episode two

“The hijack”

Planet furaginar
200 Years ago
  The planet was all about greed. The story is a man named gint went on a spritual quest on another planet. He saw a pot of gold. He believed mony was every thing. He overthrew the furengi government and created a society based on extreme form of capitalism.
  ” We canot find daimon burek! We have had sigtings of his ship but canot locate him!” An aid informed the nagus.
“Why should i be concerned about one daimon?”the nagus said. “There are rumors he is formenting rebellion. “A daimon said. “So! I have delt with a lot of rebellions and rumors of rebellion in my time as nagus. None have panned out! Neither will this one! That i am convinced off!” The nagus declared.
“He should be taken serious. This man is a celebrated officer! He has garnered a lot of support !”the daimon said.
“I have looked at his portpholio.he has no mony! You cannot cary out any corps on furenginar without mony!” The nagus said.
“With all due respect to daimon jurelt,this man is a joke. There is no way he can gain power. You are perfectly safe!”the clerk said.   In orbit,several ships entered. The ships opened fire. The ships were not expecting the attack . The ships were unprepared.
  The forces loyal to burek were able to incompacitate the forces ‘loyal’ to the nagus.
Burek and his forces stormed the home of the nagus. He went into the private chamber. “Going in hear is a capital ofense!”the nagus said. “I would love for you to try. The nagus has no cloths!”burek said. His folowers laughed.
“Greed is not eternal! Greed is dead!” Burek declared. “This will never work! “The nagus said. “I think it will!” Burek said. The nagus was escorted out.
Burek sat in the seat of the nagus. He took all of the business and nationalized them. He built up the military and put much into research and development.

“Hello lt!”Lesley crusher said. “Hello Lesley !”lt. Yar said. “Heading to the bridge ?” She asked. ” Yes! “She said.
“This is quite a ship?” Leslie said. “Best ship in the fleet,at least i think so!”yar said. “I do too. I can’t believe we are hear. This makes our last posting feel like a bojoren sailing ship!” She said.  “I saw you at helm! You have quite the nack for it! “Yar said. “I am glad you noticed it ! My dad is quite taken with Wesley . I am not sure he notices!”leslie said.
“He will. Wess will be going off to the academy and you will be able to shine!” Yar said. “I plan to make captain before he does!” Leslie said. Yar left.
The turbo lift opened. “Have a good day lt!”she said. “You too Lesley !”yar said. Yar got inside the lift. The door closed.
“Sir! There has been some intermittent power flucurations all over the ship!” Worf anounced.”what is causing it?”jack said. “We are not sure yet! We are performing full diegnostics!”chief enginer argyile said. “We are a galaxy class vessel ,this is beyond sate of the art,this should not be happening!”jack said.
“We will figure it out sir!”argyile said. “Please do chief and hurry!”jack incisted.
“Sir! Saucer seperation has been iniciated!”gordi reported.”stop it!” Jack said. “I cannot over ride it!” Gordi said. “I am atempting to on my end as well!”data reported.
The enterprise began to seperate into two parts. No onw knew why. There was no stoping it.
There was a nearby ship waiting and waching. ” It is beginning !” The furengi daimon said.
End of part one


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