episode five

Isn’t it romantic? Part six

  “starship log,commander wiliam rycer reporting. What was to be a romantic getaway for the captain and his wife the ships medical officer has taken an unexpected and negative turn.”
“While at a resturant in the capital’s citty,they were taken hostege by a group of slavers who suply workers for mines. While the planet’s security force has sucesfully sicured the resturant. Some of the bounty hunters esaped,they took dr. Cruser with them. ”
Outside the resterant the thugs and there captors kept moving. They were determined to get away. They headed for a wooded area.
“Move!”bezek barked to bevily. “I am not part of this. Just let me go!” Bevily demanded. “You are inocent in all this. I need you for levege!”rulnof told her.”don’t you have respect for anyone besides yourself?” She asked.
“The universe has finate resources. There is not enough to fuel the fancies for the avarice of every cretures. It is simply how it is. This reigion remote,distent has resources in abudence. It is vertily desolate. Totally open for whoever can subdue it.”rulnof said.
“It is almost perfect except for one thing!” Bezek said. “You don’t have the manpower to mine the resources !”bevily said.
“If we advrotize the need for minners it will atract the attention of competitors!”qozek said.
“Nor just that,suddenly an uninteresting reigion becomes very unteresting. You become a siting duck to the romulons,ferengi,asana,breen and any orther power. Your gold mine becomes a war zone. You kidnap people ,lure in ships. “Bevily said.
“The success of our operation depands on the use of slave labor. We have to do it this way doctor. “Rulnof told her.
“We can’t have even one esape. “Bezek said. “It is over now!”she insisted. “Hardly. We have you. We have power. As long as we do we can still salvege this situation “he said.
  Jack was treated by one of the orther staf medical officers from the enterprise. Commander rycer,and several security officers came over to him. “Bill both the captain and first officer should not be out in the open. “Jack said.
“I agree entirely sir. You should head back to the enterprise at once!” Rycer pleaded.
“Nice try bill. There is no way i am leaving until bev is safe and sound. “Jack said.
“I figured as mutch but i had to try!” Rycer told him. “Of course. I understand your position on this but i am not buging. “Jack told rycer. “Very well!”bill answered.
The swat team commander went over to captain crusher. “Captain ! The capital is under full lockdown. Security forces and local police are seting up blokades all over the capital. We suspect that they are heading to the forest. “The leader of the swat team informed him.
“The forest is shielded from detection due to triderium deposit!”major shivest ,the seccond in command said.
“I assume the forest is going to be searched?”rycer asked. “Indeed commander! A team is perparing to go in shortly. “The leader said.
“There is no way that they can get off planet?” Rycer asked. “I don’t see how! The planet is on lockdown. “The leader said.
Shalnof and his girlfriend went over to captain crusher. “Captain i am so sory that you got caught up in all of this. This was never my intention!”shalnof told the captain.
“I know that. I don’t hold you responsible for this. Every one has the right to be free. This was not your fault!” Jack assured him.
“I apreciate your words but it is stil hard for me to acept. I can’t help feeling responsible”shalnof told him.
“I deplore the use of forced labor. Your not at fault hear. I truely believe that. The blaime lies with the telcrit group. “Jack said.
  ” i will do anything i can to help out. I want her fried as well and as soon as possible !” Shalnof said.”i apreciate that. “Jack said.
“What do you think that these people will do?”the swat leader asked.”they will atempt to leave the planet.  I suspect that they have a getaway vessel on the planet. There are probably orther ships nearby!” Shalnof told them.
“We must stop these people !”the major said. “Yes there first prority is to get off planet. If cornored they will comit suiside or they will commit homicide while comiting suiside.” Shalnof told them.
Jack’s heart sank. He felt like he had failed her. He tried not to show any emotion. He tried to mantain his stoism. It was not easy to do so. He felt that it was important to mantain at the ilusion of that control.
Jack knew one thing. He was going to go after bevily now matter what. He would make sure that she was ok.
The telcrit mining group sucesfully made it to the forest. Rulnof ordered them to stop. “This is pointless. Your crusade is not pratical. To persue one fugitive. Now your traped!”bevily told him.
“You don’t understand us. You don’t understand who we are.” Rulnof said. “I don’t think i want to. I am prety sure i do not. “Bevily answered him.
U.s.s enterprise
“Mr data do you have anything ?”jack asked over the communicator. “I am still unable to get pass the minerals that disrupt the scaners. I am atempting to get a reading sir!”data informed him. “Keep working on it. “Jack said. “I will sir!”data said.
Jack went with the security forces with hover cars. The cars moved out. The vehicles headed to the woods. The security force was not sure if rulnof had to made it to the woods. No stone would be unterned. They would be located.
The hover cars entered. Jack got off of the hover car and joined the foot patrols. Jack moved out.
Jack had his phaser in hand. There were star fleet officers who folowed the captain. “Tricorder still not working !”yar informed him. “We will have to use our natural sansors. “Jack declared. Yar agreed.
Jack tried to hear everything. He took in every smel. He took it every sounds. He heard something. This way. The team folowed jack. Ramos,youngblood and hudson were right behind him.
The team kept on going. Jack took out 24th century. Banoculers. He enlarged the image. He saw bevily. He saw the orther thugs.
“We have to do this carefully !”the colnel said. “Agreed. “Jack said. The team got prepared. They had a plan and now it was time to impliment it.
End of part six


