episode one

Encounter part ten

Dispite the pain he experienced,jack moved on. Jack had to get off this planet. Jack had to get this information to star fleet. With every step it got harder and harder. He had to keep going.
He had no idea if he was dying or not. That was non seqitor at this point. All he could think about was bev and his kids. He wanted to see them again. He hoped he would be able to.
He kept going. He sumoned every last strength he had. Finally he saw the scout ship. He really hoped that this was not a mirage. He just kept going. He neared the craft. He opened the craft.
He got inside. He felt like he was going to pass out. He knew he. Had to act fast. “Computor lift off. Head for the randevez site!”jack said trying to speak though the pain.
The computor acknowled the order. The ship lifted off. The scout ship headed off of the planet. It entered normal space and headed to the enterprise.
The minute he felt the cousteu going to warp,he colapsed. He was in and out of conscicousness thoughout the jouney.
Asana vessel
“The enterprise has left the border. They left at high warp!”the tactical officer reported. ” Reports from the field say jack crusher was rescured by the romulin inteligence service. “The com officer said.
“He probably has a little more clue as to what he is up against ! “Keriek said. “This japordizes our plans!” The first officer said.
“Not really ! It just meens we need to up our time table!” Keriek said. “You have a contingintcy plan?” The first officer asked. “I have several! ” the admiral now in charge of the asana said.
Uss enterprise
“I am detecting the cousteu! The pilot seams in distress!” Yar reported. Dr. Crusher was concerned. She tried not to show outward signs. “Have the vessel targarted back to the private bay!” Rycer ordered.
The scout ship was brought back to the dedicated birth. The ship completed docking. Dr. Crusher and a medical team ran to the private hanger.
  A cargo bay tech opened the shartle. Dr. Crusher and her team ran in to the craft. He was alive.
Jack was lying on his stomich on the bio bed in sickbay. He had his shirt off. 
She found the talon. “Bev am i going to live?”he said talking between pain. “Yes you are! If you listen to every thing i say!”bev said. “Can i get a different doctor?”he asked. She tuged on the talon. “Aww! That was uncalled for!”jack said.” One number one don’t tic off your doctor !”she said. “Good advice!” He said.
  “How are you captain?”data asked. “A bat talon is trying to inpregnate me!”jack said. “I believe that is biologicaly imposible for a mahascilion bat !”The android comented.
“Never mind mr data!”jack said. “Jack i need you to hold perfectly stil,at least if you don’t want to be parilized the rest of your life! ” bevily told him. “Very well!”he said.
Nurse zerberest a male nurse toik out a lazer scelpo and presented to the doctor. She carefully cut though the flest trying to detach the talon. The talon was removed. She then cuterized the wound.
“Its out!” He asked. “Its out jack! No thanks to the patcient!” She said. “I might need a house call later!”he said. “I am not sure i do house calls!”she said laughing. They kissed.
“Oh yes ! Being infested by bet talon interfeares with my ability to keep focused. Mr data i obtaned a file on the tridek attact from the telshiar. Anilize it. Also i want you to look into enemies of the romulin empire. Look into historical files even myithology!”jack ordered. “Understood! I will get right on it!”data said. “Very good! Thank you !” Jack said.
“What’s going on jack?” Bevily asked. ” I think someone with a grudge agest the romulons is behind the attack. I think we can be deeling with some kind of energy creture or with super powers as it were. I think the asana may be aligned with these people. I suspect that they may be trying to realign the galaxy! ” jack said.
  “Bridge to captain!” Yar said. “Go ahead !” Jack said. ” a miradorn planet has falen to the asana!” Yar said. “The asana is on the move! “Jack said.
End of part ten.


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