episode two

The hijack part six

The saucer hit the furengi murader and the drive section. While Wesley moved to another location and acesed a terminal.
He got right to work. He decided to use the chanel he had with Leslie. Like wess less was very knowledgible of engines and starship equipment and technology. It is unsure if her interest it it was a naturaly accuring phenomina or if it waa because it was all Wesley talked about so she figured it must be important. She like wess did have an aptitude for all of it.
The two were trying to regain acess to the battle drive. With control of the drive back in the hands of that section,it would not be as hard to regain control of that section. At least that was the hope.
They were as ready as they would ever be. “Leslie to bridge. I am sending you to the program. I have no clue if it will work or not. “Leslie said.
“I have the information captain!”lt. Yar reported. “Alright! Make it happen !”jack ordered.
The crew were trying to gain control of the battle section of the enterprise. The two crushers had designed a virus that transfered contriol to the maine bridge,well if it worked.
The saucer continued fireing on the enemy until the very last second. It fired phasers on the murader.
“Ready! “Yar reported. The captain gave the go ahead. Yar sent the computer virus.

“This is just too easy! “Letok said. The battle drive was holding its own. Suddenly the helm officer realized he was locked out. “I can’t aces helm control!”kayron said.
“Get it back!” The furengi officer In command said. “Weapons is off line!” Mordock reported. “Why is this ship suddenly not working ? ” letok asked.
None of the battle bridge function were working. None of the furengi crew on the bridge knew why.
“Report!” Daimon tarr ordered from the murader. “We have run into a small problem !”the first officer reported.
“What kind of problem ?” The furengi daimon demanded to know.
“We are no longer in control of the battle section !”letok anounced. ” what ! What’s going on?”tarr asked. “I am not sure sir! ” letok said.
“Regain control of the ship now!”the daimon ordered. “We are trying !”the first officer tried to assure his commander. “Try harder!” He ordered.
  “I am in control of the battle section!”worf reported. ” Tasha send a security team to the transfer point. Prepare for recoupiling. “Now?” Rycer said. “Yea!”jack said.
“We are heading for the saucer!” Krayron said. “Stop it!” Letok ordered. “I can’t!” He anounced. The two sides headed towards eachother.
The two sides of the galaxy class starship headed back for each other. The murader fired on the saucer.
“Shields are holding!” Data said. “This has to be one for the record!”gordi observed. “I believe all events that occur on a starship hoever mundane are recorded in the ships log!” Data said. “Mr. Data you have a nack for taking an extrodinary event and killing it!” Gordi said. “It ia a gift!”data said.
The enterprise did not fire back.it took the schots. The drive section backed into the saucer.the two sides began to recouple. The ship was intact once again.
The security team stormed the drive section. The furengi opened fire on the star fleet team.
“Mr. Worf can you oppen the satus tubes?”jack asked. “Atempting to acess it now!”the Klingon said. Worf scaned around and found it.
The tubes opened. The crew began to wake up. Soon the furengi would be overun.
“The crew is waking up!” Worf reported. “Get me daimon tarr!” Jack said. “On screen!” Yar said.
“Captain interesting move! My people won’t give up. We will fight till the end. We will take out as manny of your people as we can. We are experts at war of atrition and gerila warfare captain. You will acomplish nothing !”tarr said.
” Order your trops to stand down!  I will release them. We all go home!”jack said. “I don’t think so! It does not quite work that way. I won’t yield. I want your ship either in my custody or destroyed. Right now i don’t care whitch! ” tart said.
” May the better ship win! Close the chanel!” Jack said. Yar deactivated the com unit. “Chanel closed! ” yar said. The enterprise fired on the enemy ship. The battle was in full swing.
End of part six.


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