episode four

Siblings day part six

” personal log using unconventional means, i have learned that of a complex plot by the gatherers. I am on route in an atempt to thawt there plans. I fear it may be too late!”
“We are on course!”he said. “Will you explain what is going on now?” She asked.
“This attack was a diverson as i suspected. The plot is a lot more interesting then i first suspected !”Wesley said. “Ok I’m listening!”Lesley said.
“There are rurmors that in the past aliens fought amongst themselves for domination. Masive wars involving masive weapons. Over the years arkeologest have uncovered powerful weapons. There are stories of supper starships that remain. These ships cannot be destroyed at least not easily so they are hidden. There are ancient treaties witch bar there use. Worlds that agree on nothing agree on this! “Wesley said.
“There is an area called the orange zone. It is heavily patroled. Any ship atempting to go in is schot down.no questiones asked. Thr gatherer raids are a diverson. Botril and his faction of the gatherers want those ships. These raids are to hide there true intentions!”Wesley said.
“So why hide these weapons? “She asked. “They are too dangerous. Too powerful ! These ships need to be hiden. Even one ship is deadly. It is a threat to every thing. “Wesley said.
“Ok ! If the area is hevily gaudred,they will be caught right?” She asked. “There is one area that is not patroled. The area is called the enigma. They may try to enter there. The area is under the control of the sheliek. “Wesley said.
“So normal people that are not Wesley Eugene crusher would assume that the sheliek can handle it and go on with life!”Lesley said.
“That would be corect!” He said.”why did i come with you again ?” Lesley asked. “This is going to be fun!”he said. “I short of believe you!”She said.
“It will be!”he said. “Are we really heading for the enigma ? If i remember right sheliek schot first and never get around to asking questiones. ” She said.
“Unfortunately that is true!”he told her. “So why are we not going to star fleet with this?” She asked. “I doubt they would believe me. It seams fanciful. Time is of the esence! “He said.
“Ok wess you do realize that you are 15 years old and that you are currently abored a scout ship,a shartle. “She said. “I know that!” He said.
“You know your not super human. At least i don’t think you are. “She said.
” I know that. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines on this one less! I have to do this!” He told her.
“I knew you were going to say that! Alright !” Leslie said.
The shartle headed to the area.the shartle neared the area. “Wesley what are you doing ?” She asked. “The treaty of armeans alows consultation in cases of bi lateral security,i looked it up! ” Wesley said. “I am sure you did!” Leslie said.
“Your not an ambesador or a federation oficial or a star fleet officer!”Leslie comented. “As a federation citizen,i am technicaly a federation representive!” He said. “I get really nervous when you parse words! “She reported.
“Send a hail with the paragrath that alows me to contact them!” He instructed. She sent the request.  They waited.
  After a while there was a response. The view screen was activated. On the view screen was displayed the image of a shieliek commander.
“Why are you contacting us?” The commander asked. “There is a threat in your teritory. I believe that non aligned raders are planing to go into your space.” Wesley said. “For what perpose!” The alien commander asked.
“They seak to locate a mytholocal ship or ships near your space !” Wesley said. “The myiths are untrue. They are fanciful stories with no bases of reality!” The sheliek said.
“I cannot speak to that commander but i can say that they believe it. I believe they are on there way or they may be hear!” Wesley said.
“we have no evidence of that! ” the sheliek said. “I would be on gaurd !” Wesley said. ” We always are!” The commander said.
The screen faided. “That was quick! They don’t seam in the mood to talk !”Leslie said. ” from what i have heard they rarely are!” Wesley said.
“I asume we are turning back. Are we heading to the star base?” She asked. “No. We are heading in!” Wesley said. “Are you serious ? “Leslie said. “We have to go in! I want to see this though. “He said.
The shartle headed in. Leslie was concerned about all this. Leslie decided to go along with all of this. She was not sure why but she was.
End of part six


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