episode 6

Q in the life part four

” q log,it is assumed that enjoys taking humanoid form. We do it so often. It could not be further from the truth. We perfect our usual form. It is not always practical. Sometimes it is prudent for us to take solid form. This is one of those times. ”
“My mission was to observe. That mison was expended slightly. The mission was modified. That was not discussed until it was done . now the mission is back on track”
“I had to take full human form for a minute. For a q it was an eternity. Dr. Crusher is very different in this reality. She is not as much a prude. In this reality her hubby did not die wile her son was still a baby. She was on her way to beat the dugarts .  not to mention pine away for a bald man who carer is vastly underated. I’m not saying. She seams normal hear. I like this bevily better.”
“Everything is as its should be!” Dr. Crusher told him. “I could have told you that. “Q told her. “I’m sure you could. ” She said.
“I decided to be a fly in the wall in the captains ready room. Not literly. Jack had the stargazer model. He did not have a fish. He had a pet hamster named phlox. He was not into arkeology. ”
“In the room was Rycer and bevily and troy. In this universe she wore a star fleet uniform and has not yet atepted the bun. Rycer is a dull as ever. Janeway would have been a better pick for number one. ”
“His reedings are fine! I see no cause for concern! “Dr. Crusher said. “”There is no reason he should have known that “Rycer said. “Some people have premonition.”Deana said. “He did save the ship.”Jack said.”I am not ungrateful. It is just odd. ” Rycer said.
“I could not believe how cautious will I mean Bill. There is no reason to be. I did save that ship witch I called got to the carpet for. We reer officers have to do something.”
“Well perhaps I will sit down and talk to him!”Jack said. “Great a pep talk with the captain,this ought to be fun! ” q thought. The meeting was dismissed.
“One thing q find so parculler about humans is the need to end endless meetings. If the universe were going to explode in five minutes,humans would hold a three minute meeting to discus what to do. ”
“We q know what to do. We don’t need to discus it. Q know how to deal with complex situations. Even when humans are certain of what they are going to do,they still hold a meeting just to be sure. Q are never ceased to be amazed by human behavior. ”
“Most of the crew is the same. I never spent much time with chief engineer argyile in the other universe. He played a fairly minor role in the other enterprise d. Hear he will be a much bigger player. He always seemed like a Scotty wannabe. ”
“In the other universe star fleet came up with this great idea. At least they thought so. The idea was that the galaxy class starship would have several chief engineers. Eventualy they decided to go with one . hear Jack put his foot down and they went with one. Admiral hildalgo refused to let Wesley be chief engineer. ”
“The players are known to me. Lt. Tasha yar is her charming self. I am tempted to warn her about gigtic talking oil slicks but I guess won’t. I always got the inpreson that she did not like me. Mayby it was because I put her in the penalty box that one time.”
“Data is hear. Data is much the same. The robot who wants to be human. Gordi is stil a helm officer.it is not clear if he will peruse the same carer path as he did in the reality known so well. ”
“I still have not figured what worf  does. I never understood why he was not made security officer to begin with. No offense to tasha. ”
