episode four

Siblings day

Shartle craft galio
“Personal log,Wesley crusher reporting. I am on my way to star base 224 by shartle. I am taking some test in order to qalify for a slot as a canidate for star fleet academy.my sister Lesley is comming with me. ”
“I can’t believe you let me come with you?”Lesley said. “I can’t either. I wanted compony and  data was buisy! ” wes said. “Funny!” She said. “I thought so!” He said.
“Wess i thought you would be excited to do this?  Nervous but excited. This is what you have wanted all your life. This is what you have worked towards. Your that much closer to your goal!”she said.
“That’s just it. Dad keeps teling me that i don’t have to follow him. He says his path was right for him but not necessarily for me. Why does every one want to discourege me from going to the academy ? Why does dad? “Wesley asked.
“Well grand pa put a lot of presue on dad to go to the academy. He does not want to do to you what grampa did to him. “Lesley said.
“Dad has gone to the oposite extreme. He has tried to get me not to be a star fleet officer!”he said.
” star fleet is a dangerous ocupation ! Especially deep space mission. He knows how hard it was for mom. It will be hard for her having her son out there as well. He may be looking out for her! “She said.
“She has been very soportive of my aspirations. If she is opposed to my plans to join star fleet ,i see little evidence of that. “Wesley said.
” At least they notice you. Sometimes i think they forget about me! Your the smart one. Gracie cute and 4 mouths.  Tom is stil in the cute phase. I get lost in the shufle!” She said.
“When I’m off in the academy . You will be so much the center of attention you will bag me to come back. Your time is coming. You will be the focus of there attention . You will complain about just wanting to be left alone!” He said. “Your probably right! “Lesley said.
“You are going to way beyond me. You will go far. “He told her.”you sure?”she asked. “Yes i am. Your just as smart and talented as i am maybe more so. Of course if you tell any one i said it  i will deny it. “Wesley said.
“Why am i not suprised? “She said. They laughed. She saw a blimp on the sansors. “What is it less?” “Wesley said.
” It is not a cloaking device. Someone is trying to cloud there presence. I think it is a low level scrambler.”Lesley said.
” why is someone using a scrambler? My suspicion is that we may be dealing with a smugling operation! ” Wesley said.”my thought as well.  The federation is dedicated to peace and co existent. Many races like to conduct covert criminal activities in our space partially out of spite!” Lesley said.
“We should log in then submit it to star fleet command and be on our way to sb 224! “Wes said.
“We should. Why do i think that you are not planing to do that? “She asked. “By the time we arive at the star base, they could be in non aligned space. This may be our only chance “he said. “Why are you known as the good kid. For the record this was your idea!”Lesley said.
” Very well! I wil take full responsibility for this!” Wesley said. “They will still blame me but ok. “She said. The shartle headed for the signal. Good idea or not they would be investigating. They were on course.
End of part one


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