episode 3

Realm part three

  Ancient past
Romulan empire
The romulan fleet was in ruins. Only a few ships remaned. They knew it was a long schoot. Most of the fleet was imobilized in minutes.
On the grace fire,commander deret servayed what remaned of his ship and fleet. The war was over before it had begun. Soon world after world would fall. Then romulous itself would sucomb to this manace.
  “Commander! The fleet is to randevez at hitoria. We are going to atempt one last stand!”the com officer said. “There is nothing to stand with !” “Derit said. “Those are our orders!”the officer said. The commander agreed.
Despite knowing the odds,romulans were a people of dutty. This was a dirty he would perform. He would do it well as he tried to do things.
Inside realm
U.s. s enterprise
“Where are we?” Jack asked. “The readings are off the scale !”yar said. ” I can’t get a solid reading ! I have no idea where we are!”worf said. “This is highly parculier!” Data said.
“Does anyone have an answer!” Jack asked. “Captain!  I believe we may have jumped to another dimension!”data said.
“We have gone where no one has gone before ! ” gordi said.  “i am sensing multiple life forms!”deana said. “Do you know who they are?” The captain asked. “Not yet!  I canot seam to make contact. Either that or they do not want to contact us. “Deana said.
In sickbay dr. Bevily crusher was working on paper work. She saw a large field like phynomina. She found herself some where else.
She wore black. With her was someone she had not seen in some time. He looked the way she remembered him. She never remembered him looking like this. He had been wounded. What was this?
“It was nice of you to come!”she said. “It was the least i could do! You don’t have to do this!” The man said. “I have to!”she said.
They went inside. She pulled off the blanket. She shudered. He went over to her. It was jack. She was back at the enterprise.
She could not believe this. That was in the past. That had already happen but it had not happened. What was this?”
“Dr. Crusher to bridge!”she said. “Go ahead bev!” Jack said. “Sory to brother you jack! I just needed to hear your vioce! “She said. “Are you ok?” Jack said. “I’m fine! All is well”bev said.
There was some kind of storm. The ship did not seam to be efected. “What is this?” Jack said.”unknown! It is hard to determine! “Data said.
“Sir look at this!” Yar said. She put it on visuel. It was a smal dot.it was heading right for them. “Could this be a life form?” Gordi asked. “I believe it is some kind of transportation aperatus!” Deana reported.
The device hit the ship. It passed though the ship like it ofered no difficulty. It apeared on the bridge. The device hit jack. He was gone.
“I stil sense him! He is not dead! “Deana said. “Where is he?” Bill asked. “Out there!”deana said.
Wesley was in his qurters. He saw the swimering lights. He was somewhere else. ” Mom you ever regret not having more kids!”Wesley said. “We thought of having more. Then he died! Why?”she asked. “I have no idea why i thought of it!”Wesley said. Then he was back.
“Wess you ok?”Lesley asked. “Yea less I’m fine!”he said.”you look like you have seen a ghost'”she said. “Its hard to explain!” He said.
“Today the united federation of planets is putting a hundred year cold war with the jurendra asana allience to an end. The peace treaty will put an end to the hostilities between the two powers. The klingon empire has refused to sign thr treaty witch normilizes relations between the federation and the alience! “The reporter said.
“While the federation is not totally happy with every policy established by the alliance,the federation fleet is strached thin and with the emurgence of black holes,the federation feels that it had choice but to agree to this case fire!”
“WHole sectors whiped out. They terned a gray coller. This is not an acident. Someone is destibolizing the galaxsy. They are trying to reshape the galaxy!”a human looking male said.
” The focal point began at the disapearence of the enterprise d. The dissapearence changed every thing. “The first male looking man said.
“We must stop the disapearence!”the second male said.
End of part three


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