episode 8

“Mystery ship ” part two

“Captains log,while conducting a routine probe of an uncharted reigon,we have discovered the last thing we ever expected to. We have located what appears to be degree from a federation starship. No starships to my knowledge has ever been hear or near this area”Jack said.
“We are now in orbit!”lt. Gordi laforge announced. “Asuume standered orbit Mr.laforge !”Jack ordered.
The blind pilot who saw though a device called a visor took the ship into orbit. “Now in standard orbit captain!”He reported.
” captain! The planet is clas m,oxygen and nitrogen. “Data reported.
“Bill assemble an away team!”Jack instructed his seccond in command “aye sir! “Rycer said.the first officer got up from the chair in the command horse shoe. “Data,yar.Deana,gordi,worf with me.” the executive officer said. The officers mentioned got up . they followed the first officer. They headed to the turbo lift.
The commander taped on his communicator. “Rycer to engineering!”he said. “Go-ahead! “The chief said. “Chief prepare an engineering team. Have them meat me in transporter room two. “He said .”you got it commander!”the engineer said.
The first officer and the away team entered the turbo lift. They excited the bridge. The door closed.
The chief engineer called the Iner circle to the center of the room. “Ok Ravi you have command of the engineering section while I am gone! ” the chief said.
His number two was a bit surprised.”your going to the planet?” the Indian man said.”let’s see,debree from a federation ship in a remote area . an area never explored by the federation not even a probe. This could be a huge mystery. Yes I am definitely going to the surface. ” the chief said.
After that the asustent chief backed down. He Had learned the ques from The head of the engineering department. He knew when the chief had made up his mind. He knew when to back down. There was no way the chief was sitting on the side lines. Not this time.
“Alright! Schimota,Hudson. Bradford Donaldson and Townsend with me. “Argyile said. They followed the chief.
Transporter room.
The chief and his team entered.the first officer had a wide smirk on his face. The chief had learned that when the commander had a wide smile that a joke at your exspence was coming. It was always in good fun. Even if you did bot want to,you would laugh right along with it.
“Your stil hear! “Bill said. Argyile was a bit confused. “Excuse me?”the engineering officer asked. “I was under the impression that you could not excist outside engineering. I thought that you would disappear the moment you set foot outside . “the first officer said.
“Funy Bill!”he said in response. “Sir my records sate he is a human. His ability to excise outside engineering is not in qyestione. I have seen him multiple times in orther parts of the ship and off the ship. “Data said.
Deana starting laughing. Bill thought to himself about how he loved her laugh. Deana looked at him.he was a bit emberised. Sometimes he forget that she could read his thought. Even now it took him by surprise.
“Well this mystery is not going to solve itself. Lets do this!”the commander said. They went up to the transporter pad. “Read when you are sir!” transporter chief Ryder said. “Enerzize chief!” Bill said.
The chief activated the controls. The team were beamed off of the ship. They materialized on the surface.
“Ok fan out!”the baby faced commander said. The team moved around. There was debre everywhere.
The debre was the standard coller of a federation vessel. One of the peases had the delta style insignia with a circle.
“No doubt it’s star fleet !”data commented. “Or made to look star fleet!”gordi suggested. “Why would ant one fabricate debre?”The android said “it seams unlikely whoever nothing should be ruled in it or out at this point!”security chief yar remarked. “She is right everything is on the table until it can resonibly be dulled out. Data if you qoate Holmes so help me I will scoot you!”Bill said.
“Commander there is no need to resort to violence . if you wish me to refrane from making such a quotation all you need to do is ask!” data said. No one did not laugh at that.
“It is defineny some kind of plasma based weapon that brought this ship done!”worf said.
“I am detecting multiple plasma impacts.”yar reported. “I am detecting what could be evidence of an explosion from some kind of spacial charge. “Engineering officer Hudson said.
“The charges appear to predate the other impact!”the Klingon reported “so the ship was hit by a major impact from a charge. Then the ship was hit by plasma cannons or something similar. “Enginer Jim  schimota said. “A responsible hypothesis!”data said.
The team did visual anylises as well as recorder scans. Lt. Bradford saw call letters.
“Commander! I have something!”the female engineering officer said. The commander came over.
“Call letters, nx 4000.”she said. “Commander I am well versed In star fleet starships and there is no nx 4000 ever launched !”data said.
“I am well versed with federation starship history myself. An n x  notation denotes experimental starship. I think I would have heard of it. I know Mr. Data would have!”Bill said.
” you said nx 4000?”Argyile asked “yes sir!”Bradford said.”what is it chief,”Bill asked.”not sure yet commander. “He said.
The team looked at other wreckage. One of the team found another clue. “I have something.u.ss Argonauts. “Hudson said.
Aygyile was stunned.”no it can’t be?this is not possible! “The chief. Said. “What it is chief?” the first officer asked.
“The Argonauts was An idea I had. It never got off the drawing bored or the drawing pad in my case!”Argyile said. “What are you saying chiefs?”Bill asked. “I had an idea for a New design. I was bored so I designed the argonaught. I know how strange thus sounds.to my knowledge this ship never excited!” he said.
End of part two.
I have decided to have Rycer go by Bill in this reality. No real reason.just because it is different . Deana called him Bill in “naked now”and “haven” in some of the early poket book novels such as “ghost ship” .
Lt. Bradford is the female enginer In “home soul” to my knowledge she was never given a anime.Bradford is a name I came up with.
Jim schimota was assistant chief enginer in first hour long episode of tng “the naked now” he was played by Benjamin js Lund.
Hudson was an uncredited character seen in the background during the first two seasons. In the 1988 calender He was refered to as engineering officer Hudson. He was played by Dexter clay.
Townsend is a name I came up with. He is an engineer seen in “the child” he was played by dore Keller.
Ryder is the transporter chief seen in naked now,code of hournor,and haven. He was never given a name.he was played by Michael Ryder.

