episode two

The hijack part three

“Captain’s log, someone has taken control of the battle section. Those who abored the drive section are uncomscicous or unable to help. I have no idea who is behind this! ”
“Worse then that,my son is abored that ship. I have no idea about his satus. ”
The battle section continued to evade the sacer. The section fired on the saucer. “Shields holding!”yar reported.
“Return fire but focus on a non critical system !”jack ordered. The tactical officer agried. The saucer section fired on the drive.
Thr turbo lift opened, dr. Crusher entered. “What’s going on?”dr. Crusher askes. “Bev, we baleve that something or someone has seized control of the drive section. It is fireing on us and atempting to get away!”jack said.
“Can we reteve it?”she asked.”we are trying to but bev wess is on the drive section !”he told her.”is he alright ?”she said. “I don’t know! We will do every thing it takes to get him and every one else back !”jack said.
“Captain we are we being hailed! Audio only!”yar said. “On audio then!” Jack said. Lt. Yar activated the com relay. “Back off your persuit captain crusher! “The vioce of tar said.
“How do you know my name ?”jack said. “I know many things! Now back off!”he said. “Do you really expect me to just sacrifice my ship and crew?” Jack said. “Leave them be or i will cut off the life suport!”tar said. Bevily gasped as she heard his words.
“Who are you? Why have you done this?”jack asked. “Who i am is irelivent. All that matters is that i have them and i am not giving them up! “Tar said.
“We are in control of your ship captain. If you do not do as we instruct your crew on the reer section will die! That i promise you!” First officer letok said.
“Mr. Laforge! Veer off alter course . Take us in the oposite direction then hold position !”jack ordered.
Gordi said “aye sir” in a resigned tone. “Done sir!”he said also in a somber reply.
“Jack! You can’t!” Bev said. “I have no chioce bev! I am not abandoning them or him. I have no choioce for now! I Am not giving up!” Jack said.
“They have complied daimon!” Mordock proclaimed. “A wise choice jack!” Tar said.
“What do you intend to do with them?” Jack asked. “I have not decided. I want your ship! I would perfer it intact but the drive section will do! “Tar said. “Why?” He asked. “You humans do ask a lot of questiones!” Tar said.
“You have commited an act if war! “Jack said. “It would not be the first time or the last! I have enjoyed this little chat. It ends now!” He said.
“The drive section has gone to warp!”worf said. “I have lost it'” yar said. “Mr. Data can you inside the flight recorder?” Jack said. “I believe i can. Permission to acesss one of the station stations? “He said. “Go for it!” Jack said.
Data left the ops station and went to the science station. Ensign bennet took over ops.
“May i leave the bridge . I would like to check on my other kids!”bev said. “Of course!”jack said.
He took her hand. “Bevily! I will get them back! You have my word on that!” He said. “I know you will”she got up and left the bridge. The door closed.
Jack was beyond frustrated. He felt powerless. He felt like he failed as a captain,a star fleet officer, a husband and a farther. He was not sure how to fix this one. He would look for an opportunity to fix it.
Battle section
Asistent chief enginer jim schimoda woke up. “Where am i?”he asked. “Your in engineering !”Wesley said. “I was on duty. You came in. I don’t remember anything after that!” Jim said. “It was the same for me! I think we were knocked out! We were seperated from the saucer section ! We have gone to warp! We don’t seam to be in control of the ship!” Wesley said. “Then who is?”schimoda asked. “I have no idea!”Wes reaplied.
“Do we have any phasers?”wes asked. “There is an emergentcy phaser locker near the chief’s office. We should have them!”schimoda said. They went to the locker and retreved them.
“I asume you know how to use one?”the assistant chief enginer asked. “My farther taught me how to use one and to respect it!”Wesley said. “Good! Unfortunately you may be called upon to use it!”he said. “I will do what needs to be done! ” we told the older man.
“Someone is trying to get inside!”Wesley said. “Phasers stand by!”schimota said. The door began to open. The two sprang in action as the man entrred. The man signaled not to schoot.
“Mr. Obrian!”wesley said. “Glad to see someone is awake. Most of the crew are unconscious!”obrian said. “Someone is hijacking the ship!”schimota said. “Unfortunately they are doing a good job of it. “Obrian said.
Dr. Crusher did not stop until she found her oldest daughter leslie. She huged her. “Mom! What’s wrong?”she asked. “Wes was on the drive section !”she said. “Oh my! “Leslie said.
Battle section
The ship rocked. “We have visitors!” Wess said. The furengi murader placed the vessel in a tractor beam.
“They have engaged a tractor beam!” Wess said. “This will be one of the first places they come. We should get moving! ” scimota said. They agreed. They left engineering.
A hatch opened,a team of schock trops entered. There were furengi and nusicans. “I want to sicure the battle bridge,engineering,and auxiliary control. “Letok said.
Enterprise saucer maine bridge
” captain. I have identified who we are deeling with! I believe it is the furengi!” Data said. “Who are they?”gordi asked. “I have heard rumors about them. Most of the information we have is contradictory. Most is just that,rumors! “Jack said.
“Sense they probably have little inteligence on us. This may be a short of reconisance misson. Steal part of our flagship. “Data said. “They want to study our technology. They probably see us as a competitor or potential one. “Rycer said.
“At least we know who we are up against. The hard part is getting the ship back!”jack said.
End of part 3