“The asana has become are a regional power in the last few years. They have gobbled up everything in there path. They have been checked by the federation,tholiens,Breen,Klingon and romulons. It seems they are not content with existing borders.  It seams they are experimenting with New technology. “Jack said.
“I believe The recent attack was a test of this New weapon. The goal was to destroy us but the primary was to see if it could work.”data said.
“All wormholes have been known to be random. Ofte.n caused by engine malfunction or other damage to a ship. It seams that stable worm holes may be possible.”article said.
“How do we defend against  this. If they can generate it at will, anywhere could be vanerable  even teller,and or,Vulcan or earth! “Dr. Crusher said.
“Any attack on major worlds would most likely fail but they could attack dissent colonies or they could attack a major world for the demoarizng valley. A tactic similar to the do little raid on earth during there second world war. “Data said.  “This could represent a shift in war fare. “Worf said. “They could engage in a gurillia war fare. Soften us up then invade religions  near them !”yar said. “Make life so uncomfortable we give in to avoid further attacks!”gordi said.
“We have no idea if the asana will lunch more strikes on the enterprise. For now I want  to procede with our mission.”Jack said. From there they discused things that did not really interest q.
” on the enterprise,they seam to go from one crises to another. I would like to observe a quiet day day on the enterprise. Perhaps there is no such thing as a normal day on the enterprise. ”
“We have a perimeter alert!”word reported. ” the asana ?”Jack inquired. “Negative! It is not a ship. It appears to be some kind of energy life form. It is on the equivalent of high warp. “Yar reported.
“I Spence it is an very angry with us. It precedes us as a potential threat.”Deanna remarked.
“Keep shields and deflector off line. “Jack said. “Aye sir!”yar said.
“Aperently my breef  but annoying time as a mortal aroused the ire of the callamerane. It has come to pay a visit.”
“All stop!”Jack ordered. “Helm answering all stop!”gordi said. “This is personal. The creature is mad at us for a specific reason .”Deana said. “We have never encountered thus creature before. “Bill said.
“We are getting some kind of messege. The u.t is attempting to translate it but it is going to be very rough!”yar reported.
“Lets hear it!”Jack ordered. Yar activated the audio. “Big object ! You .. Enemy! Help enemy!  You me enemy!”the creature said. The enterprise was hit. The ship was jostled about. The ship tried to regain it’s cohesion.
“This was going to be fun. I could use my abities. I did not want to tip off the calamerane or the enterprise crew. I will wait and see how this all plays out !”
End of part four
This Is a bit snarky. Keep in Mind that this is from A’s perspective. This is how q sees the universe.
The comments about multiple chief engineers comes from picards comment to kasinky in “where no one has gone before” in season one we saw four different chief engineers. Lt. Commander Sarah mcdougal(naked now),lt. Commander article,(where no one has  gone before,datalore,)lt. Login,(arsinsonal of freedom)and lt.commander Leland t lynch (skin of evil”
The comment about Janeway comes from “the lost era,the buried age” witch Said that Picard considered Janeway for exo but she was unavailable.