episode 8

“Mystery ship”

Previously on star trek the Jack crusher chronicles.
The q a mysterious race is confused as to why there is no time line where Jack crusher did not die on an away mission. The q created one.
In this reality,it was Jean luc Picard not Jack crusher was killed.crusher rose to the rank of captain. It was crusher who rose to command the u.s.s. enterprise.
The asana invades a seemingly unimportant planet in federation space. The federation pushed the asana out. They discovered a mysterious device on the planet.
And now tonight episode.
U.s.s enterprise
Lt.commander argyile the chief engineering officer always got up at 0300. He showered ,eat breakfast and read the news feed from the core of engineers with a cup of coffee.
This was a morning ritual for the enginer .he then got ready.he made sure to arrive in the engine room before his senior day staf arrived.
He greeted the night staf. He got a report from the night watch duty officer. He went to his office. He wished that he did not share the office with the night supervisor.the overnight supervisor rearranged his desk. He never clean up after his Sun flower seeds.
He liked to hang out in his office before his shift oficialy begun.he tried to be all ready to go when day watch began.
Then the day operation staf began to arrive. Then the shift change accrued. He called the Sr staf to huddle near the engines. “Ok people! Our mission is mostly a scientific research mission. The area is remote and planets are pree warp. What is argyile rule of starship missions? “He asked.
Assistant chief enginer Singh rose up to answer. “A routine scientific research mission always end in a space battle!”Singh said .”yes it does ! I want to prepare for a battle .I know it’s coming!”the chief said.
Then they got to work. Things went smoothly. The chief ran a tight ship but he was jovial as well. He was well liked and respected. They knew what to expect. He expected much but if you delivered you receive high praise if you did.
The day watch had taken over on the bridge as well. Lt. Commander data got right to work.he was at the science station. He scanned the area. After pain staking work he believed that he had found something.
He made sure. He checked and rechecked. More detailed scan revealed something  he never expected to find. He had the computer read an several times.
“Captain I believe I have found something of interest. Also quite a mystery. ” data said.
Captain crusher ,and commander Rycer got up from the command horse shoe and went to the aft part of the command center. “I have located matilic mass on the surface of am uninhabited planet.the aloys are consistent with star fleet construction materials. ” data said.
“That’s not possible! I thought this area has never been explored by star fleet?”lt. Gordi laforge remarked. “To my knowledge it has not! “Data answered. “You can confirm that it is a federation starship ?”rycer asked. “Yes commander I can. It is a federation vessel!”the android commander informed the first officer.
“We have a mystery on our hands!”Deana troy said.”indeed we do counselor. I don’t sapose you can Spence an physical echo from the crew?”Jack asked. “No that is not how my abilities work.” Deana told him. “I see!”he said.
“Can you determine the cause of the crash?”rycer asked.”I am detecting evidence of plasma biased weapons! It isd similar to Romulan design but is different. I think that we can rule out the Romulan.”data said.
“I think we need to probe it further ?”Jack suggested. “I have no objections captain!”Bill said. “Mr .laforge take us to the planet!” Jack ordered.  Enterprise headed to the planet.
End of the prologue .
Chief engineer argyile only appeared in two episodes. “Where no one has gone before ” and”datalore” his air time was fairly limited. That is not a lot of information on him. He was played by buf Yeager.
Asistent chief enginer Singh appeared in “lonely amount us” in that episode he was killed. Sense this is a different reality he need not necessarily endure that same fate.

