said.
“No empire is an island ! Tell your people we stand ready to asist should you need it!”jack said. With that he left the bar.
He knew he was watched. Probably local security,romulan agentcies probably others. He got a weird feeling from alien he did not recognize.
Jack went outside. The alien left too. Jack tried to not look desperate but to be deteemined.he wanted to get back to the shartle and be on his way back to the enterprise.
While his mission did not quite yield the results he wanted them to, he did get a message to the romulan government . That was not nothing. The consul was a minor functionary but perhaps he could get the message to someone higher up.
He neard the shartle. He had a gnawing suspicion that he was being watched. He instinctivly took out his phaser.
He was struck. He fell to the ground. “You have no business being hear! “The alien said. ” who are you? I have never sean your race before?” Jack said. “Who i am is unimportant! Do not interfear!” The alien said. The man struck him with a waund like device.
Jack limped back to his shartle. He fell unconscious before getting to the craft.
U.s.s enterprise -d
Rycer was very nervous. The federation ships were staring down the asana and vice versa. It made rycer very aprehensive. 
“We are stil being hailed by the  flagship !” Yar said. “He does not give up!” Worf said. “The asana are known to be relentless! Thet never yield easily !”data said. “I sence that keriek feels confident. Right now he feals over confident! He beleves he is in charge. I sense he is anoyed over our refusal to talk to us. “Deana said.
“So the delay tatics is workng! ” rycer said. “It seams so ! ” deana said. “How long do we intend to give them the cold soulder?”gordi said. “For the foresiable future! “Rycer said. “Inquiry? Cold soulder!”data Asked. “Never mind!”data said.
Qurters of the crushers.
Leslie came in. “Hi mom!”she said. Bevily was feeding her baby daughter. “Where is dad!”leslie said. “I am not sure? ” she said.  “Is every thing ok mom?” Leslie asked. “Of course ! ” bevily said.
Planet mahascal
Jack woke up in some kind of cave. He was restraned. He saw several in hoods.
“So your awake?”the leader said. “What’s with the hoods?”jack said.”we like to mantain a certain animimity. Sense your going to die anyway. Why not reveal ourselves. He removed the hood. It was an asana.
Perhaps jack was right. The asana were involved in the attack on tridex. How he did not know. He hoped he would live long enough to figure it all out and convince others. That would be a tall order.
End of part 8.