episode five

“Isint it romantic”

“Captain’s log,the enterprise has arived at the planet adar four. Apearently star fleet is concerned that there may be a design flaw. The staf at adar shipyard have agreed to perform a diegnostic. While chief engineer argryile believes this may just be star fleet being an overbearing planet,he feels it is worth looking into. ”
“This alows a layover and shoreleave. Adar is known as a peaceful and beutiful planet. On a personal note,this is the 17th weding anaversery of myself and my wife bevily. ” Captain jack crusher said in his log.
“Captain this is totally unesisary!” “Chief engineer argyile said. “I understand that chief but star fleet has put a lot of time efort and energy into this. They want a return on there investment. “Jack said.
“This is the finest ship ever built in federation history. “Argyile said. “I understand your concern chief. It will be fine! They are not questioning your work!”he said. “I know !”he said.
Jack left engineering. He saw his wife bevily. He kissed her. “How is argyile?”bevily asked. “Like he lost his puppy! ” jack said. “I am not surprised ! He takes any critism of this ship as a personal insult. “Bevily said. “Well this is a special ship. “She said.”can’t disagree there!”jack said. “I’m sure it won’t be a big deal!”she said.
“Yea! Look bev i was thinking that we could go on a romantic getaway to the planet. Wes and less are at away. Mis Gladstone said she will watch the orther kids. “Jack said.
“John r crusher please tell me this is not one of your schemes?”she said. “What are you talking about?”jack said. “On our third weding aniversery you booked a room at a hotel where you knew the protical officer for the t’zencafe consul to casperia prime would be so you can start up a conversation. On pacifica you had us go to a park at the same time as a tholien was known to be at. Let not even mention the time you had us go to a night club sponsered by a gatherer. “She said.
“Ok so i have had a less then steler record on aniverseries.i promise this is not a cledestine mission or diplomatic overture. It is simply a romantic getaway with my beutiful bride!”jack said.
“I don’t totally believe you but i think its sounds great. When do we leave?”she asked. “I need to touch base with bill but two houers?”he said. “Sounds good. If a furegi generals shows up i am not dancing with him!”she said. “Ok deal!”jack said.
They hugged and then dispersed. Bevily laughed. While she perfered no alien rebels or non aligned diegniteries but she would go with it. She did love jack. She knew that came with the teratory. She had acepted it. She found it some what endearing.
Jack hoped that he could make this totally work free. He hoped that for a few hours it could just be just the two of them. Nothing else. He knew in his line of work that was not always possible. He hoped this time it would. No one never knew.
End of part one
After the Wesley ,Leslie story, i got burned out. I did not like how it turned out. I took a break. I never ment to take long of a break but life happens. Now i have decided to pick it up again.


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