episode 6

“Brothers in arms” part three

Planet Cousteau
The asana was able to overcome the orbital setilites.the asana quickly took over the space line.they controlled the stars above the colony.
“The space above the planet is under our control Excellency!”the tactical officer Informed the captain.
“Very good. This was the easy part. It is going to get a lot harder after this!”keriek ordered.
“We don’t run away from a challenge Excellency. “Captain duranible said. “That I know full well captain. Have all ships send ground forces. It is time to take control of this world. “Keriek declared.
Planet Cousteau
“They have a lot of ships !”Louis said. “We cannot hope to stop this!”deputy chief of staf Lee Elson said. “No we do not. Our only hope is star fleet. Order our forces to fu back! We will try to hold out till star fleet arrives. No recistence but no active endorsement. “Robert Picard said.
The asana vessels beamed down ground forces. Forces also landed using trop transports. The crafts landed. The hatch opened and the marines quickly fled the ship. The marines had there phasers ready. They advanced into The citty.
On every street corner,there were The occupying force. The citizens were holed up in there Holmes.
The trips met almost no recidtence. The troops stormed in to the home of the governor.”the governor is gone. “One of the officers  Said to the unit  commander.
Against the wishes of his commanders,keriek Beemed down to the Planet. He went to the government building. “Welcome to the first asana protectorate that once belonged to the federation. ” major ferdkat said.
“Thank you. I wish to adres the population of this planet. ” keriek said. “Of course exclecently. “Ferdjat said. 
The leader went further into the complex. The leader was very happy of how it went. This was the opening salvo in an even bigger war. That he knew.
Robert did not like going into hiding. He felt he had no choice. They went into a cave complex. “I suspect that they are using some kind of dampening field. We have to try to have to get though there jamers.we have to lul the occupation force into a false Sense of security. “Robert said. “What if they never come?”an aid asked.”We will cross that bridge if it comes!”Robert said.
Government complex
Capital city of Mitterrand.
Office of the governor
“People of  the planet Cousteau. Forces of the asana empire have anaxed this planet. We have done so without fireing a shot. This anaxation was bloodless,I hope that the administration of this planet will be just as quiet. If you leave us alone I assure you that we will do the same.”
“I ask you to please go about your lives. Do your business. Live peaceably . things can be the same as before. ” keriek said.
Planet earth
Paris France
Office of the president
“Mr. President! We have confirmed that the planet Cousteau has been captured by the asana. “Admiral hildalgo said.
“How did they accomplish this?”chief of sath hall chulek of bolias asked. “We beleve they used the wormhole the enterprise encountered.”admiral Gregory quin said.
“Is star fleet on there way ?”president shilek of Vulcan asked.”yes they are madam president ! We are sending everything in the region and some a little further away. The enterprise is going to command the fleet!”hdalgo said.
“Why attack a strategically unimportant sector that they almost certainly cannot hold it for long?” intergalactic security advisor javlok qulin from planet tril.
“We beleve we can take the planet back fairly easy. With the wormhole technology,they could send In reinforcements. Eventually the sector will be reclaimed. Perhaps they figure they can ware us out. Mayby force us to spend resources hear and hit us some where else!”quin said.
The door entered. An aid entered.”madam president ,there is a recorded message. It is purportedly from keriek!”the aid said.
“Play it!”the federation president ordered.the tape was played. “Madam president and members of the federation government. This is president keriek supreme leader of the asana empire. We have anaxed the planet Cousteau. We intend to hold it.we ask you not to try to retake it. If you do, you will be met with over whelming force. Keriek out!” keriek said.
The screen faided. “They intend to hold it?” the chief of staf chulek said.”do you beleve them to be sincere?”the president asked.”without sufficient  information  I beleve we have to assume that that the answer is yes!”admiral hildalgo said.
“I would agree! We will proceede with the plan to retake the colony!”the president said. They all agreed.
U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log,the enterprise is continuing on course to the Gaul syistom where the Cousteau colony is. I find myself very uneasy upon hearing the news that the governor is the older brother of one of my closest friends!”
Ready room
The chime rang. “Come in !”Jack said. The door opened,the ships counselor entered. “Counselor ! “Jack said.
“You have become more and more tense since the enterprise headed for the Gaul syistom !” Deana said.
“Yes I have. “Jack admitted.
“Care to talk about it?”Deana asked.”not really! “Jack said. “I know your file, the governor of the colony is the brother of a close friend who died!”Deana said.
“He was one of my beat friends. Me and walker keel and him. I knew him before I met bevily. Walker introduced me to bev. Picard was The captain. Back then we did not have the rule that bared c.o from participating in Away missions not that Jean luc would have listened. “Jack said.
“You blame for yourself for his death?”Deana asked. “I know there was nothing I could do to save him but I don’t know it. This is bringing everything back. Things I had pushed aside for a long time. I am  really surprised he is leeding a colony. He was a whine grower in lavere France. He barely left the vilege let alone the soller syistom!”Jack said.
“Once again I May hold the power of life and death over a Picard. I hated it then,I don’t like it now! ” Jack said.
“I never met Jean luc Picard.I wonder if my farther knew him.He was a Starfleet officer as well. “Deana said. “He may have. Jean luc was wild in The academy. The minute he graduated from the academy he became instantly serious. He was stick but never cold. “Jack said.
“Bridge to captain crusher! “Data said.”go ahead! “Jack said. ” we have randavezed with most of the fleet. “Data said.”I will be right there.and so it begins!”Jack said.
End of part three


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