episode 3

Realm part two

Uss enterprise
“Captain’s log,the enterprise is  Serveying the elrond nubula. Our mission is mostly scientific in nature. ”
“So is the ship fully recovered from the incident with the furengi?”jack said. “Every thing checks out. Believe me sir i have rechecked it four times!” Chief engineer argyile said.
“It does not totally eleviate my fears but i will take it!” Jack said. “I know what you meen!” Argyile said. “I just don’t want any more suprises!” Jack said. “I thought that was the nature of our mission ?”argyile said. “It is! Cary on!” Jack said.
“Thank you for showing me this program!”leslie said. “No problem ! Feel free to use it any time !”lt. Yar said. “Thank you lt. It is nice to be noticed. Some times i feel over shadowed by Wesley! “She said. “I figured. You will be noticed. You will play a sugnificant role to the universe and to star fleet!” She said. ” I really hope so! When you were my age. Did you have asperations!” She asked.
“My home planet was a war zone. My citty was controled by rival gangs. They did not care if someone got caught in the cross fire. Every day was a strugal to servive. I felt that that life was not all there was. I believed that there had to be something better. Now i see that there is. ” She said.
“Well it is almost time for my shift! Catch ya later!”yar said. “Thanks  lt!”she said. She excited the hollowdeck. The hollow deck closed.
“There is probably not much for non science or engineering staf to do on this mission !” Rycer said.”i still have things to do commander!” Worf said. “I was not woried about that!” Rycer said.
Lt. Yar entered the bridge. She releved ensign youngblood at tactical. A few second later captain crusher entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge !”Gordi commented. “As you were! ” jack said.
” Captain i am detecting an unusual energy reading nearby!” Lt. Commander data said. ” can you determine the nature of the energy reading ?” Jack asked. ” Not at present ! ” data said.
“I know that this won’t make our science departments happy but i want to know what is going on!” Jack said.
“Mr. Data send the location to mr. Laforge! ” Jack ordered. Data transfered the coordinates to the helm. “I have it!”gordi said. Gordi set the coordinances. The enterprise went to warp.
The enterprise arived at the location of the energy reading. “All stop!” Jack ordered.”we are at all stop!”gordi said. ” Begin scan!”commander rycer ordered.”Comencing scan now! ” data anounced. The computer ran the scan. “Sir! The energy seams to be multi dimensional!”data said. “Multi dimensional?”bill said. “I sense a presence of some kind. I believe someone is on the orther side of those readings. ” Deana said.
  Suddenly the reading emits some kind of beam. A ray hit the enterprise. “I believe it is some of tractor beam!” Data said.
The enterprise fired on the ray. The beam was not abated. The ship was caught. The ship was unable to get out of the mysterious tractor beam. The enterprise was slowly being sucked into the doorway.
Within a few seconds,the enterprise was gone. There was just open space. Even the doorway was gone. All was qiet and calm.
Where was the ship? It was any ones gues. Would they be back? end of part 2


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