episode four

Siblings day part five

“Personal log,Wesley crusher reporting. While heading to a star base for testing to aply to the star fleet academy ,we have uncovered a plot by a normadic group of scavaingers and pirates called the gathers to attack the federation. ”
“While it apears that the plot has been thawted,i am not sure that is true. I have my doubts. I am beginning to suspect that this may be diverson. If so what is the intended target?”
Mining colony
Obital base
“Come on wess its over! We stoped the attack . We captured the attackers! “Leslie said. “It does not make sense ! One ship. “He said.
“He is a senior commander in the gathers. He is known for doing bold operations ! This is not atypical for this man!” She said.
“He already pulled this trick once. Why would we not asume that he would keep doing it?” He asked.
“If your right,lets asume for the shake of argurement that you are, what can we do about it? The trail has gone cold! “Leslie said.
“I know that!  Both mom and dad have always said that don’t ignore your fears go with them. I can’t ignore this! “Wesley said.
“I see what your saying wes but i am not sure what we can do. We have nothing to go on right now!” She said.
“I have an idea!”he said. “Ok whenever you say that,i get really woried!” She said. “Ever been on a gather ship?” He asked.”ok now i am really woried!” She said. “It will be fine!” He said. “Oh gosh! We are going to end thousands of light years from home arnt we?”she asked.
The gatherer vessel was impounded at the mining station.the vessel was hevily gaurded. Right now it was considered a crime scene.
Every entrence was gaurded. Wesley and his sister had been careful not to be seen. To the staf of the mining station,they were civialians. They had no jurisdiction. That was true. Wesley felt he had to do this.
For whatever reason ,Leslie decided to go along with it. They needed to get inside. They had activated a transport inhibitor . To beam in they needed the code.even if they could get the code, the beam in would be loged in. They would be caught.
“So how do we get in?” She asked. “I’m thinking ..”he said. “Stop if it hurts!”she said.”man i should have brought gracie! She does not give snarky responses all the time! “He said.
” funy wess!”she said. He stoped to consider his options. “Ok i have an idea how to get abored?” He asked . “Please tell me we are not going into the reclamation system ?”she asked.
If course that was his plan. They were able to get inside and after a while inside made it on to the craft. They found a computer terminal.
“I can’t believe you just did that! I can’t believe i went along with it!” She said. “You have to admit this is prety exciting !” He said. “No i don’t think i do!” She said.
He tried to acess the data. “You really think you can gain acess to the computer ?”she asked.
“If commander data was hear i would have him do it. I am sure it would be no problem for lt. Yar,lt laforge or lt. Worf. Sense they are not hear. I will give it a try!” He said.
Wesley tried to gain acess to the computer. He was unable to so do.
“This is not the way!” A vioce only he could hear said. “What is the way?”Wesley asked. “You know the answer !” The vioce said. “That is not possible !” Wesley said.
“Wesley you know it is. You know you must!” The vioce said. He got up. “Wesley what are you doing?” Leslie asked.
He atempted to go inside the computer pannel. He hand seamed to phase in and out of the space time continum. “Wesley stop? Whats going on?”she asked .
“Its ok les. I know what i am doing . I will be ok!”he told her.she was not so convinced. She figured she could not convince him to abandon this idea.
Wesley started to go in and out of reality. He looked transparent.he went inside the computer core. He was gone.
Leslie was woried. She trusted that he was ok. She hoped that he knew what he was doing.
He was able to see images. He was inside a universe of ones and zeros. He had no idea if this was real or just what he perceved it to look like.
He called up the data. He was able to call up the archives. He saw the senior officers of the ship. They were talking,planing,plotting.
It all became clear. It started to make sense. He left the core. He was reconstitued into human form. “I don’t even want to know what just happened. Did you get the information ?” She asked . “I did. “He said .
“How bad is it?” She asked. “Bad! We got to get out of hear. We gota move now!” He said. “Where are we going ?”she asked. “No time ! i will explain on the way!” He told her.
This did not impress her but she went with it. The two went back to the reclamation system . She hoped that he would use his new abilities but he did not. She was not sure why. She did not know how it worked . She was not sure if he knew.
They got back to the station.they went to there shartle. The shartle left the station. The craft was off. Off to an unknown sector.
End of part five.


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