episode four

Siblings day part three

“Personal log while my sister and i were heading to starbase 224 when i detected a ship trying to evade detection. Although i should have informed star fleet command and continue on my way to the star base. I have decided to persue the ship in order to uncover there plans. ”
“I have come to suspect that this ship may be ploting to attack a base or ship or some orther federation asets in our space.”
“If i was a terorist planing to strike a target in the federation? Where would i strike?”Wesley asked.
“Are we sure we are deeling with terorist? “Leslie asked. “Not tottaly. Romulons have a cloaking device so i think we can rule them out. It could be a sate i sapose. “Wesley said
“Lets stay with with terrorist for a minute. Terrorist engage in a kind of gurila warfare. They pick targets based on opotunity! They want victory! They want something impactfull. Something that has to be noticed. “Leslie said.
He called up the record of the area. “Ok we have an andorian colony,a minning colony, A setilite and a private base. “Leslie comented.
“The setilite would be the easiest target. It might not instil fear in those the mining station might be a tempting target. I’m thinking the comercial base!” Wesley said.
“They do not need to destroy the base only to do damage!”Leslie said. ” get me the base! I hope we still have time!”wes said.
“I am detecting a dampening field ! “Less said. “Crap! I am taking us to full impulse! Man i wish shartles were equped with warp drive!” Wesley said.
The shartle went as fast as it could. The shartle hoped to be able to warn the base.
Comercial base
The base arived and saw the base. The base had been hit. “We are too late!”Leslie said.”please tell me they are survivors ‘”Wesley commented. ” Yes there is!” Leslie said.
The team emurged on the base. They began to treat the patcients. They were both glad that there mom was a doctor. They knew about triarge.
“Who attacked you?” Wesley asked. ” Gathers!” The man said. The damage was fairly negligible . There was damage and some injuries. Two were killed.
“Wes what are you doing ?”Leslie asked. “I procured some weapons. They are civilian  but they will do the trick!” Wes said. “Wesly john cruser what you thinking? “Leslie said.
“The attacker won’t stop! You said this was gerila warfare. They will strike again ! “Wes said.”yes i know that. Lets let star fleet deal with us!” She said.”i am going to let them deal with it . I am going to help. I am right hear. I can help!”he said.
“You do know your 16. Your not yet a star fleet officer!” She asked. “I am aware of that Leslie. I may be 16 but there is little i dont understand . I know helm control as good as lt. Laforge or chief obrian,i know engines as well as chief argyile. I can man a aft station ad good as mr worf mayby even rival lt yar at tactical . I have trained all my life for this! “Wesley said.
“You’re not superhuman Wesley ! “She said. “Look i need to be on the front lines. We are closer to them then anyone else. “He said. “I’m going with you! “She said. “Fine!”he said.
The shartle left the comercial base. The craft headed to locate the vessel.
“Who are the gathers!” She asked. “They were originaly from accamar three.  They were misfits who left the planet or were exiled. They prey on ships for suplies. “He said.
“This seam to go beyond piracy. Do they usually engage in terorist attacks?”she asked. “Not that i know off. Dad delt with gatherer raids while in command of the stargazer. They are usually pirate raids. Your right this is a style of warfare. “Wesley said.
“Where did you think they will attack next?” She asked. ” The mining colony. This will keep escilating. I wish i know what there end goal was!”Wesley commented.
The craft headed for the mining colony. The craft hoped to get there before the gathers did. It would be a tall order. Wesley did not know what else to do. Off they went.
End of part three


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