episode five

Isn’t it romantic part two

“Personal log,it has been said that the life of a starship captain is a lonley one. Manny starship commanders opt not to get maried. There are some who seam to be maried to there ship.”
“There was a time,not that long ago that families were not permitted on a star fleet ship. That complicated things. Now that families are alowed and in the galaxy program are encouraged,it creates new posibillities.”
” even for spauses that are also in the service,it can be a sacrifice. That can be lost on hard headed men like me. It had not always been easy on bev.sometimes i feel like i got the better part of thd bargain. I don’t know how she would react to that question. I would never ask her that.”
“I cannot not comerate a weding anaversery. I don’t want to.i really hope this one will be without incident but as a starship captain even at a port of call,that might not be viable. Time will tell i supose. ” Captain jack crusher said in his log.
Dr. Crusher completed her shift in sickbay. She made arangements with her staff. Then she left sickbay.
She droped off the kids at miss Gladstones. She headed back to her quarters. She got changed from the star fleet blue medical uniform to civilian clothing.
The door opened it was jack. He hugged and kissed her. “Are we stil on?”she asked. “Of course we are. Nothing is keeping us from this!” He assured her.
“No problems from the romulons. No assana build up. No jirendra or any other agresive species!”bevily said. “None that i am aware off. ” Jack said. “Alright. I would love foe us to have just one day to ourselves . Just you and i. A day of just enjoying each orthers compony. A day without an incident from some agresive species bent on universal domination.” She said.
“I will do my best!” He told her.”ok ! that will have to be suficient. “Bev said. ” I think bill understood that i was not to be desturbed except in a dire emergentcy.”jack said.
“How did you define dire emergemtcy?” Bevily asked.”the enterprise exploding!”jack said.”you made that clear to the commander?”she asked. “I did!”he answered. “Ok i trust you. I think!”she said.”it will be fine. We will have a nice romantic getaway. I book a room at one of the best hotels on the planet!”he said. “We are going to run into the klaysrtone.ambassador are we not?” She said.”no well we might but no  business or diplomacy i promise!”he said.  “Alright i will hold you to it!”she said laughing.
“I booked dinner at one of the best resturant on the planet. It is going to be really good. You will forget your loving husband is a starship captain!”jack said. “I hope so!”bev said.
They got there bags packed. Then they excited the qurters walking hand in hand. They headed to the transporter room.
The two entered. “Coordinates are set sir!”the chief said. The two steped on to the transporter pad. “Enerzize chief!” Jack ordered. The team beamed off of the enterprise and on to the planet.
“Doctor’s log. Personal entry,it has not always easy being the wife of a starship captain. There is the constent fear that something might happen. While star fleet mission are peaceful,things can occur. There are expectations on the part of orthers. As a captain’s wife and a medical doctor,it can get complicated. ”
They walked to thr front desk. “Reservations for crusher!” He said. “Uh yes mr. Crusher we have been expecting you. “The desk clerk said.
“Mr. Crusher!”bev said. “I kinda like that. Its nice to be titleess for a while !” He said. They laughed.
They checked into there rooms. Then they went to the resturent they were escorted to there table.
“I got something for you!”jack said. “Oh?”she said. He pulled out a box. She opened it. “Oh my its beutifull!”she said. “The murchent i got it from on tridex said it was a rare mineral on a distent planet. That part i don’t know. I like it it brings out your eyies. “He said. She smiled.
“I got something for you!”she said. She handed him a box. He opened it. “It is a warp coil! Its from the first federation starship enterprise. He saw something else. It was a picture of them on there first date. “Where did you find this?” He asked. “Nana held on to it. I left it on caldos the last time i was there. She held on it!” Bev said.
“If you had it to do over again ? Knowing what you know ,would you have stil said yes? “He asked.she took his hand. “Without hesitation!”she said.
“I know it has not been easy. In the early days we were seperated a lot. I was off patroling the nutral zone,you were at some intergalatic hospital. I have not always been the most romantic. Half the time i have no idea what i was doing. Sometimes i still don’t. “Jack said.
“Jack i would not trade these 17 years for anything. I meen that. I love you more every day. “Bev said.
“You don’t regret it?” Jack asked.”not at all!”she said.” I just wanted to make sure. I never ment to sacrifice my relationship with you for my carer!” Jack said. “I know that. “Bevily said. 
“This weekend,no work. I am john r crusher private citizen. No star fleet,no captain. If the t’zrncafe made an incursion into federation space its bill’s program!” He said. She laughed.
Outside the resturant
A man walked though the streets with a date. “You have never been hear before ? ” the female asked him. “No i have not. This is my first time in this sector !” He said. “You don’t leave your home space much?” She asked. “I did not. Now i intend to see the galaxy well this side of it of it anyways!”he said.
“I knew you were an adventuer! I could tell!” She said. “I use to be i gues. Now not so mutch. I just want to settle down somewhere. I don’t know where!”he said.
“Not hear ?”she asked. “It ia a beutifull planet. I would like to go further away. “He said.”i see! any reason why!” She asked. “It is very complicated. “He said.”oh i see!” She said.
The two headed into the resturant that jack and bevily were inside. They had reservations as well. They were led to a table near where they were.
What neither the man or his date knew was that they were being watched. This created the potential that jack’s promise of a qiet uneventful dinner for two might be in jepordy.
End of part two.

