episode 8

Mystery ship part five

Alternative universe
U.s.s arganaught
“We have an incoming ship. It is the lightning ship. It appears to ‘ve a super warship. It is bigger then anything that we have encountered before. ” tactical officer Ramos reported.
“Stand by all weapons. Hear We go again!” the engineering officer argyile ordered. The weapons were activated and the shields were up.
“Sir I am detecting a high amount of energy coming from the dread naught.”rooms reported.
“Veer off veer off!”he ordered.before the ship could get away. The ships exploded. The vest explosive wake spread to the thought.
The explosion tore the space time continuum.the remains were propelled into another dimension. The one where Jack crasher commands the enterprise.
“Are you sure that it is Mr. Argyile that they are afraid of?”bill asked.”yes I see his image in my mind. It is in there mind. They want me to see it. They see him as a threat. “Deana told him.
“It would make sense if he was the commander of the argonaught. “Daa commented. “How do they know he is hear?”the doctor asked.”they may have a stronger telepathic abilities then Vulcan or even bettazoid. Perhaps they can sense certain people. There is much about telepathy we do not understand!”data remarked.
“Will they try to kill him ?”goes I asked. “It is a distinct possibility!”data said “we should take extra precaution !”Jack said .
“I will make the arrangements. “Yar said.
“Can you communicate with the crew of that ship?”Jack asked. ” not directly. It seams that communication is one way. I am trying. Perhaps there is a way that I can get though to them. “She told them.
“I assume that they will attack once we are in weapons s range. “Bill said.”a responsible hypothosis commander!”data said. “I want to be ready!”Jack ordered.
Ready room.
“So the aliens have a special dislike for me?”the engineering officer asked. “It Seams so chief! It may be as simple as they see you as a leader. They hold a grudge!”Jack said.
“I still can’t see myself as a starship commander. That is not me. I have never wanted to be anything but a chief engineer. “The chief said.
“I figured that. Mayby you wanted to command your baby. This is your ship.from drawing bored to shake down. ” Jack said. Argyile laughed. “I gues I could see that. I get a little protective I guess. “The chief said.
Jack laughed. “That Is understanible chief!” the captain told his department head.
” the vessel is nearing weapons range!”worf reported. “Hail the vessels again.”Jack ordered.”aye sir!”yar responded.
The eastern European descent who was born on a failed human colony sent the message. The message was a modified version of standard greeting. She doubted that the attempt would work. They had to try.
“No response! “Yar said. “They are sending me images of the chief. I thunk that they are trying to conveigh that they will not talk to us while the chief is in a posistionof prominence! “Deana said.
“Or as long as I live ?”argyile said.”I am prety sure that’s that’s true. I did not want to word it quite that way. Yes I think so sorry chief!”Deana said. “This guy really holds a grudge!”the chief said.”seams so!”Bill said.
“We are now in weapons range! They are charging weapons!”yar reported. “Shields up! Brace for impact!”Bill said. The warship opened fire on the enterprise. The Ray struck the vessel. The enterprise was nudged back wards a slight direction. The ship stoped.
“Shields holding!” the Klingon at an aft station reported. “Return fire!”Jack ordered. The female officer at tactical presed the fire button. A series of photon torpedoes were unleashed. The projectiles hit the warship. Various section of the ship was hit.
“There anger is directed at the chief. Everything that we do is blamed on the chief. There is quite a lot of hostility. It is all aimed at Mr. Argyile. “She said.
The two sides exchanged weapons. While data studied the ship. Data tried to find an advantage over the vessel.
Argyile studied the ship from his station. He saw something. He did some checking. He then went to data to check his idea.
There conversation went on as the battle did as well. Both sides continued to occur. “Captain we have an idea!”data said. “Lets hear it!” Jack said.
The captain liked the idea. It was risky but the captain knew that the battle had to be won. The enterprise and warship traded schots . while argyile and data put the finishing touches on the plan.
The enterprise emitted a pulse using the main deflector dish. The pulse looked like a large funnel. The pulse hit the warship.
The pulse hit the warship. The enterprise fired with phaser and photon torpedoes. The weapons hit the ship.
The alien ship was wounded. There shields were down . key syistoms had been crippled.
“Hail the ship. Mayby now they are wiling to talk!” Jack said. “Opening hailing frequency!”yar reported. She sent the message. “No response!”yar said.
“Captain I am detecting a massive energy reading.it is coming from the ship!”worf announced.
“Move us away!”Jack ordered. The enterprise tried to get away from the ship. The large vessel had rigged self destruct. The vessel exploded.
The explosion headed right for the enterprise. The wake struck the galaxy class vessel. The vessel was pushed back.
Gordi and obrian worked the helm. The vessel was swept into some kind of vortex. Gordi took the ship to a full stop. “We are not at full stop!”chief obrian said.
“Sir we are no longer in our universe!we have crosed over into a parallel universe!”data reported.
On the screen was deviation. The evidence of the detonation . Silver clouds replaced the blackness of space that is usually seen. There was nothing but devisation for light years.
“The last words of the alien commander was vegience forever. “Deana said .”all this rage against me! I know I am not everyone cup of tea but what is this about?” argyile said.
“We have quite a mystery on our hands. One we need to solve quickly. “Jack said.
End of part five

