episode two

The hijack part five

Enterprise battle drive
Schimota and obrian made it to a computor terminal. They tried to find the link up with the furengi ship. They hoped to find it and disrupt it.
Furengi vessel
“Daimon! Someone is trying to acess the network command !”a furengi tech reported. ” Dawn it! Stop it! ” daimon tar said. “I am atempting to!” The tech answered.
“They know what we are planing. They are atempting to stop us!” Obrian said. “I am not surprised.i fugured they might. ” Schimota said. ” I am atempting to counter them !” Milles said.
“They are fighting us!” The tech said. “Tract them! Find there location! I want them stoped now! ” daimon tar ordered.
The tech tried to determine where the interference was. He found it. “Got um sir!”the tech anounced. ” Send the coordinates to letok!” Tarr ordered. The tech sent the data.
Letok got the data. He ordered trops sent to locate those trying to stop there plan.
“They are on there way!” Obrian told the assistent chief. “I almost found the link with the command ship. Come on! ” Schimota said.”hury! They will be hear soon!” Obrian told schimota.
  The assistant chief engineer found the link. He was able to sever the link.
“I am no longer in the battle section !” The tech said. “Get the conection back! Do it now!” The daimon ordered. The tech tried to reteve the link. He was blocked at every turn.
The door opened. The trops entered. “Its over! ” letok said.”the link has been severd ! That all that matters!’schimota said. “We will have it up and running. You have accomplished nothing !”letok said. “We will see!”obrian said. 
U.s.s enterprise
Saucer section
“Captain, the dampening field is down!”worf said. “Wess can you hear me?”jack said.”yes i can. I loat contact with schimota and obrien. I think they may have been captured. ” Wess said.
“Sit tight wess! We are on our way!” Jack said. “Understood. I will do my best to go undetected until then!”wes said. “Please do!”jack said.
He just hoped he could hold out long enough before the saucer section could arive. He knew it would not be easy.
The enterprise saucer neard the drive. “We are being hailed!” Yar said. ” On scrreen ! “Jack said. “This is mordock! Stand down! We may not be linked with the command ship any more but i am still in command jack!” Mordock said.
” i won’t give up a part of my ship without a fight !” Jack said. “Nor will i “mordock said.
The screen faided. The drive section fired on the enterprise saucer. Then the furengi murader fired on the saucer.
“Shields holding!”yar reported.”return fire!”jack ordered. The saucer fired multiple phaser volleys on the saucer.
The murader hit them from the orther side. “Shields at 90 percent!” Yar reported.
” You can’t win this. If you leave we will let you leave in one peace!”tarr said. “I would perfer my ship in one peace!” Jack said. “We don’t always get what we want!” Tarr said. “I never give up! You will have to destroy me tar! I am gusing you won’t be able to! I dont think you are quite the warier you think you are!”jack said.
“Bluster i would recognize it in any species. Your out of your league jack. ” tarr said.
Jack non verably told yar to kill the view screen. “Chanel closed!”yar said. ” captain i have an an idea. I believe i can retake control of the drive section. I will requre the younger mr. Crusers help.”data said.
He told him the idea. It was risky but plausible. He relayed to leslie who used a laungrege they had created. Wesly agreed. The sacuer hit the enemy.  It was pot schots. It was more of a distraction. It was to buy time for the big suprise that was coming.
End of part five


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