episode one

Encounters the conclusion

The planet rener was considered to be the center of the empire. It was a transit point for traval and trade though the empire. There was plenty of mining as well. The planets population included natives and romulons.
The romulon ships set up a blokade. The enterprise battle section arived. The ships assumed a defensive stance.
Battle bridge
“Alright what are we looking for?” Jack asked. “An energy creture! I have ajusted the scan acordingly. “Data said.
“Begin the scan,start with the civilian ships. I doubt he is on the serface yet or the planet would already be destroyed. “Jack said.
Data began to scan the computor for any sign of the life form. He checked every vessel. He found none on the civilian vessels. He altered the search grid for the military vessels. Perhaps one of the aliens snuck aboard.
Data was able to locate the creture. “Captain the creture is abored the flagship!” Data said. “It must have snuck aboared unoticed ! ” yar said. “Can you locate where the creture is?”jack said. “Yes i have!” Data said. “We warn them either they will go bizerk or the alien will!” Rycer said.
“Alright ! I may be comitting an act of war! I’m going over there! Yar with me. Bill it might get ugly! “Jack said. ” i am prepared for that sir!” Bill said.
” Let’s go!” Jack said. Crusher and yar excited the battle bridge. Rycer took the command chair. “It is going to get realy dicy!”rycer said.
Transporter room
  The chief activated the controls.jack,yar and a security team got on the pad. The team beemed off of the ship.
The team emerged on the ship. The transporter ride was a bit bumpy. The chief had to time it just right to get though the shields. They had made it.
A group of soldjers came to them. They had weapons. “What is the meaning of this!”the cenrurion said. “You have an intruder on bored!” Jack declared.”your the only intruder i see!”a soldjer said.
“We don’t have time for this!”yar declared. Yar ran with her phaser. The gaurds  chased her.
A creture falls off of the ceiling.the creture went for yar. The romulons fired on the creture. The creture seamed to not be afected by the phaser or disruptor fire.
Jack put the phaser on the kill setting. He fired. It caused the creture to stop.
“John j crusher! Called jack!”the jirendra said. “Who are you?” Jack said. “We once were and will be again ! ” the jirendra said.
“The jurendra! To the asana your gods! To the romulons your a manace! ” he said.
The energy creture continued on. Jack tried to climb on to the ceiling. He fired on the alien.”you cannot harm me mortal! “He said. “That has never detered me before !”jack declared. 
He ran to the creture. The creture ran to open space. The ships opened fire on the ceeture. The creture fired on a dederudex class vesel and the ship was vaporized in an instent.
The creture headed for the planet. The ships tried to blokade the planet and tried to keep the alien from getting to the planet. 
The creture hit one of the warbirds. The warbird exploded.the creture tried to get to the planet. The ships tried to set up another blokade.
  At the central military facility of the planet,a tech presed a few buttons. A weapons platform fired a masive mistle on to the creture. The creture was partialy wounded. It was a flesh wound.
The creture kept on going. The weapons platform fired multiple mistles on the creture. This one did some damage. The creture was beamed off of the planet.
The creture emurged in a transporter beam. There was a force field around the beam.
“This will not keep me enslaved foever! “The jirendra said.”one thing at a time! “Jack said. ” we have no qarel with your silly federation! You don’t even like the romulons!” He declared.
“We believe that every race has the right to excist!” Jack said. “We do as well so long as they do not interfere with our agenda! “The jurendra said.
” the romulons must be destroyed. They will be! If not today! They will be down the road!” The jirendra declared.
“We have a saying on earth,’the devils greatest lie was convincing the world that he did not excist. ‘ I know you excist now! We know!” He said.”it won’t be enough!” He said.
“Enerzize!” Jack ordered. The creture was beamed to a chryonic unit in the cargo bay.
“Captain’s log, the threat from the jurendra for now is over. The enterprise has set a course for the federation border. The asana has continued to build up his border presence but has toned down the rhetoric . Admiral keriek has returned to the asana homeworld. ”
“While the chrises is over,we have reason to believe that there will be more trouble with the asana to come. ”
The saucer section and battle section recoupled. The ship was once again in one peace. The ship was whole.
Jack entered the bridge with the senior officers. “I yield command back to you!” Worf said.”i acept.”jack said. Jack took the command chair.
  Unknown location
“This jack crusher is quite intreging!” A female looking person said. “He is no jean luc but he might do!” Q said.
“All decks standing by!” Yar said now dresed in a uniform skant. “Mr. Laforge set course for the legolas system !”jack ordered. The helm set the course. “Course plotted !” Gordi said. “Lets see what’s out there!” Jack said.
The end.


