episode two

The hijack part four

The furengi shock trops quickly borded the drive section. They atempted to take quick custody of the vessel.
“Most of the crew are unconscious ! We are detecting a few that are not'”kayron said. “Use the matter transformation device! Beam them into satus. I do not want a gurila war! ” letek said.
“Rule of aqisistion number 33,always route out insurgency before they occur. “Mordok said.
  “Grenzu to letok!” A furengi said by comunicator. “Go ahead!”letok said. “The door to engineering has been sealed. We seam to be locked out. I canit gain acess!” Grenzu said. “Go to the battle bridge. You can transfer the engineering functions to the aft station on the battle Bridge!” Letok said.
“Do you think we have insurgent abored?” Mordok asked.”its posible. The gass we used to knock out the crew is not a hundred percent! We knew the risk. This could be a problem. In the battle of sucora,the cardesiens had a perfect plan. Lure the asana to an ambush. It almost worked. One of there ships had unexpected engine trouble. The ship was intercepted by an asana scout. The asana discovered a secret staging area. The commander ordered reinforcements. The whole strategy fell apart before it could be implimented. Six mouth later the cardesiens sued for peace. Now the cardesian empire is a shell of its former self and the asana are a developing universal power. We must route this out!”letok said.
The three made it to a jefries tube. “They are beaming the crew to satus tubes.”obrian said.”they have failed to get into engineering but they may be able to transfer engineering functions to the station on the battle bridge!” Jim said.
“Where is the saucer section ?” Wesley asked. “My gues is they had this well planed out. They probably thretened to cut life suport from the ship unless he backed off! “Obrian said.
“We have to get a mesege to my dad. Try to coordinate some kind of counter ofensive! ” Wesley said. “Are you like 12! Are you suposed to be intetested in hover cars and girls?” Jim asked. “I’m 16. I have studied star fleet mission sense i was young. “Wesley said.
“Ok! I know the chief thinks highly of you wess. I think he would like to hire you. He suspects you may know the ship better then he does. Regulation sate in a crises when comunication is down,restoration of comunication is a high priority. ” Jim said.
“I can do it lt. I know a way to get a message to my sister!” Wess said. “Ok do it! Miles we need to find out how they got control of the ships function from there ship and cut it off. We will meat back hear in one hour. ” Jim said.
Uss enterprise
“I sense your son. He is woried but determined! ” deana said. “Sounds like him! If there was a way to not be sucombed by whatever they used,it would be him!”jack said. “You are very proud of him?” Rycer asked.” He is a chip off the old block. He is going to surpass me i think. Funy when he was a baby,i figued he would become a doctor. Both he and leslie want to be in star fleet. Matt changes every week and annie is a baby so we don’t know yet!” Jack said.
“Captain! I have a visual on the drive section !” Data said. Jack and rycer went over to the aft science station. The image shows furengi trops. “That’s a furengi! They are a lot shorter then i expected!  I can’t sense them. Some races are impervious to my emphethic abilities. The breen is one! Apearently so is the furengi!” Deana said.
“They seam to be in control of a good portion of the ship! ” yar said. “Do we know where they are?” Jack asked. “Not yet! We are working on it!” Worf said. “Ok! Do it!”jack said.
On the drive section wess worked to not be seen by the hostile forces. Wes always took life more seriously then someone his age would. He found a terminal. He tried to set up a link with a class room computer on the drive.
Saucer bridge
“Captain! Someone from the battle section is atempting to acess a school computer on our ship. “Worf said.
“Leslie! I think wess is trying to contact you though a school room computer ! ” jack said. “I am checking it out now dad'”she said.
“School room computer ?”gordi asked. ” It is an old trick. The school room is on a seperate network from the others. My kids took advantage of that. ” Jack said.
“Dad! Wess says that lt. Obrian and lt. Schimota are awake. Engineering is locked out for now. They are going to find the saurce of there control. ” Leslie said.
“Does Wesley say where they are?” Jack said. “Yes i am sending it to mr. Data!” She said. “Odd? When i was his age. I would not use a device to talk to my sister ! “Gordi said.
“Got it. Sending it to the helm!” Data said. “Got it!”gordi said.”intercept ! Less tell Wesley to sit tight and stand by. Have him keep contact as much as he can!” Jack said. “Sending now dad!” Lesslie said.
The enterprise saucer headed to the battle section. This was a gamble and every one knew it. They could not alow the battle section to fall into enemy hands. They could not allow the drive section to make it to ferenginar.
Jack went over to yar. “Tasha in an extreme case is it posible to rig a self distruct?” Jack asked. “It is! ” she said. “It will be a last resort.”jack said. Jack hoped that they would not have to do this. He was not sure.
End of part four


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