episode one

Encounters part 14

Battle section
Confrence room
“Why rener! Why not sutril or canda?”tabok asked. “They want to destroy romulous. They have picked planets on a direct course. Several they have ignored. Given every thing we know,i believe i can sate with a near certainty thay rener will be next!”data said.
“It is a big risk! I can’t see leaving sutril vanerable to attack !”thei said. ” thei said. ” I understand that your concern. If you lose rener,romulis and remus will be wide open. You have to protect rener!”jack said.
The commander thought it over.
“He is corect! We canot risk losing rener! We are send as many ships as we can spare to rener!” Tabok said.
“On the advice of a star fleet captain. This is lunacy!” Thei said.”they have destroyed two planets. We canot risk losing romulous! ” tabok said.
“How can we trust these people ?”thei said. “Look we have never comited war crimes against the romulin people. We try to avoid war at all cosst. The nutral zone treaty had held together for 200 years. We don’t want the romulin empire to fall! I asure you of that. I have been totally forthright with you. I’m not the enemy!”jack said.
“The decision has been made! We will do it there way! We have no chioce! ” tabok said. “Very well!”the exo said.
“Captain’s log the romulons have reluctantly agried to our help! I only hope we are not late! There are bilons of people on rener. I hope they can be saved!”jack said. 


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