episode 3


” welcome to federation today a look at news of the day afecting the united federation of planets and beyond. I’m your host blare jonson. ”
” Today marks the 25th aniversery of the dissapearence of the galaxy class starship enterprise ncc 1701-d. The vessel vanished without a trace after only a few weeks in its mission to explore beyond the rim of the known galaxy. The vessel was reported near the jackman nebula. ”
“There was an exstensive search by uss hood,esex,excelsior,ambassador and the sister ships uss yamato and odyisy. The vessel was never found and was oficialy declared lost. ”
“Over the years there has been much speculation. Several books have been written. Every student at star fleet academy and daystrom has a take on it. ”
” sense its dissapearence the federation itself has endured some difficult days. The asana and jurendra have invaded much of the non sligned sector. They have concured low tech worlds turning there inhabitents into slave labor mining material for there military reserch and development. ”
“At the sane time the bajorens have tried to punish the cardesiens for there ocupation wich ended after cripiling defeats to the asana ans furengi.the federation has tried to tiptoe around the bajorens. While the tholiens and breen and sheliek have increase there influence as well. ”
“We have seen a destrsbolized romulin empire. With threats by the jirandra and rebelion by outor worlds and a growing remen recistence the romulin have largly turned inward. The federation-klingon alience had been on its own. ”
“That combined with a computor virus that forced the star fleet to recall much of there fleet. The federations and star fleet has had a difficult time. ”
“Today president yishi tigumie will lay a reaf at the utopia planatia’s enterprise birth. He will be making remsrks. At star fleet headquarters they will be observing a moment of silience. While some have called for an enterprise e but bras has been reluctant to name a new enterprise!” The male reporter said.
  A male was watching the newscast at a hotel lobby. “Can i get you anything more?” The waistress asked. The gentleman said no.
Beyond space and time lied the answers. This was not the future but a possible future.
End of part one


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