episode 6

Q in the life part two

“Q log,i have assumed human form. I am pretending to be a teran star fleet officer. I came on duty right as the day shift began. I am hear to observe a day in the life of the enterprise.this is no ordinary day. ”
“It began ordinary enough. The crew changed shifts. The day operations took over. Then it all changed. ”
“A convoy of ships heading to the baltair sector was attacked by a expansionest imperial race known as the asana. ”
“In what one could call the prime universe ,although that is inacurate,for the perpose of a frame of reference,was not a major force. About 50years before the enterprise lunched,the cardesiens checked the asana by winning the battle of nociber. In this universe, the asana pushed the cardesiens out of the nociber system. They then pushed though. They took several colonial worlds including bajor. ”
“The asana have become a regonal power. They are on course to be a qudrent power. The baltair sector is far from the asana spehere of influence. That is the mystery. One of manny.”
“I have a visuel on the battle!”lt yar reported. “On screen !”jack ordered. Yar activated the view screen. The convoy ships were attacked by multiple asana battle crushers. “We will be in fireing range in five minutes!”lt.jg. worf reported.
The enterprise moved in closer. The enterprise got closer and closer. “Now in range!”worf reported.”open fire!”jack ordered.
The enterprise fired phasers and photon torpedoes at multiple targets.
Asana flagship
“Its the enterprise?”the tactical officer reported. “Excellent ! I hoped it would be! “Admiral keriek declared.
U.s.s enterprise
“Send a general hail. Advise the asana ships to back off! “The captain ordered. “Sending!” Yar said. 
“We are being advised to back off!” The com officer informed the commander.The bridge crew laughed.
“Send our response !” The admiral said. The asana vessels fired on the enterprise.
“I gues that is there response !”rycer said. “I gues so. I figured it would be. “Jack said. “I figured that would be the case as well. We had to try'”rycer said.
“Shields holding! ” Yar reported. The ships returned fire on the asana vessels. The escort vessels gaurding the convoy also fired on the asana ships.
The asana ships were not detered. The asana vessels continued to pound the hostle ships. The enterprise and there alies fired back at the asana.
“We need to draw fire away from the convoy. Give them time to get away. ” Jack said.
The enterprise and escort vessels got in front of the convoy.they atempted to form a baricade between the asana ships and the convoy. The asana atempted to get pass the blokade.
The ships tried to stop the blokade. The escort ships held there ground. They worked to mantain the line. It was esential to protect the convoy.
The enterprise also fired multiple phasers and photon torpedoes at the asana warship.the enterprise hoped to overpower the hostles or convince them to back off. They were not listening yet. They would need to be more persasive.
Asana flagship
  “Stand by to lunch our little surprise!” The commander ordered. The weapons officer activated the special turet.”on line admiral!” The gunner anounced.
“Procede with our little surprise gunner!”the admiral ordered. “With plesure!”the tactical officer exclaimed. The special turet powered up. The gun port spewed out a large mistle.
“We have incoming !” Worf reported. “Mr. Laforge,mr data evasive action!”jack ordered. The enterprise tried to veer off and avoid the mistle.
“Hear is the fun part!” Keriek said. The mistle got closer to the enterprise. The mistle apeared to have vanished.
“The mistle is gone!”worf reported. “That’s imposible”rycer exclamed. Yar and worf tried to locate it.
In a deck near the deflector dish the mistle apeared. The mistle exploded. The bulk heads kept it from spreding.
Q was to observe not to interfear. He could not just do nothing. Not this time. Q snaped his fingers. Time seamed to go backwards. He sent time back to the time before the mistle was first fired.
“Captain! We need to fire at these coordinates!”quin reported.”captain That area is not of any major system !”worf reported. “Captain this ship is not a normal run of the mill asana vessel,it is a prototype. You must do this. Quickly we are running out of time!”q pleaded. Jack thought it over.
“Tasha make it happen !”jack ordered . Yar did not get this order but she complied any way.
The enterprise fired on the asana flagship. The turet went off line. “The turet is off line!”the gunner said. “How did they know ?”first officer asked. “We were carefull! This was a heavily gaurded secret. We had the eliment of suprise! At least we thought we did!”keriek said.
“Orders!”the exo asked. “It was never about the convoy! It was only about the experiment. We must withdraw! ” keriek ordered.
The ships began to move away. They fired and move. “They are atempting to withdraw!” Worf reported.
The convoy moved away. The enterprise did not persue. The asana warship entered a wormhole. The ships were gone.
“I believe they generated a stable wormhole!”data said. “I thought stable wormholea were imposible!”deans troyi commented. “No are known to exist. Theoretically they are possible. “Data answered.
Suddenly time froze. Q turned around. He heard a loud bombing vioce. “Q you have some explaning to do!” The vioce said.
“The q is a vest comunity. We call it a continum. There is no hierarchy as humanoid define it. We do have leaders in a way. Myine is not very happy. I was to observe only. I was not to interfear. I would have to explane myself. I was not looking foward to that. Not at all!”
End of part two.
I had brief writers bloc. I stoped and it came to me. I like how this post came out.
All though history,one nation seamed to be poised to be a world power only to fizzle and a diffierent one to emerge. The mongels under gengis kahn were believed to be a buding power only to be over shadowed by the folowers of islam who advanced until they were checked by charles the hammer. Babylon came out of no where.
Bajor was under cardesien ocupation as it was in the prime universe. It fell to the asana.
This is the same q we all know and love. Well maybe not the love part. You know what i meen.


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