episode 8

“Mystery ship”

Previously on star trek the Jack crusher chronicles.
The q a mysterious race is confused as to why there is no time line where Jack crusher did not die on an away mission. The q created one.
In this reality,it was Jean luc Picard not Jack crusher was killed.crusher rose to the rank of captain. It was crusher who rose to command the u.s.s. enterprise.
The asana invades a seemingly unimportant planet in federation space. The federation pushed the asana out. They discovered a mysterious device on the planet.
And now tonight episode.
U.s.s enterprise
Lt.commander argyile the chief engineering officer always got up at 0300. He showered ,eat breakfast and read the news feed from the core of engineers with a cup of coffee.
This was a morning ritual for the enginer .he then got ready.he made sure to arrive in the engine room before his senior day staf arrived.
He greeted the night staf. He got a report from the night watch duty officer. He went to his office. He wished that he did not share the office with the night supervisor.the overnight supervisor rearranged his desk. He never clean up after his Sun flower seeds.
He liked to hang out in his office before his shift oficialy begun.he tried to be all ready to go when day watch began.
Then the day operation staf began to arrive. Then the shift change accrued. He called the Sr staf to huddle near the engines. “Ok people! Our mission is mostly a scientific research mission. The area is remote and planets are pree warp. What is argyile rule of starship missions? “He asked.
Assistant chief enginer Singh rose up to answer. “A routine scientific research mission always end in a space battle!”Singh said .”yes it does ! I want to prepare for a battle .I know it’s coming!”the chief said.
Then they got to work. Things went smoothly. The chief ran a tight ship but he was jovial as well. He was well liked and respected. They knew what to expect. He expected much but if you delivered you receive high praise if you did.
The day watch had taken over on the bridge as well. Lt. Commander data got right to work.he was at the science station. He scanned the area. After pain staking work he believed that he had found something.
He made sure. He checked and rechecked. More detailed scan revealed something  he never expected to find. He had the computer read an several times.
“Captain I believe I have found something of interest. Also quite a mystery. ” data said.
Captain crusher ,and commander Rycer got up from the command horse shoe and went to the aft part of the command center. “I have located matilic mass on the surface of am uninhabited planet.the aloys are consistent with star fleet construction materials. ” data said.
“That’s not possible! I thought this area has never been explored by star fleet?”lt. Gordi laforge remarked. “To my knowledge it has not! “Data answered. “You can confirm that it is a federation starship ?”rycer asked. “Yes commander I can. It is a federation vessel!”the android commander informed the first officer.
“We have a mystery on our hands!”Deana troy said.”indeed we do counselor. I don’t sapose you can Spence an physical echo from the crew?”Jack asked. “No that is not how my abilities work.” Deana told him. “I see!”he said.
“Can you determine the cause of the crash?”rycer asked.”I am detecting evidence of plasma biased weapons! It isd similar to Romulan design but is different. I think that we can rule out the Romulan.”data said.
“I think we need to probe it further ?”Jack suggested. “I have no objections captain!”Bill said. “Mr .laforge take us to the planet!” Jack ordered.  Enterprise headed to the planet.
End of the prologue .
Chief engineer argyile only appeared in two episodes. “Where no one has gone before ” and”datalore” his air time was fairly limited. That is not a lot of information on him. He was played by buf Yeager.
Asistent chief enginer Singh appeared in “lonely amount us” in that episode he was killed. Sense this is a different reality he need not necessarily endure that same fate.