episode four

Siblings day part six

” personal log using unconventional means, i have learned that of a complex plot by the gatherers. I am on route in an atempt to thawt there plans. I fear it may be too late!”
“We are on course!”he said. “Will you explain what is going on now?” She asked.
“This attack was a diverson as i suspected. The plot is a lot more interesting then i first suspected !”Wesley said. “Ok I’m listening!”Lesley said.
“There are rurmors that in the past aliens fought amongst themselves for domination. Masive wars involving masive weapons. Over the years arkeologest have uncovered powerful weapons. There are stories of supper starships that remain. These ships cannot be destroyed at least not easily so they are hidden. There are ancient treaties witch bar there use. Worlds that agree on nothing agree on this! “Wesley said.
“There is an area called the orange zone. It is heavily patroled. Any ship atempting to go in is schot down.no questiones asked. Thr gatherer raids are a diverson. Botril and his faction of the gatherers want those ships. These raids are to hide there true intentions!”Wesley said.
“So why hide these weapons? “She asked. “They are too dangerous. Too powerful ! These ships need to be hiden. Even one ship is deadly. It is a threat to every thing. “Wesley said.
“Ok ! If the area is hevily gaudred,they will be caught right?” She asked. “There is one area that is not patroled. The area is called the enigma. They may try to enter there. The area is under the control of the sheliek. “Wesley said.
“So normal people that are not Wesley Eugene crusher would assume that the sheliek can handle it and go on with life!”Lesley said.
“That would be corect!” He said.”why did i come with you again ?” Lesley asked. “This is going to be fun!”he said. “I short of believe you!”She said.
“It will be!”he said. “Are we really heading for the enigma ? If i remember right sheliek schot first and never get around to asking questiones. ” She said.
“Unfortunately that is true!”he told her. “So why are we not going to star fleet with this?” She asked. “I doubt they would believe me. It seams fanciful. Time is of the esence! “He said.
“Ok wess you do realize that you are 15 years old and that you are currently abored a scout ship,a shartle. “She said. “I know that!” He said.
“You know your not super human. At least i don’t think you are. “She said.
” I know that. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines on this one less! I have to do this!” He told her.
“I knew you were going to say that! Alright !” Leslie said.
The shartle headed to the area.the shartle neared the area. “Wesley what are you doing ?” She asked. “The treaty of armeans alows consultation in cases of bi lateral security,i looked it up! ” Wesley said. “I am sure you did!” Leslie said.
“Your not an ambesador or a federation oficial or a star fleet officer!”Leslie comented. “As a federation citizen,i am technicaly a federation representive!” He said. “I get really nervous when you parse words! “She reported.
“Send a hail with the paragrath that alows me to contact them!” He instructed. She sent the request.  They waited.
  After a while there was a response. The view screen was activated. On the view screen was displayed the image of a shieliek commander.
“Why are you contacting us?” The commander asked. “There is a threat in your teritory. I believe that non aligned raders are planing to go into your space.” Wesley said. “For what perpose!” The alien commander asked.
“They seak to locate a mytholocal ship or ships near your space !” Wesley said. “The myiths are untrue. They are fanciful stories with no bases of reality!” The sheliek said.
“I cannot speak to that commander but i can say that they believe it. I believe they are on there way or they may be hear!” Wesley said.
“we have no evidence of that! ” the sheliek said. “I would be on gaurd !” Wesley said. ” We always are!” The commander said.
The screen faided. “That was quick! They don’t seam in the mood to talk !”Leslie said. ” from what i have heard they rarely are!” Wesley said.
“I asume we are turning back. Are we heading to the star base?” She asked. “No. We are heading in!” Wesley said. “Are you serious ? “Leslie said. “We have to go in! I want to see this though. “He said.
The shartle headed in. Leslie was concerned about all this. Leslie decided to go along with all of this. She was not sure why but she was.
End of part six

