episode 3

Realm part 4

Ancient past.
The romulon ships that remaned met up. They were in bad shape. This was all they had.the jurandra had them on the run.
Bridge flagship
” the jurendra asked us to surender. They say we will be able to govern ourselves under there oversight. They cannot be trusted. They made agreement with orther worlds then broke them. We have to take this last stand. Our choices are death or death. We will fight!”admiral chonere said.
Commander derit knew that they could not win. Every one did. They had to fight. Mayby just mayby there was a tiny fraction of a chance. They had to try.
The vessels moved out. The vessel headed for the jirendra ships.
Jirendra flagship
“Detecting the enemy fleet! “A sansor officer said. “They come at us with stics?” The jirandra commander said. The crew laughed.
The ships fired on the hostile fleet. In seconds the last of the romulan fleet was cut down. “Detecting unknown readings!”a romulan sansor officer said. The vortex opened,the jirendra were swept inside. They were gone.
The evidence of the jirendra was stil there. There was plenty of damage left. There would be for some time. They were still alive.
Jack had no idea where he was. The area was whiteish gray area. He saw someone coming towards him. He saw several someones.
“Captain jack crusher ! “The jirendra said. “Who are you?” Jack asked. ” My name is arlec! I am a jirendra! Yes i know you know who i am!” Arlec said.
“You have destroyed whole worlds. Your people are responsible for untold millions of deaths !”jack said.
“You have only heared one side!”arlec said. ” i witnesed the carnege. I have seen you in action !”he said.
“Let me tell you a story john! A group of disafected diaspora fled one world after there war like regime was overthrown. They came to another. They conqured the natives and forced them to live on the sister planet and to mine the fuel that insured there slavery. ”
“They did not stop there. Any planet that they saw was carved into there empire. There rule grew. Then we steped in. We altered history in a way that alowed orther planets to flurish that probably would not have. ” Arlec said.
“Your saying your doing a service?” Jack asked. “John calm down. I am not done yet. Let me explain. “The jirandra said. ” Very well go on! “Jack said.
“The romulans were on there way to becoming a regonal power. When we interveigned we haulted romulan expensions. It took generations for them to recover. We changed every thing! The romulan empire for all intense and perposes colapsed and had to be rebuilt. That did not happen for cencuries. Had we not been haulted there may not have been a romulon empire. We could have stoped one of your biggest rivals. What could have the federation have accomplished without romulan interference ? They have been a thorn in your side sense the federation’s inception. “Alerc said.
“I refuse to believe that enda justify the meens. Violence is never the answer. Death is death. Violence and death should never be a solution. The romulans have been a challenge . I refuse to confrunt a challenge with violence and death!” Jack said
“War is the way of things! It has always been! “Alerc said. “How many orther races have you templed on. How many orther races would you have trempled on had you had the chance? I know who you are! I know what your about! I won’t help you!”he said.
“We are comming one way or another. Why not help us or at least get out of the way. A non  agreson pact. ” he said.
“No way. For manny reasons. Sory!”jack said. ” We will win captain! We will pick up where we left off. This time will be different!”the jirendra said.
Jack was rerurned to the enterprise. He was unconscious.rycer was gone. Data got up. The commanding officers were gone or incompacitated. Data was now in command.
End of part four


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