episode 3

The realm part five

“Enterprise log, lt. Commander data reporting. Captain crusher has been returned to us but is unconscious. All atempts to revive him have so far failed.”
“Commander rycer has been takon. We have little information who has taken the commander or why. The ship is on high alert!”
Confrence room
“We have atempted to locate an egress but have not been able to locate it!”chief engineer argyile said. “We have considered that it may be cloaked but have found no evidence of that. “Worf said.
“I have to assume there is some presence hear. “Yar said. “Where are we?”bev said. “Your not going to like this answer doctor but we have not been able to determine that! “Agyile said. “Your right chief i don’t!”bev said.
“How is the captain?”data asked. “He is stable but i can’t revive him. I have no idea why! “Bevily said. “We will remain on high alert for now! That will be all!”data said.
Data got up. The rest of the command crew did the same. Everyone was woried. They had no control over this situation . None at alll.
  Inside the realm,rycer got up. “Where am i? “Bill said. “Wiliam brandon rycer,son of kyile and Elizabeth rycer,your farther is a civilian advisor to star fleet on stratigic matters. He was seriously injured during an incident with the tholiens. ”
“Your morther died when you were young. Your farther tried his hardest to raise you. Most of your youth was spent with your aunt and uncle in alasca. “The vioce of arlec said.
“As mutch as i enjoy this walk down memory lane,i don’t see the point!” Rycer said.
“Rycer the universe is at s cross roads. In the past my people altered the course of the past. We kept the romulons from emurging as a universal power and arested there development for multiple generations. Our goal was to crush them beyond repair. We were stoped. An unknown group intervened and inprisoned us outside the space time continum. ”
“As a consiqaince of that interventions ,the romulins have rebuilt there civilizations and now are poised to become a galatic power once again. I cannot alow that to happen. “Arlec said.
“Why are you fixiated on the romulons? ” rycer said. “Your people have fought wars with them. Hot and cold wars. Why not join us? Help us defeat them. Usher in a new era.”arlec said.
“We don’t know who you are!”bill said. The figure steped from the shadows. “The jurendra! I should have known !”rycer said.
“We ask little . With the romulan threat diminished,the federations would be able to breath. The romulon star empire has been a constent thorn in the federation side. Imagine if that threat was removed. “Arlec said.
Rycer did not like the sound of that at all.
“Come now bill! Don’t be so outraged. These are your enemies!”arlec said. “For now. That could change. If if it does not,that hardly justifies what you want to do! “Rycer said.
“You do not understand wiliam b rycer.  “Arlec said. “No i don’t. Futhermore i don’t want to. “He said. Arkec laughed.
“Your people are so closed minded! I had hoped to overcome it. You are stuborn! I think it is far worse then i suspect. “Arlec said.
“I won’t help you. I know what your about ! The thing is i don’t trust you. When the romulon are out of the way you wil come after us eventually. If your wiling to wipe out one race there is no teling how far you will go. You are genicidal. I am sure of that. ”
” you don’t understand ! You are closed of commander.Regretible!” Arlec said.
Ancient past
T’kon empire
  At an outside cafae,two people who looked t’kon sat down. “Without the enterprise,the jurendra will expand to all corners of the alpha and beta qudrent. The enterprise taken out of tge eqasion changes everything ! We have the ability to intervene!”one said.
“If we do we risk exposing ourselves . If the jurendra learn there is an active recistence to there expansion,all eforts to stop them could fail. It is too soon!”the other said.
“There must be a way. We have to save the enterprise. The enterprise is the key. The enterprise is the only answer.”the orther said.
“There may be a way!” The first man said.
End of part five