episode four

Siblings day part three

“Personal log while my sister and i were heading to starbase 224 when i detected a ship trying to evade detection. Although i should have informed star fleet command and continue on my way to the star base. I have decided to persue the ship in order to uncover there plans. ”
“I have come to suspect that this ship may be ploting to attack a base or ship or some orther federation asets in our space.”
“If i was a terorist planing to strike a target in the federation? Where would i strike?”Wesley asked.
“Are we sure we are deeling with terorist? “Leslie asked. “Not tottaly. Romulons have a cloaking device so i think we can rule them out. It could be a sate i sapose. “Wesley said
“Lets stay with with terrorist for a minute. Terrorist engage in a kind of gurila warfare. They pick targets based on opotunity! They want victory! They want something impactfull. Something that has to be noticed. “Leslie said.
He called up the record of the area. “Ok we have an andorian colony,a minning colony, A setilite and a private base. “Leslie comented.
“The setilite would be the easiest target. It might not instil fear in those the mining station might be a tempting target. I’m thinking the comercial base!” Wesley said.
“They do not need to destroy the base only to do damage!”Leslie said. ” get me the base! I hope we still have time!”wes said.
“I am detecting a dampening field ! “Less said. “Crap! I am taking us to full impulse! Man i wish shartles were equped with warp drive!” Wesley said.
The shartle went as fast as it could. The shartle hoped to be able to warn the base.
Comercial base
The base arived and saw the base. The base had been hit. “We are too late!”Leslie said.”please tell me they are survivors ‘”Wesley commented. ” Yes there is!” Leslie said.
The team emurged on the base. They began to treat the patcients. They were both glad that there mom was a doctor. They knew about triarge.
“Who attacked you?” Wesley asked. ” Gathers!” The man said. The damage was fairly negligible . There was damage and some injuries. Two were killed.
“Wes what are you doing ?”Leslie asked. “I procured some weapons. They are civilian  but they will do the trick!” Wes said. “Wesly john cruser what you thinking? “Leslie said.
“The attacker won’t stop! You said this was gerila warfare. They will strike again ! “Wes said.”yes i know that. Lets let star fleet deal with us!” She said.”i am going to let them deal with it . I am going to help. I am right hear. I can help!”he said.
“You do know your 16. Your not yet a star fleet officer!” She asked. “I am aware of that Leslie. I may be 16 but there is little i dont understand . I know helm control as good as lt. Laforge or chief obrian,i know engines as well as chief argyile. I can man a aft station ad good as mr worf mayby even rival lt yar at tactical . I have trained all my life for this! “Wesley said.
“You’re not superhuman Wesley ! “She said. “Look i need to be on the front lines. We are closer to them then anyone else. “He said. “I’m going with you! “She said. “Fine!”he said.
The shartle left the comercial base. The craft headed to locate the vessel.
“Who are the gathers!” She asked. “They were originaly from accamar three.  They were misfits who left the planet or were exiled. They prey on ships for suplies. “He said.
“This seam to go beyond piracy. Do they usually engage in terorist attacks?”she asked. “Not that i know off. Dad delt with gatherer raids while in command of the stargazer. They are usually pirate raids. Your right this is a style of warfare. “Wesley said.
“Where did you think they will attack next?” She asked. ” The mining colony. This will keep escilating. I wish i know what there end goal was!”Wesley commented.
The craft headed for the mining colony. The craft hoped to get there before the gathers did. It would be a tall order. Wesley did not know what else to do. Off they went.
End of part three

