episode five

Isn’t it romantic part two

“Personal log,it has been said that the life of a starship captain is a lonley one. Manny starship commanders opt not to get maried. There are some who seam to be maried to there ship.”
“There was a time,not that long ago that families were not permitted on a star fleet ship. That complicated things. Now that families are alowed and in the galaxy program are encouraged,it creates new posibillities.”
” even for spauses that are also in the service,it can be a sacrifice. That can be lost on hard headed men like me. It had not always been easy on bev.sometimes i feel like i got the better part of thd bargain. I don’t know how she would react to that question. I would never ask her that.”
“I cannot not comerate a weding anaversery. I don’t want to.i really hope this one will be without incident but as a starship captain even at a port of call,that might not be viable. Time will tell i supose. ” Captain jack crusher said in his log.
Dr. Crusher completed her shift in sickbay. She made arangements with her staff. Then she left sickbay.
She droped off the kids at miss Gladstones. She headed back to her quarters. She got changed from the star fleet blue medical uniform to civilian clothing.
The door opened it was jack. He hugged and kissed her. “Are we stil on?”she asked. “Of course we are. Nothing is keeping us from this!” He assured her.
“No problems from the romulons. No assana build up. No jirendra or any other agresive species!”bevily said. “None that i am aware off. ” Jack said. “Alright. I would love foe us to have just one day to ourselves . Just you and i. A day of just enjoying each orthers compony. A day without an incident from some agresive species bent on universal domination.” She said.
“I will do my best!” He told her.”ok ! that will have to be suficient. “Bev said. ” I think bill understood that i was not to be desturbed except in a dire emergentcy.”jack said.
“How did you define dire emergemtcy?” Bevily asked.”the enterprise exploding!”jack said.”you made that clear to the commander?”she asked. “I did!”he answered. “Ok i trust you. I think!”she said.”it will be fine. We will have a nice romantic getaway. I book a room at one of the best hotels on the planet!”he said. “We are going to run into the klaysrtone.ambassador are we not?” She said.”no well we might but no  business or diplomacy i promise!”he said.  “Alright i will hold you to it!”she said laughing.
“I booked dinner at one of the best resturant on the planet. It is going to be really good. You will forget your loving husband is a starship captain!”jack said. “I hope so!”bev said.
They got there bags packed. Then they excited the qurters walking hand in hand. They headed to the transporter room.
The two entered. “Coordinates are set sir!”the chief said. The two steped on to the transporter pad. “Enerzize chief!” Jack ordered. The team beamed off of the enterprise and on to the planet.
“Doctor’s log. Personal entry,it has not always easy being the wife of a starship captain. There is the constent fear that something might happen. While star fleet mission are peaceful,things can occur. There are expectations on the part of orthers. As a captain’s wife and a medical doctor,it can get complicated. ”
They walked to thr front desk. “Reservations for crusher!” He said. “Uh yes mr. Crusher we have been expecting you. “The desk clerk said.
“Mr. Crusher!”bev said. “I kinda like that. Its nice to be titleess for a while !” He said. They laughed.
They checked into there rooms. Then they went to the resturent they were escorted to there table.
“I got something for you!”jack said. “Oh?”she said. He pulled out a box. She opened it. “Oh my its beutifull!”she said. “The murchent i got it from on tridex said it was a rare mineral on a distent planet. That part i don’t know. I like it it brings out your eyies. “He said. She smiled.
“I got something for you!”she said. She handed him a box. He opened it. “It is a warp coil! Its from the first federation starship enterprise. He saw something else. It was a picture of them on there first date. “Where did you find this?” He asked. “Nana held on to it. I left it on caldos the last time i was there. She held on it!” Bev said.
“If you had it to do over again ? Knowing what you know ,would you have stil said yes? “He asked.she took his hand. “Without hesitation!”she said.
“I know it has not been easy. In the early days we were seperated a lot. I was off patroling the nutral zone,you were at some intergalatic hospital. I have not always been the most romantic. Half the time i have no idea what i was doing. Sometimes i still don’t. “Jack said.
“Jack i would not trade these 17 years for anything. I meen that. I love you more every day. “Bev said.
“You don’t regret it?” Jack asked.”not at all!”she said.” I just wanted to make sure. I never ment to sacrifice my relationship with you for my carer!” Jack said. “I know that. “Bevily said. 
“This weekend,no work. I am john r crusher private citizen. No star fleet,no captain. If the t’zrncafe made an incursion into federation space its bill’s program!” He said. She laughed.
Outside the resturant
A man walked though the streets with a date. “You have never been hear before ? ” the female asked him. “No i have not. This is my first time in this sector !” He said. “You don’t leave your home space much?” She asked. “I did not. Now i intend to see the galaxy well this side of it of it anyways!”he said.
“I knew you were an adventuer! I could tell!” She said. “I use to be i gues. Now not so mutch. I just want to settle down somewhere. I don’t know where!”he said.
“Not hear ?”she asked. “It ia a beutifull planet. I would like to go further away. “He said.”i see! any reason why!” She asked. “It is very complicated. “He said.”oh i see!” She said.
The two headed into the resturant that jack and bevily were inside. They had reservations as well. They were led to a table near where they were.
What neither the man or his date knew was that they were being watched. This created the potential that jack’s promise of a qiet uneventful dinner for two might be in jepordy.
End of part two.


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