episode two

The hijack part four

The furengi shock trops quickly borded the drive section. They atempted to take quick custody of the vessel.
“Most of the crew are unconscious ! We are detecting a few that are not'”kayron said. “Use the matter transformation device! Beam them into satus. I do not want a gurila war! ” letek said.
“Rule of aqisistion number 33,always route out insurgency before they occur. “Mordok said.
  “Grenzu to letok!” A furengi said by comunicator. “Go ahead!”letok said. “The door to engineering has been sealed. We seam to be locked out. I canit gain acess!” Grenzu said. “Go to the battle bridge. You can transfer the engineering functions to the aft station on the battle Bridge!” Letok said.
“Do you think we have insurgent abored?” Mordok asked.”its posible. The gass we used to knock out the crew is not a hundred percent! We knew the risk. This could be a problem. In the battle of sucora,the cardesiens had a perfect plan. Lure the asana to an ambush. It almost worked. One of there ships had unexpected engine trouble. The ship was intercepted by an asana scout. The asana discovered a secret staging area. The commander ordered reinforcements. The whole strategy fell apart before it could be implimented. Six mouth later the cardesiens sued for peace. Now the cardesian empire is a shell of its former self and the asana are a developing universal power. We must route this out!”letok said.
The three made it to a jefries tube. “They are beaming the crew to satus tubes.”obrian said.”they have failed to get into engineering but they may be able to transfer engineering functions to the station on the battle bridge!” Jim said.
“Where is the saucer section ?” Wesley asked. “My gues is they had this well planed out. They probably thretened to cut life suport from the ship unless he backed off! “Obrian said.
“We have to get a mesege to my dad. Try to coordinate some kind of counter ofensive! ” Wesley said. “Are you like 12! Are you suposed to be intetested in hover cars and girls?” Jim asked. “I’m 16. I have studied star fleet mission sense i was young. “Wesley said.
“Ok! I know the chief thinks highly of you wess. I think he would like to hire you. He suspects you may know the ship better then he does. Regulation sate in a crises when comunication is down,restoration of comunication is a high priority. ” Jim said.
“I can do it lt. I know a way to get a message to my sister!” Wess said. “Ok do it! Miles we need to find out how they got control of the ships function from there ship and cut it off. We will meat back hear in one hour. ” Jim said.
Uss enterprise
“I sense your son. He is woried but determined! ” deana said. “Sounds like him! If there was a way to not be sucombed by whatever they used,it would be him!”jack said. “You are very proud of him?” Rycer asked.” He is a chip off the old block. He is going to surpass me i think. Funy when he was a baby,i figued he would become a doctor. Both he and leslie want to be in star fleet. Matt changes every week and annie is a baby so we don’t know yet!” Jack said.
“Captain! I have a visual on the drive section !” Data said. Jack and rycer went over to the aft science station. The image shows furengi trops. “That’s a furengi! They are a lot shorter then i expected!  I can’t sense them. Some races are impervious to my emphethic abilities. The breen is one! Apearently so is the furengi!” Deana said.
“They seam to be in control of a good portion of the ship! ” yar said. “Do we know where they are?” Jack asked. “Not yet! We are working on it!” Worf said. “Ok! Do it!”jack said.
On the drive section wess worked to not be seen by the hostile forces. Wes always took life more seriously then someone his age would. He found a terminal. He tried to set up a link with a class room computer on the drive.
Saucer bridge
“Captain! Someone from the battle section is atempting to acess a school computer on our ship. “Worf said.
“Leslie! I think wess is trying to contact you though a school room computer ! ” jack said. “I am checking it out now dad'”she said.
“School room computer ?”gordi asked. ” It is an old trick. The school room is on a seperate network from the others. My kids took advantage of that. ” Jack said.
“Dad! Wess says that lt. Obrian and lt. Schimota are awake. Engineering is locked out for now. They are going to find the saurce of there control. ” Leslie said.
“Does Wesley say where they are?” Jack said. “Yes i am sending it to mr. Data!” She said. “Odd? When i was his age. I would not use a device to talk to my sister ! “Gordi said.
“Got it. Sending it to the helm!” Data said. “Got it!”gordi said.”intercept ! Less tell Wesley to sit tight and stand by. Have him keep contact as much as he can!” Jack said. “Sending now dad!” Lesslie said.
The enterprise saucer headed to the battle section. This was a gamble and every one knew it. They could not alow the battle section to fall into enemy hands. They could not allow the drive section to make it to ferenginar.
Jack went over to yar. “Tasha in an extreme case is it posible to rig a self distruct?” Jack asked. “It is! ” she said. “It will be a last resort.”jack said. Jack hoped that they would not have to do this. He was not sure.
End of part four

