episode one

Encounters part 9

Jack was not suprised to see them hear. He long suspected there was a conection between the asana and the attack on tridex. The timing seamed too close to be a coincidence. It seams he was right. He was not sure how he felt about being right.
Instead of answering questiones,it created brand new ones. The romulons and the asana had virtualy no contact . There interest did not drove tail into the others.
“I knew you were involved somehow! You realy trying to ster up trouble ! “Jack said. ” The asana’s star is rising! We are not the new order! The galaxsy is realigning! Asana prime will be the center. We will be like your ancient citty of rome. All roads will lead to us! “The leader of the asana said.
“Why pick a fight with the romulons. It makes so sense. Deal with us first and the Klingons. Then later on deal with the romulons. Your waking up a sleaping gient!” Jack said.
“You fail to understand the nature of the war in witch we fight captain'” the asana declared.
“Perhaps you could explain to me!”he said. One of the asana struck him. “Your making life difficult for us! We had hoped to pacify star fleet for a while. Keep you out of the fighting for now. Your snoping around hear thretends all of that! You have put us in a qandry. We can’t kill you but we can’t let you live?” He said.”may i sugest time traval?”jack said.
Jack was proud of his little quip. The interogators were not. Not at all. “You don’t seam to be taking this serious . You present a threat to our plans. I don’t like when things dont go as planed. It  makes me upset! ” the leader said.
“One is not always is control of his own destiny! “Jack said. ” No but it is best to aly with one who is!”the man said.
Suddenly there was disruptor fire. The asana tried to fight back. One of the gaurds was hit. Then another was hit. The leader presed a buton on a com unit. The man then vaporized the unit. The cave started to buckle. Jack felt the stucture start to cave in on him. Then he passed out.
Jack woke up. He felt a little disoriented. “Give it time!”the man said. His vision was blury but started to clear up. With a few seconds he could see clearly again. The man leaning over him was a romulon.
“Were you the one that rescued me?”jack asked. “Yes indeed i was. “He said. “What took you so long?”jack said . “I was wating to see how much information i could get from our friends . I figured they would never taken alive. I figured this was the only way. “He said.
“I see! “Jack said. “I am colnel lovok telshiar!” He said. “Captain jack crusher starship enterprise!”jack said. ” Enterprise again ! What is your obseson with that name?”he said. “Every ship named enterprise has had a storied history !”jack said. “Of course! Humans! Your so sentimental ! “The colnel said.
“I am very sory about tridex!”he said. “Look jack! We have been careful to control the flow of information about tridex. The planet was designed from the core out! “Lovok said.
“Was it some kind of explosive?”jack asked. “That was our first suspicion but upon futher investigation we have determined that it was a creture.”lovok said.
“I see! The asana made a reference to an aly who is in control of destiny. I dismished it at the time. Now i think it may be an important clue! “Jack said.
“I don’t think the asana has an argument with my people. I suspect there patrone does. The romulon and federation rarely agree on anything . It seams in this our interest intersect. On this we agree. “He said.
He took out a disk. He gave it to him. “You did not get this from me. The oficial stance of the empire is that the federation is a conpetitor of the empire. My little gift is how do you say it’off the books'”lovok said
“Understood. I apreciate this!”jack said. “Jorlan tru captain crusher!” He said.
Jack used his tricorder to find the shartle. While nearing an agress,he heard something . It was the planets version of a bat.the creture reached down and struck jack. It put a talon in his back. He writhed in pain.
End of part 9.


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