episode two

The hijack part three

“Captain’s log, someone has taken control of the battle section. Those who abored the drive section are uncomscicous or unable to help. I have no idea who is behind this! ”
“Worse then that,my son is abored that ship. I have no idea about his satus. ”
The battle section continued to evade the sacer. The section fired on the saucer. “Shields holding!”yar reported.
“Return fire but focus on a non critical system !”jack ordered. The tactical officer agried. The saucer section fired on the drive.
Thr turbo lift opened, dr. Crusher entered. “What’s going on?”dr. Crusher askes. “Bev, we baleve that something or someone has seized control of the drive section. It is fireing on us and atempting to get away!”jack said.
“Can we reteve it?”she asked.”we are trying to but bev wess is on the drive section !”he told her.”is he alright ?”she said. “I don’t know! We will do every thing it takes to get him and every one else back !”jack said.
“Captain we are we being hailed! Audio only!”yar said. “On audio then!” Jack said. Lt. Yar activated the com relay. “Back off your persuit captain crusher! “The vioce of tar said.
“How do you know my name ?”jack said. “I know many things! Now back off!”he said. “Do you really expect me to just sacrifice my ship and crew?” Jack said. “Leave them be or i will cut off the life suport!”tar said. Bevily gasped as she heard his words.
“Who are you? Why have you done this?”jack asked. “Who i am is irelivent. All that matters is that i have them and i am not giving them up! “Tar said.
“We are in control of your ship captain. If you do not do as we instruct your crew on the reer section will die! That i promise you!” First officer letok said.
“Mr. Laforge! Veer off alter course . Take us in the oposite direction then hold position !”jack ordered.
Gordi said “aye sir” in a resigned tone. “Done sir!”he said also in a somber reply.
“Jack! You can’t!” Bev said. “I have no chioce bev! I am not abandoning them or him. I have no choioce for now! I Am not giving up!” Jack said.
“They have complied daimon!” Mordock proclaimed. “A wise choice jack!” Tar said.
“What do you intend to do with them?” Jack asked. “I have not decided. I want your ship! I would perfer it intact but the drive section will do! “Tar said. “Why?” He asked. “You humans do ask a lot of questiones!” Tar said.
“You have commited an act if war! “Jack said. “It would not be the first time or the last! I have enjoyed this little chat. It ends now!” He said.
“The drive section has gone to warp!”worf said. “I have lost it'” yar said. “Mr. Data can you inside the flight recorder?” Jack said. “I believe i can. Permission to acesss one of the station stations? “He said. “Go for it!” Jack said.
Data left the ops station and went to the science station. Ensign bennet took over ops.
“May i leave the bridge . I would like to check on my other kids!”bev said. “Of course!”jack said.
He took her hand. “Bevily! I will get them back! You have my word on that!” He said. “I know you will”she got up and left the bridge. The door closed.
Jack was beyond frustrated. He felt powerless. He felt like he failed as a captain,a star fleet officer, a husband and a farther. He was not sure how to fix this one. He would look for an opportunity to fix it.
Battle section
Asistent chief enginer jim schimoda woke up. “Where am i?”he asked. “Your in engineering !”Wesley said. “I was on duty. You came in. I don’t remember anything after that!” Jim said. “It was the same for me! I think we were knocked out! We were seperated from the saucer section ! We have gone to warp! We don’t seam to be in control of the ship!” Wesley said. “Then who is?”schimoda asked. “I have no idea!”Wes reaplied.
“Do we have any phasers?”wes asked. “There is an emergentcy phaser locker near the chief’s office. We should have them!”schimoda said. They went to the locker and retreved them.
“I asume you know how to use one?”the assistant chief enginer asked. “My farther taught me how to use one and to respect it!”Wesley said. “Good! Unfortunately you may be called upon to use it!”he said. “I will do what needs to be done! ” we told the older man.
“Someone is trying to get inside!”Wesley said. “Phasers stand by!”schimota said. The door began to open. The two sprang in action as the man entrred. The man signaled not to schoot.
“Mr. Obrian!”wesley said. “Glad to see someone is awake. Most of the crew are unconscious!”obrian said. “Someone is hijacking the ship!”schimota said. “Unfortunately they are doing a good job of it. “Obrian said.
Dr. Crusher did not stop until she found her oldest daughter leslie. She huged her. “Mom! What’s wrong?”she asked. “Wes was on the drive section !”she said. “Oh my! “Leslie said.
Battle section
The ship rocked. “We have visitors!” Wess said. The furengi murader placed the vessel in a tractor beam.
“They have engaged a tractor beam!” Wess said. “This will be one of the first places they come. We should get moving! ” scimota said. They agreed. They left engineering.
A hatch opened,a team of schock trops entered. There were furengi and nusicans. “I want to sicure the battle bridge,engineering,and auxiliary control. “Letok said.
Enterprise saucer maine bridge
” captain. I have identified who we are deeling with! I believe it is the furengi!” Data said. “Who are they?”gordi asked. “I have heard rumors about them. Most of the information we have is contradictory. Most is just that,rumors! “Jack said.
“Sense they probably have little inteligence on us. This may be a short of reconisance misson. Steal part of our flagship. “Data said. “They want to study our technology. They probably see us as a competitor or potential one. “Rycer said.
“At least we know who we are up against. The hard part is getting the ship back!”jack said.
End of part 3