episode one

Encounters part 13

” captain’s log,the galaxy class star ship is the first class of vesel that can seperate into two parts. This was felt necessary because it is esentialy a city in space. ”
“Given its size in a battle,it may become necessary to seperate the two sections. It has in this case! ”
“We are about to test out a theory by mr. Data. Mr. Data is the only android in star fleet. He has proven an aset on many ocasions. It seams he will on this as well!”
“I must confess that he is probably the crewman i understand the least. Perhaps in time the enigma that is lt. Commander data will become more clear!” 
The clamp was closed. The ejection button was presed. The process bagan. The two sections began to seperate. It was a fairly slow and loborious process. The two sections went there seperate ways. 
” We are clear!” Miles obrian said. ” Head for romulan space miles!” Jack ordered. “Are you sure he will come after us?” Yar asked. “HE WILL Come after us! ?”jack said.
The ship went to warp. “They are coming back. Just the drive section !”the tactical officer reported. “This crusher is very bold. I like that. I will have to kill him but i do admire him. “Keriek said.
The enterprise was hit. “Ready mr. Data? ” Jack asked. “Ready sir! “Data responded. ” Do it!”jack ordered.
The ship emited a pulse at the direction of the last target. The ship apeared for a few secconds.the enterprise emited another pulse though the deflector dish. The ship was hit.
The ship was forced to reveal itself. The warship opened fire on the enterprise. The enterprise fired back on the warship.
“They have sustaned minor damage!”yar said. ” without there advantage,one ship can’t stop us!”bill said.
“I know and theu know. They will not hesistate to do whatever it takes including colision course to stop us from getting to the romulons”jack said.
The enterprise was hit. “Shields holding!” Yar said. ” Return fire!”Jack ordered. The battle section hit back hard. It fired multiple voleys of phasers and photon torpedoes.
The warship came about. The warship fired on the drive section. “Shields at 80 percent !”yar said. “You got to get me something to work with!” Jack said.
” I may be able to jam there shields just for a moment. Uss my previous ship we were under attack by the ghaharie! They did something similar to us! It took a while but i figured what they did. I believe i can recreate it!” Yar said.
“Make it happen tasha!” Jack said. Yar got to work right away. The enterprise fired on the warship. The two.ships exchanged fire. Neither ship was wiling to give up. This was a grudge match.
Yar had data look over her information . He agreed it was sound. “Ready captain!”yar anounced. “Do it!” Jack said.
The enterprise emited the signal. The shields buckled. The enterprise fired a masive volley at the warship. The enterprise fired phasers as well. The warship was damaged.
“There shields are down!” Yar reported. “Good work tasha. Miles get us to the nutral zone maximum warp! “Jack ordered.
The enterprise drive section went to warp. The ship headed for the border.
“The asana warship is not persuing!” Yar said. “We don’t have a lot of time. If i am right the jurendra will go from planet to planet,destroying every thing in there site until they get to romulous and remus!” Jack said.
Romulan border
Romulin warbird
“Commander a federation starship,part of a galaxy class vessel is heading our way!”dub commander thei said. ” hail that vessel!”commander tabok said.
“Commander romulin vessel. This is captain jack crusher of the federation stsrship enterprise. The energy creture that attacked tridex is a jerendra!”crusher said.
“Imposible. The jurendra are mythological. It is a story we tell our children to scare them!”sub commander thei said.
“Look at the facts! Look at the stories. It fits the facts perfecly. You once defeated them. They want revenge!”jack said.
“The jurendra! Dont be foolish!”thei said. “You lost tridek you will lose more!”jack said. “We already have. Deret has fallen!” Tabok said.
“Commander rener will be next then suneer. They will hit every planet from hear to romulous. I believe there goal is the elimination of your race!” Data said.
“Look we don’t agree on virtualy anything. We are competitors. Our conflict have always been within certain rules. We don’t wish your people ill. On this we agree! Let us help. I’m not asking for any agreement ,lets share information,work to stop this slaughter!”jack said.
“No commander! These are our enemies! ” thei said. “We have a bigger enemy. You have seen what they can do! You know how grave this is. This is do or die not just for your empire but your species!”jack said. “Very well! We will share information !” Tabok said.
End of part 13