episode two

The hijack part two

The two sides of the enterprise started to come apart. No one knew why. The battle section left the area.
“The drive section has gone to warp!” Worf anounced. “Hail the drive section !” Jack ordered. “Our comunications are being jammed!” Yar reported. “Intercept course!”jack ordered.
Gordi set the course. He engaged the heading. The enterprise saucer folowed the battle drive section.
“What is going on?” Deana asked. “I wish i knew!” Jack said. The ship headed for the drive section. The ship neared the drive section.
“Ready tractor beam!” Jack ordered. Before yar could activate the beam the drive opened fire on the saucer.
“Mr. Argyile! I understand that the battle section has its own prefix code!”jack said. “Yes in case something like this happened!”the chief enginer said.
“Call it up!”jack ordered. The ship was hit again by the drive section. “Return fire!”jack ordered. The saucer fired on the drive section.
“I have the code. Sending it to tactical now!”argyile said. “I have it!”yar said. The code was entered. “The code was changed!” Yar said.
“How is that possible ? “Rycer asked.”whoever is in control of that ship,they think of every thing!” Jack said.
Battle section
Wesly woke up in enginering. All of the crew was knocked out even asistent enginer schimoda. Wesly looked at a pannel. “Acording to this,the ship has seperated. There was no evac order,no anouncement.
“Wesly crusher to battle bridge! “Wesley said. No response. “Wesly crusher to auxiliary control!” Nothing. Wes went over to a control pennel. The controls were locked out. The lock out code was in a langauge he did not recognize. Was this some kind of hijacking. Were the intruders on the ship?
  Ships relief officer milles obrian had been knocked out. He came tu in a coridor. He had a feeling something was wrong. He went to a weapons locker and found a phaser. He decided to be cacious.he was concerned.
Obrian was usually quite ameable. He was sensitive. In a crunch sutuation he went into a defensive mode. It all began while fighting the asana on setlik three. He decided to go to enginering.
“Maintain intercept!” Jack said.”on course! ” gordi said. “Is there a way to bring down there shields?”jack said. ” I am looking into them but it may some time!”data said.”get me something data. Your came highly recomended. Don’t let me down! ” jack said. “I will endevor not to sir!”data said.
The enterprise saucer section kept on. The vessel caught up with the ship and opened fire on the drive.
The drive was hit multiple times. The shields held together.”they just transfered power to the engines!”lt. Taures reported.”who is transfering the power?” Bill asked. ” the crew is not in charge over there. I think most of them are not conscicous. The ones that are are not in charge!”deana said.
“Then who is! I don’t like this sir!”worf said. “Neither do i mr. Worf! “Jack said. “Jack ?”yar said.
She motioned for her to come over to her. “Jack Wesley was on the drive section at the time!”she said. “Oh my. Deana you sense those on the drive are alive?”he asked. “I can’t sense individual. I sense our people are there!”Deans answered. “I see! “Jack said
“Crusher to dr. Crusher!” He said.”go ahead!”she said.”bev i need you to come to the bridge!” Jack said. “I will be right up!” She said.
Furengi ship
“We have  deverted non esential power to there warp drive!” Letok said. “We can use the life suport as leverage if we have to. I will have that ship. ” Daimon tar said.
End of part 2

