episode 6

Q in the life part three

“Being summoned to the continuum is not new to me. It is fairly common. It has been a while humanly speaking sence I was called to the continum’s woodshed as it were. Hear I am regardless. ”
“The continuum tries to paint itself as one big monolithic entity. In many respects we are. We all have different personalities. My personality often clashes with others in the continuum. On a few occasions all of them . that is how it is. I don’t beleve that I am a black sheep but some might see me that way!”
“Q! Are you getting tired of being called before the continuum? We tire of calling you all the time?”a who seamed to be In charge asked.”I know we are!”another q said.
“I understand what I did may have violated the letter of your directive…”q said. “May have ? It clearly did. You cannot honestly deny that can you?” the second q asked.
“There are mitigating circumstances!”q said. “There usually are with you. You cannot just say, ‘i was wrong and it won’t happen again !” the q judge said.
“With all due respect I do t feel that I was wrong and it probably will happen again!  “Q said.
“We all know that to be true!” the second q who looked like a judge commented. “I beleve You we’re wrong to order me to observe only. No one benefits from the destruction of the enterprise in there first year of operation!”q said.
“That s not totally true. The asana do . as do other races currently in a sate of hostilities with the federation!” a q that look liked a female observed.
“You know what would happen if the enterprise is destroyed. I did what I had to do. I do not regret It!”q said.
“You never do. You are reckless. You have always been. ” the female q said. ” that’s not fair!”q said. “But accurate!” the second q said. “The asana must be checked. They cannot be allowed unlimited expansion. We must do what we can. ” q said.
“You can’t decide witch orders you will follow.the continuum depends on order!” q in charge said. “Does It demand on being dull?” q asked.
“This is pointless! We should exile q to the ghost sector and be done with it!” the female q suggested. “You would love that wouldn’t you?”q asked. “A little bit!”the female q asked .
“I am concerned that you so brazenly disregarded our directives. You have indicated that you would do it again if it soured your fancy! The q in charge said.
” You know what is at stake ! You know what is going on. We have to act. We cannot leave this to chance! This is too big. “Q said.
“Excuse us!”the q judge said. “Of course!”q said. The q in charge snapped his fingers and they all vanished. Q was left to wait. Wait for what he did not know.
Then the q returned. It steamed to be an instant. ” q! The q do not agree with the decision to intervene , q may have been correct. Q will allow the timeline to continue from this point on. You may resume the mission. Please don’t mess up too bad. Q do not like cleaning up after q . “the q leader declared.
Then the q vanished. All but q remained.he decided not to stay there. He snapped his fingers and left the area.
Q returned to the enterprise. Everything was stil in suspended animattion. Q went to his station. He snapped his fingers and everything resumed.
” Mr. Quin how did you know ?”captain Jack crushed asked. ” I was able to deduce it by studying the ship. “Q said.
Jack was not so sure. He decided to let it go. “I am gusing that the asana will not hesitate to use the new teckology!”Ryder said. “A wise deduction !” data said. “Send all the data we have to Starfleet command. Prority one.”Jack ordered. “Sending sir!”lt. Yar said. The com officer sent the messege to star fleet.
Ready room
U.s.s enterprise
Jack was working on paper work. The chime rang. “Come In!”Jack said. The door opened. Lt. Commander Deana troy and commander Rycer entered.
“You two look concerned about something!”Jack asked. “Its Mr . quin.his story does not quite pas the smell test!”Ryker said. “I do have some questioned about it myself. Counselor do you sense anything from him?”Jack said. “That is the odd thing I get nothing from him. Absolutly nothing!” Deana said.
“I take it that is unusual?” Jack asked. ” most races I can read. I cannot sense the furengi or the Breen,a few brothers. According to his file he is fully human. ” Deana said.
“Do you think we should be woried?”Jack asked. “I do not know! “Deana said. “He did help us. He saved the ship!”Jack said. “Perhaps Dr. Crusher  should look him over just to be sure! ” Bill said. “Very well make it happen !  Jack ordered. They agreed. “Get to it# dismissed!” Jack ordered.
“Mr quin! I want you to report to sickbay!”rycer said.”why,I assure you I feel fine. “Q said. “Please comply with the order lt!” bill ordered. “Of course commander!  “Quin said.
Quin was not sure how he would pull this one off. He would come up with something. He got up and headed to the turbo lift. The door closed.
Q entered. “Reporting as ordered!”Quin said. “Have a seat! “Dr.Crusher ordered. He got up on the bio bed. She took out her recorder. “Normally my feedings would be non existent to human sensors. That would ask more questiones then I care to have asked. I decided that I needed to temporilly give up my abilities. Given the q continuum view of me I did not want to put my faith in there restoration of my abilities. I decided to set it on a timer. ”
She started to scan it.everything appeared to be normal. She rechecked. 
“In doing so ,I aroused the attention of a hideous creature known as the callamarane.apparently he still holds. Grudge. Who knew!”q said. The creature headed for the enterprise.
End of part three.
I intent that the leader of the q is the man who commanded the Gray faction during the q cival war in voyages episode,”q and the Gray!” in that episode he was played by harve presnell.
The other male q is q2. That was the q that restored A’s power after q was about to commit a selfles act. He also appeared I. Prayer David’s Novel “q in law !” in “deja q” he was played by Corbin bernson although he was not credited. Bernson is best known for playing arnie Benson I. L.a law. He is now making Christian movies such as Christian  Mingle the movie.
The female q is the q he ended up having a Chile with at the end of the cival war in “q and the Gray” she was played by suzzy plaxton who played lt. Selar In “the schizoid man” and kaylar in “emissary” and “reunion” .
The cellamaerane appeared in “deja q” it also appeared in Greg Cox “q continuum” trilogy.


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