episode 3

Realm part six

Wesly fell asleep. He was not ones to take naps. He felt tired. Before he knew it,he was out cold.
Wesley was not sure where he was. He was a place that looked like a citty. Part of it looked like a citty of the future. The orther part looked like something from the past. It was like something out of jules verne.
He looked around. He saw a man who seamed to staring at him. It was brothering wesly. He finally went over to him. “Who are you? Why do you keep staring at me!” He asked.
“I’m sorry Wesley ! I did not meen to  alarm you!”he said. “Who are you? How do you know my name? ” he asked.
” i know many things. What importent is one moment?”he asked. “What do you meen?” He asked. ” things can change in a moment. Empires rise and fall. Things change foever in a signal moment. ”
“When the t’kon empire fell there was no warning. The star just went nova. ” The man said.
“Things change in an instent i get it! ” Wesley said.he is in another place. He sees his farther on the away team. He saw his farther killed when it replayed but this time picard was killed.
“What is this? What is going on?” Wesley asked.” Wesley ! The enterprise has been removed from the space time continum. Time may have stood stil for you but not for every one else. Time is going foward.  Without the enterprise! The jerendra and the asana will be on the march. They will carve up planet after planet. They won’t stop. The universe will be more dangerous. More chaotic! “The man said.
“How do you know?”Wesley asked. “Because i have seen it! I wached the asana and jerendra expend. I saw the universe at war. I saw whole planets destroyed. It cannot happen again!”
He replayed it rapidly. Wesley saw image after image. He saw the chaos. He saw the mayhem. Wesley was apaled by all this. “That was real?”he asked. “Yes! It is!” He said. “How do i stop it?”he asked.
“There is a way. We cannot get involved ,not directly . Not yet. The jerendra must be stoped or we risk losing every thing. ” He said. “The man said.
“Who are you?” Wesley said. ” I am a travaler! Please do not let anyone you met me. Not even your farther.  You and he have seperate destinies. “He said.
“Am i your only hope?”Wesley asked. “No there is another but i think you knew that. ” The travaler said. “I think i did!”he said.
He saw back on the enterprise.he woundered did he ever really leave? He was not going to figure that one out.
He went to the maine section of the qurters. “Less!” He said. “Oh no! Whenever you want to do something questonible you ask me for help! I stil can’t believe you got me involved that time yoy blew up the science lab on the olimpis. “She said.
I did not blow up the science lab. I imploded it!” Wesley said.”not helping !”lesley said. “Less i need you! If we don’t hang together we hang seperatly. I need help. “He said. “Fine lets do this! You owe me big! “She said. “Deal!” He said.
Rycer saw images. He saw himself falling into a river of black. As he was being propelled into the river,he screamed,”data something got me!”he said.
Then he saw a man tackle him. The man looked human. He had some kind of energy. He presed him. “Give us the medicine or this person dies!”
“What is this ?” Bill asked. ” humanity is at a cross roads bill. It is not totally clear what road humans will take. My race is at a crosroads as well ! ” arlec said.
“Your race is interested in violence. Expansion by force. “Bill said. “You have not heard our side of the story bill!” Arlec said. “I’m listening!” He said.
“We are humanoid and energy. We were expanding our influence around the same time as the romulans were colonizing romulis and remus. ”
“Unlike orther worlds they challenged us. They waged a brutal gurila war on our forces. They faught in space,on planets. They just kept fighting. ”
“They kept us at bay. They were prolouging the inevitable. We had breached there defense perimiter. We were poised to take romulis and remus. Then it all changed!”
  The jurandra fleet went near the twin planets. The romulin fleet was in ruins. A jirandra left the flagship. It flew to romulous. Suddenly a door way opened up. The jirendra was swalowed into the doorway.
“This is a prison ?”bill asked. “Yes someone traped us hear.we have no idea who or why! The romulins had no check. Many other races who would have been tamed by our ocupation became revinous wolves. ”
“Over time this prison if you will developed a crack. We are now returning. We are going to pick up where we left off. “The jirendra said.
“You want us to help you?”bill asked. “No we mearly want you to look the otther way'” arlec said.”you crush the romulans?” He asked. “They are your enimies. “Arlec said. “We have rules. We don’t condone slaughter. That is what it would be. “Rycer said.
Wesley and leslie got ready. They had a lot to do. There was not much time. The future depanded on success.
To be concluded.


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