episode four

Siblings day part four

The gatherer ship was heading for the mining colony. The attack on the base was a good start. It was going acording to plan.
“On course!” The helm said. ” it is beginning ! “Bratril the leader of the gathers said.
“I got um wess! Seting course now! ” Leslie said.” “Hear we go!”Wesley said. The shartle headed for the vessel.
Gathers ship
“Batril we have incoming. It is a shartle craft. Star fleet. It is on a direct intercept course for us!” Dragelle said. “Really ! A shartle is coming after us!”proden said. “The federations must be facing hard economic times!” Herelle said. They all laughed.
“This should be interesting ! Increase spead. They want a meeting lets give them one!” Bratril said. The helm did as ordered.
“They have ploted an intercept of there own wess! I think we got there attention !” Leslie said. “I am sure we did. Now for the next surprise! “Wesley said. Leslie laughed.
The shartle neared the ship. “Time to test the new weapons ! Target the vessel less!” Wesley ordered. “Target aquired! Fireing now!” She said. The shartle fired a full voley of plasma based weapons.
“I thought star fleet shartles were not armed?” Dragele commented. “This shartle is equped with non star fleet weapons . They must have used suplies from the comercial base. They are inventive!” Bratril said.
The gatherer ship fired on the shartle. The shartle began evasive action trying to elude the gatherer ship.
The gatherer vesel continued to fire on the scout craft. The shartle continued to try to evade the ship. The shartle fired back on the ship. The shartle fired multiple voleys on multiple parts of the ship.
The gatherer ship was anoyed by this. They did not consider the shartle a real threat but it was an unwanted distraction. They wanted to get to the mining colony.
The shartle was delaying all that. It was delaying the inevitable but it was a delay.  Batril did not want a delay. He was so far being disipointed.
The gatherers fired on the shartle. Wesley was able to dodge this one. Wesley was on top of his game.
The shartle hit the vessel. Butril was very angrivated. He wanted this shartle to just go away. That was not happening. Not at all.
The shartle fired and fired.
The warship left the area. The shartle atempted to intercept. The shartle was hit. The nichelle was struck.
The ships near the mining colony lunched. They serounded the ship.
“We did it!”Leslie said. “I am not sure we did less. This was too easy! One ship. Something is off. This was a diversion. What is the real plot?”Wesley asked.
End of part four


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