episode one

Encounters part 9

Jack was not suprised to see them hear. He long suspected there was a conection between the asana and the attack on tridex. The timing seamed too close to be a coincidence. It seams he was right. He was not sure how he felt about being right.
Instead of answering questiones,it created brand new ones. The romulons and the asana had virtualy no contact . There interest did not drove tail into the others.
“I knew you were involved somehow! You realy trying to ster up trouble ! “Jack said. ” The asana’s star is rising! We are not the new order! The galaxsy is realigning! Asana prime will be the center. We will be like your ancient citty of rome. All roads will lead to us! “The leader of the asana said.
“Why pick a fight with the romulons. It makes so sense. Deal with us first and the Klingons. Then later on deal with the romulons. Your waking up a sleaping gient!” Jack said.
“You fail to understand the nature of the war in witch we fight captain'” the asana declared.
“Perhaps you could explain to me!”he said. One of the asana struck him. “Your making life difficult for us! We had hoped to pacify star fleet for a while. Keep you out of the fighting for now. Your snoping around hear thretends all of that! You have put us in a qandry. We can’t kill you but we can’t let you live?” He said.”may i sugest time traval?”jack said.
Jack was proud of his little quip. The interogators were not. Not at all. “You don’t seam to be taking this serious . You present a threat to our plans. I don’t like when things dont go as planed. It  makes me upset! ” the leader said.
“One is not always is control of his own destiny! “Jack said. ” No but it is best to aly with one who is!”the man said.
Suddenly there was disruptor fire. The asana tried to fight back. One of the gaurds was hit. Then another was hit. The leader presed a buton on a com unit. The man then vaporized the unit. The cave started to buckle. Jack felt the stucture start to cave in on him. Then he passed out.
Jack woke up. He felt a little disoriented. “Give it time!”the man said. His vision was blury but started to clear up. With a few seconds he could see clearly again. The man leaning over him was a romulon.
“Were you the one that rescued me?”jack asked. “Yes indeed i was. “He said. “What took you so long?”jack said . “I was wating to see how much information i could get from our friends . I figured they would never taken alive. I figured this was the only way. “He said.
“I see! “Jack said. “I am colnel lovok telshiar!” He said. “Captain jack crusher starship enterprise!”jack said. ” Enterprise again ! What is your obseson with that name?”he said. “Every ship named enterprise has had a storied history !”jack said. “Of course! Humans! Your so sentimental ! “The colnel said.
“I am very sory about tridex!”he said. “Look jack! We have been careful to control the flow of information about tridex. The planet was designed from the core out! “Lovok said.
“Was it some kind of explosive?”jack asked. “That was our first suspicion but upon futher investigation we have determined that it was a creture.”lovok said.
“I see! The asana made a reference to an aly who is in control of destiny. I dismished it at the time. Now i think it may be an important clue! “Jack said.
“I don’t think the asana has an argument with my people. I suspect there patrone does. The romulon and federation rarely agree on anything . It seams in this our interest intersect. On this we agree. “He said.
He took out a disk. He gave it to him. “You did not get this from me. The oficial stance of the empire is that the federation is a conpetitor of the empire. My little gift is how do you say it’off the books'”lovok said
“Understood. I apreciate this!”jack said. “Jorlan tru captain crusher!” He said.
Jack used his tricorder to find the shartle. While nearing an agress,he heard something . It was the planets version of a bat.the creture reached down and struck jack. It put a talon in his back. He writhed in pain.
End of part 9.