episode one

Enconters part 12

The asana’s technology was mostly on par with star fleet. In the last decade more hardline eliments of asana society were filing political ,civil service and military positions in the government. ”
  The hardliners had began to create super secret units involved in reserch and development. Amoung these black projects was phase cloak technology.  It was stil untested technology . Keriek now believed he was a phrophet from the gods. He did not believe he was imortal but he believed he did enjoy a certain degre of protection.
  “If we are going to go silent. We had better do it now !”the tactical officer reported. ” agreed! Do it!” Keriek ordered.
A technician activated the phase cloak. The vessel was rendered invisible.
“We are under phase cloak!” The tactical officer anounced. “Set course for the enterprise. That ship must never make it to the romulin border!” Keriek incisted. The crew agreed. The plan was to destroy the enterprise. Although romulins did not have phase cloak technology ,they were interested in development of such technology. The federation would blame the romulins.  There would be no federation-romulan alience against the jurendra.
Then the asana and jurendra could go on there quest to expend there influence. They would do it without opisistion from the federation-Klingon alience and the romulan star empire! ”

U.s.s enterprise
” you seam aprehensive captain?” Deana asked. “I am counselor. I feel that this is do or die time. The window of opportunity is getting smaler and smaller. One little thing goes wrong for us and  the whole thing could unrevel. The universe could be at a turning point. If we lose we might never recover!” Jack said.
Asana ship
” The enterprise is in a sicluded spot!”the tactical officer asked. “Target the enterprise!” The captain ordered. The weapons officer aquired the target. The admiral ordered him to fire. The gunner presed the fire button.
“We have incoming !”worf said. “Shields up red alert!”jack ordered. “Brace for impact!” Rycer ordered.out of no where the ship was hit.
“Shields holding!” Yar said. “Where did that mistle come from?”deana said. “Unknown !”worf said. The ship was hit again.
“Shields at 95 percent!”yar said. “Without targarting sansors,it will be difficult to return fire!”worf reported.
“Return fire at something tasha!” Jack said. Yar targarted where she thought that the ship might be. She pres the fire button. The enterprise fired phasers and photon torpedoes.
“Captain. There is nothing there!” Gordi comented. “I do sence a series of presence. I believe there is a crew conducting all of  this!” Deana reported.
“This is not a convential cloak with an ability to fire. We are deeling with something more advanced!” Data said.
” Until we can nutrilize it we are in deep du du!”jack said. Data started to vioce his confusion when gordi interupted him. “Data ! Don’t even think about it!” Gordi said.
  “No use in returning fire!”yar said. “I doubt surender is an option!” Deana said. “I figure they want us destroyed and dead!” Jack said. “I hope that we will be disipointing them! “Jack said. At this point he was really not sure.
” “I beleve i.can create a burst that may incompaticiate them but i canot gurente for how long! “Data said. “I need something mr. Data!”jack said.
“We will need more power. I recomend saucer seperation! ” jack said. ” Get things ready! We will have to hold out long enough to seperate! Gordi make it look like we are retreating! ” jack said.
“This seams a little risky! ” bill said. “It is! Very much so! This may be our only chance! ” Jack said.
“Sir! The vessel is retreating’. They seam to have set course back to federation space!” Gordi said. ” Keep a close eye on them! Crusher is up to something . I just don’t know what! “He said.
All non esential crew were sent to the saucer section. The saucer section would be heading to the nearest star base.
“Mr. Worf i need you to command the saucer section. I know your esentialy a warior. If something should go wrong,i neead a warier to protect the crew! “Jack said. “I can’t say i like it sir but alright !”he said.”thank you!”jack said.
Battle bridge
The turbo lift door opened,jack,rycer,data, and yar entered. “Ready on your orders!”obrian at con said. “Seperate!” Jack ordered.
End of part 12