episode 3

The realm part five

“Enterprise log, lt. Commander data reporting. Captain crusher has been returned to us but is unconscious. All atempts to revive him have so far failed.”
“Commander rycer has been takon. We have little information who has taken the commander or why. The ship is on high alert!”
Confrence room
“We have atempted to locate an egress but have not been able to locate it!”chief engineer argyile said. “We have considered that it may be cloaked but have found no evidence of that. “Worf said.
“I have to assume there is some presence hear. “Yar said. “Where are we?”bev said. “Your not going to like this answer doctor but we have not been able to determine that! “Agyile said. “Your right chief i don’t!”bev said.
“How is the captain?”data asked. “He is stable but i can’t revive him. I have no idea why! “Bevily said. “We will remain on high alert for now! That will be all!”data said.
Data got up. The rest of the command crew did the same. Everyone was woried. They had no control over this situation . None at alll.
  Inside the realm,rycer got up. “Where am i? “Bill said. “Wiliam brandon rycer,son of kyile and Elizabeth rycer,your farther is a civilian advisor to star fleet on stratigic matters. He was seriously injured during an incident with the tholiens. ”
“Your morther died when you were young. Your farther tried his hardest to raise you. Most of your youth was spent with your aunt and uncle in alasca. “The vioce of arlec said.
“As mutch as i enjoy this walk down memory lane,i don’t see the point!” Rycer said.
“Rycer the universe is at s cross roads. In the past my people altered the course of the past. We kept the romulons from emurging as a universal power and arested there development for multiple generations. Our goal was to crush them beyond repair. We were stoped. An unknown group intervened and inprisoned us outside the space time continum. ”
“As a consiqaince of that interventions ,the romulins have rebuilt there civilizations and now are poised to become a galatic power once again. I cannot alow that to happen. “Arlec said.
“Why are you fixiated on the romulons? ” rycer said. “Your people have fought wars with them. Hot and cold wars. Why not join us? Help us defeat them. Usher in a new era.”arlec said.
“We don’t know who you are!”bill said. The figure steped from the shadows. “The jurendra! I should have known !”rycer said.
“We ask little . With the romulan threat diminished,the federations would be able to breath. The romulon star empire has been a constent thorn in the federation side. Imagine if that threat was removed. “Arlec said.
Rycer did not like the sound of that at all.
“Come now bill! Don’t be so outraged. These are your enemies!”arlec said. “For now. That could change. If if it does not,that hardly justifies what you want to do! “Rycer said.
“You do not understand wiliam b rycer.  “Arlec said. “No i don’t. Futhermore i don’t want to. “He said. Arkec laughed.
“Your people are so closed minded! I had hoped to overcome it. You are stuborn! I think it is far worse then i suspect. “Arlec said.
“I won’t help you. I know what your about ! The thing is i don’t trust you. When the romulon are out of the way you wil come after us eventually. If your wiling to wipe out one race there is no teling how far you will go. You are genicidal. I am sure of that. ”
” you don’t understand ! You are closed of commander.Regretible!” Arlec said.
Ancient past
T’kon empire
  At an outside cafae,two people who looked t’kon sat down. “Without the enterprise,the jurendra will expand to all corners of the alpha and beta qudrent. The enterprise taken out of tge eqasion changes everything ! We have the ability to intervene!”one said.
“If we do we risk exposing ourselves . If the jurendra learn there is an active recistence to there expansion,all eforts to stop them could fail. It is too soon!”the other said.
“There must be a way. We have to save the enterprise. The enterprise is the key. The enterprise is the only answer.”the orther said.
“There may be a way!” The first man said.
End of part five


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