episode one

Encounters the conclusion

The planet rener was considered to be the center of the empire. It was a transit point for traval and trade though the empire. There was plenty of mining as well. The planets population included natives and romulons.
The romulon ships set up a blokade. The enterprise battle section arived. The ships assumed a defensive stance.
Battle bridge
“Alright what are we looking for?” Jack asked. “An energy creture! I have ajusted the scan acordingly. “Data said.
“Begin the scan,start with the civilian ships. I doubt he is on the serface yet or the planet would already be destroyed. “Jack said.
Data began to scan the computor for any sign of the life form. He checked every vessel. He found none on the civilian vessels. He altered the search grid for the military vessels. Perhaps one of the aliens snuck aboard.
Data was able to locate the creture. “Captain the creture is abored the flagship!” Data said. “It must have snuck aboared unoticed ! ” yar said. “Can you locate where the creture is?”jack said. “Yes i have!” Data said. “We warn them either they will go bizerk or the alien will!” Rycer said.
“Alright ! I may be comitting an act of war! I’m going over there! Yar with me. Bill it might get ugly! “Jack said. ” i am prepared for that sir!” Bill said.
” Let’s go!” Jack said. Crusher and yar excited the battle bridge. Rycer took the command chair. “It is going to get realy dicy!”rycer said.
Transporter room
  The chief activated the controls.jack,yar and a security team got on the pad. The team beemed off of the ship.
The team emerged on the ship. The transporter ride was a bit bumpy. The chief had to time it just right to get though the shields. They had made it.
A group of soldjers came to them. They had weapons. “What is the meaning of this!”the cenrurion said. “You have an intruder on bored!” Jack declared.”your the only intruder i see!”a soldjer said.
“We don’t have time for this!”yar declared. Yar ran with her phaser. The gaurds  chased her.
A creture falls off of the ceiling.the creture went for yar. The romulons fired on the creture. The creture seamed to not be afected by the phaser or disruptor fire.
Jack put the phaser on the kill setting. He fired. It caused the creture to stop.
“John j crusher! Called jack!”the jirendra said. “Who are you?” Jack said. “We once were and will be again ! ” the jirendra said.
“The jurendra! To the asana your gods! To the romulons your a manace! ” he said.
The energy creture continued on. Jack tried to climb on to the ceiling. He fired on the alien.”you cannot harm me mortal! “He said. “That has never detered me before !”jack declared. 
He ran to the creture. The creture ran to open space. The ships opened fire on the ceeture. The creture fired on a dederudex class vesel and the ship was vaporized in an instent.
The creture headed for the planet. The ships tried to blokade the planet and tried to keep the alien from getting to the planet. 
The creture hit one of the warbirds. The warbird exploded.the creture tried to get to the planet. The ships tried to set up another blokade.
  At the central military facility of the planet,a tech presed a few buttons. A weapons platform fired a masive mistle on to the creture. The creture was partialy wounded. It was a flesh wound.
The creture kept on going. The weapons platform fired multiple mistles on the creture. This one did some damage. The creture was beamed off of the planet.
The creture emurged in a transporter beam. There was a force field around the beam.
“This will not keep me enslaved foever! “The jirendra said.”one thing at a time! “Jack said. ” we have no qarel with your silly federation! You don’t even like the romulons!” He declared.
“We believe that every race has the right to excist!” Jack said. “We do as well so long as they do not interfere with our agenda! “The jurendra said.
” the romulons must be destroyed. They will be! If not today! They will be down the road!” The jirendra declared.
“We have a saying on earth,’the devils greatest lie was convincing the world that he did not excist. ‘ I know you excist now! We know!” He said.”it won’t be enough!” He said.
“Enerzize!” Jack ordered. The creture was beamed to a chryonic unit in the cargo bay.
“Captain’s log, the threat from the jurendra for now is over. The enterprise has set a course for the federation border. The asana has continued to build up his border presence but has toned down the rhetoric . Admiral keriek has returned to the asana homeworld. ”
“While the chrises is over,we have reason to believe that there will be more trouble with the asana to come. ”
The saucer section and battle section recoupled. The ship was once again in one peace. The ship was whole.
Jack entered the bridge with the senior officers. “I yield command back to you!” Worf said.”i acept.”jack said. Jack took the command chair.
  Unknown location
“This jack crusher is quite intreging!” A female looking person said. “He is no jean luc but he might do!” Q said.
“All decks standing by!” Yar said now dresed in a uniform skant. “Mr. Laforge set course for the legolas system !”jack ordered. The helm set the course. “Course plotted !” Gordi said. “Lets see what’s out there!” Jack said.
The end.



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