episode one

Encounters part 3

Uss enterprise docked at space dock earth.
Earth year 2366
Location bridge
“We have incoming ships! It is the captain’s yaught. They are requesting permission to dock!”lt. Yar said. “Clear them to come abored!”chief engineer argyile temporily in command said. ” Sending now sir!” Yar said.
Captain’s yaught cousteu
  “We are clear to enter!”Wesley crusher a teen at the pilots chair said.  “Take us in ‘ensign’!”his farther jack said. “So do we get to go on the bridge ?”leslie, there daughter said. ” I will have to talk to the captain but i am sure we can work something out. ” captain crusher said. They all laughed. ” can i take the helm?”wesly asked. “Lets not get ahead of ourselves !”jack said. They laughed except for the two.little kids who did not get the joke and the baby. The cousteu entered the private bay designed specificaly for the entetprise as a scout ship. The vessel docked inside. The door closed and then the bay was depreserized.
Then the door opened and the captain and his family excited the craft. The crew snaped at attention.
“To captain john r crusher from star fleet command. You are requested and required to assume command of the u.s.s enterprise afective this date. Signed admiral norah setie. ” jack said.
“Welcome abored sir!”lt.commander data said.”you must be the android ! You came highly.recomended!”jack said. “Thank you sir. You have quite a record yourself sir!”data said.
“You must be counselor troyi”he asked.”i am sir. It is good to meat you!”she said. ” and you. You must be lt.worf!”he said. “I am sir!”worf said.” The only Klingon in star fleet ! Quite a feat!”he said . “Someone had to be the first !”worf said.”indeed!”worf said.
“All decks standing by !”yar reported. “Clear all morings!”crusher said. Lt. Torres presed the ejection buttons.”morings are off!” Toress said.”take us out con!”jack ordered. The enterprise d left the docking area. The vessel neared the space doors.
“Oppen space doors!”jack ordered. The door retracted. “Take us out!”jack ordered. The galaxy class starship excited the space dock. “We have cleared space dock!”worf reported. “Set course for farpoint station! Maximum warp! ” jack reported.torres set course and then presed the engage button. The enterprise went to warp.
What no one on the enterprise knew what was that they were being wached. Who was watching them was unknown or why. “Your not going to contact them?”one asked. “I am curious but not enough to make contact. At least not yet!” The first observer said.
Asana homeworld
Capital complex
“The fleet commanded by keriek has returned!”admiral biznovle said. ” That is not possible ! The fleet dissapered two years ago! “Grand chancellor zhienev said. “We have confirmed that it is the fleet! They are headed hear!”biznovle said. “Hear? “The chancellor asked. “Confirmed excellentcy. “Admiral geari said. This concerned the leader of the asana. It concerned him a lot. He did not not know why but he did.
Later on.
The fleet entered orbit of the asana homeworld. Keriek requested a meating of the commite of chancellors at once. The chancellors reluctantly agried to meeat with keriek. Keriek beemed down to the council chamber.
The asana legislature was tri cameral. It had a chamber of chancellors,chamber of lords and a chamber of commons. The chancellors wielded the most power. At one point the chancellor was part of the lower house but the chancellor and the ministers were given a third house designation. The military now yielded a lot of power. The religious leaders once held sway but fell into disfavor and had little role in the government. Then there was the burocracy.
“The chancellory recognizes fleet admiral ezrea keriek!”the grand  chancellor said.
“Mr. Chancellor ,members of the chancellory. You are probably wondering where we have been for the last two years. We were taken into the realm of the jerendra!”he said.
The whole room was a gasp. Thry chould not believe what they just heard.
“The jerendra have chosen me to be there representive. There contact. “Keriek said. The whole chamber broke into uproar. “Do you really expect me to believe that you encounter the jerandra and they made you there vicker. “The chancellor said.
“You don’t believe me !”keriek said. ” Of course not! You are a lunitic ! We don’t cater to lunitics!”the chancellor said. 
Keriek took out a wond like device. The gaurds tried to protect the chancellor. The chancellor was hit. The chancellor was vaporized.
“I am now the leader of the asana! Unless you want to suffer a similar fate! You will do what i say ! “Keriek said.
“What do you want?” The admiral asked. “First! I declare myself to be absolute leader of the asana and high clerek. I am disolving the tri-cameral legislature. We will invade the federation as we planed!” Keriek said.
End of part 3.