episode four

Siblings day part two

“Personal log,Wesley crusher reporting. While on my way to a pre academy evaluation before i aply to the star fleet academy we have come across a poor man’s cloak. We suspect that it may be a smugling operation. While we should probably contact star fleet and let them deal with it. If we wait we could lose them”
  “Stay on um less!” Wesley said.”i know wes! ” she said. The shartle kept going. The shartle folowed the bread crumbs. Thr signal went in and out. Lesley was able to predict where they were going and where they would end up.
The shartle kept following the bread crumbs.  “They are trying to hide themselves but they are having trouble doing it!” She said.”i am so sad for them!” He said.
On the vessel they knew that they were being folowed. They did all they could to cause the shartle to lose them.
“I can’t believe we are being persued by a shartle! ” the person in command said. ” They can’t follow us foever!” An underling commented. ” If we go to warp we may not be able to mantain the scrambler!” A tech said.
” Why not just destroy them and be done with it?” The gunner sugested. ” It might draw unwanted attention ! “The first officer said. ” This is not?” The gunner said in response.
“We have a mission to perform.i want to complete it. We will continue to evade for now!” The commander ordered.
“Ship is going in and out on the screen!” Lesley said. “They are really trying to evade us! ” Wesley said. ” We are not going to let them !” She said. “No we are not!” Wes said.
“There has to be a way to lose them! This cat and mouse game is getting weary some!” The exo said.
“I have an idea. There is a comet nearby. We could ride the comet for a while! “An engineer said. “Do it!” The commander ordered.
The ship kept the scrambler on line until they neared the comet. The ship used the comet to shield there location.
“Lost um. “Lesley said. “Great! Are you sure it was not just a glich in the system? “Wess asked.”no way! There was something . I am sure of it ! This shartle is very well maintained. Because it is nained Galileo,it is well maintaned more then any orther shartle. It is not just a glich!” Lesley said.
“The question is where did they go ?”wess said. “Wess! This could be a sign. We should cut our loses and procede to the star base. Let star fleet figure this out. Every now and then we should let the grown ups do something !” She sugested.
“Whoever it is. I think we retled them. Our finding them was a fluke. Maybe this is a simple case of smugling. What if it is not? Something is very wrong hear! We are hear. We cannot ignore this or hand it off to any one else. This is our isue! We own it!” Wesley said.
“You do know your not in star fleet yet? ” she asked. “Yes i do. Keyword is yet. I am prety sure it will happen !” Wes said. ” A star fleet oficer is bound by a chain of command. Is going off on our own the best idea!” She asked. “We are right hear. We have to follow the evidence !”Wesley said.
” ok lets do it! The case has gone almost totally cold. Where do we go from hear!” She asked.
“We have to try to predict where they will go next! ” Wesley said. “Well if this is a smugling operation they will head towards talaerian space. Talariens turn a blind eye towards smugling. Especially sense many races refuse to trade with them. They did not seam to be heading in that direction !” She said.
“I don’t think they were smugling. There are several bases and colonies in the area!” Wesd said. “You think this is an attack ?” She asked.
He thought it over. “Yes i do. I think we have to assume this is a prelude to an attack !”she said. “If so where will they strike?” She asked.
End of part two


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