episode four

Siblings day part two

“Personal log,Wesley crusher reporting. While on my way to a pre academy evaluation before i aply to the star fleet academy we have come across a poor man’s cloak. We suspect that it may be a smugling operation. While we should probably contact star fleet and let them deal with it. If we wait we could lose them”
  “Stay on um less!” Wesley said.”i know wes! ” she said. The shartle kept going. The shartle folowed the bread crumbs. Thr signal went in and out. Lesley was able to predict where they were going and where they would end up.
The shartle kept following the bread crumbs.  “They are trying to hide themselves but they are having trouble doing it!” She said.”i am so sad for them!” He said.
On the vessel they knew that they were being folowed. They did all they could to cause the shartle to lose them.
“I can’t believe we are being persued by a shartle! ” the person in command said. ” They can’t follow us foever!” An underling commented. ” If we go to warp we may not be able to mantain the scrambler!” A tech said.
” Why not just destroy them and be done with it?” The gunner sugested. ” It might draw unwanted attention ! “The first officer said. ” This is not?” The gunner said in response.
“We have a mission to perform.i want to complete it. We will continue to evade for now!” The commander ordered.
“Ship is going in and out on the screen!” Lesley said. “They are really trying to evade us! ” Wesley said. ” We are not going to let them !” She said. “No we are not!” Wes said.
“There has to be a way to lose them! This cat and mouse game is getting weary some!” The exo said.
“I have an idea. There is a comet nearby. We could ride the comet for a while! “An engineer said. “Do it!” The commander ordered.
The ship kept the scrambler on line until they neared the comet. The ship used the comet to shield there location.
“Lost um. “Lesley said. “Great! Are you sure it was not just a glich in the system? “Wess asked.”no way! There was something . I am sure of it ! This shartle is very well maintained. Because it is nained Galileo,it is well maintaned more then any orther shartle. It is not just a glich!” Lesley said.
“The question is where did they go ?”wess said. “Wess! This could be a sign. We should cut our loses and procede to the star base. Let star fleet figure this out. Every now and then we should let the grown ups do something !” She sugested.
“Whoever it is. I think we retled them. Our finding them was a fluke. Maybe this is a simple case of smugling. What if it is not? Something is very wrong hear! We are hear. We cannot ignore this or hand it off to any one else. This is our isue! We own it!” Wesley said.
“You do know your not in star fleet yet? ” she asked. “Yes i do. Keyword is yet. I am prety sure it will happen !” Wes said. ” A star fleet oficer is bound by a chain of command. Is going off on our own the best idea!” She asked. “We are right hear. We have to follow the evidence !”Wesley said.
” ok lets do it! The case has gone almost totally cold. Where do we go from hear!” She asked.
“We have to try to predict where they will go next! ” Wesley said. “Well if this is a smugling operation they will head towards talaerian space. Talariens turn a blind eye towards smugling. Especially sense many races refuse to trade with them. They did not seam to be heading in that direction !” She said.
“I don’t think they were smugling. There are several bases and colonies in the area!” Wesd said. “You think this is an attack ?” She asked.
He thought it over. “Yes i do. I think we have to assume this is a prelude to an attack !”she said. “If so where will they strike?” She asked.
End of part two