episode one

Encounters part 7

Enterprise d
“Captain! Keriek keeps haling us!’ Yar said. “We are not going to do as he ask are we?”worf asked. “We can’t. If we did,he could use it for propinganda perposes or he might attack someone else. It is slightly possible that he is sincere. He does want to end all hostility. It just does not jive. We will see! I hope I’m wrong ! “Jack said.
“Sir! Admiral hildalgo is on the line! Priority one!” Yar said. “I will take it in the ready room!” Jack said. “Bill you have the bridge “he ordered. “Aye sir!” Rycer said.
“JACK,the news is coming out in spurts but it seams that the romulan colony of tridex was destroyed. The empire is on high alert! ” The admiral said.
“What could destroy a world? “Jack said. “I don’t know! That is what is so concerning. There was no warning. We could be dealing with a new kind of weapon. “Hildalgo said.
“We know who was behind it?” He asked. “Not yet but we are still investigating. There has no direct contact  with them sense the tomed incident. We are using every back chanel we can come up with but we don’t have anything as of yet! ” The admiral said.
“There was no warning?” Jack asked. “None that we are aware of! ” the admiral said. “Could the asana have been involved ?” Jack asked. “I don’t see why they would have. The asana don’t have any space near the romulons. As far as i know they don’t have any contact with them. I think if they had such a weapon they would use it on us first!” Hildalgo said. ” I know but it is just really odd timing. Keriek seizes control of the asana now this happens! Something seams off about the whole thing!” He said.
“I am with you on that point jack but whatever it was was very saphisticated. It is beyond anything we have witnesed before!” Admiral hildalgo said.
“There must be something we can do to help the romulons!” Jack said. “We would if they asked but so far they have not. We cannnot go where we are not welcome!”the admiral said. “Of course sir! “Jack said. “I am just glad that the enterprise is out there!”hildalgo said. “As am i sir!” Jack said.
“For now i want the enterprise to remain at the border with the asana pending any new orders!”the admiral said. “Understood !”he said. “We will keep in touch star fleet out!”hildalgo said. Jack deactivated the monitor.
“Hello bev!”jack said. “Why do i think this is not just my loving husband coming to check in on me?” Bev asked. He laughed. “Bev i need your help. As i seam to recall, you have a friend who was a doctor on a berolien colony.”he said. “Yes dr. Chanderen! “She said. “The beroliens conduct trade with the romulons. “He said. “I have heard rumors to that afairs!” She said. “Look bevily! I was hoping that you might be able to get me into contact with a romulon! ” jack said.
“Why jack i thought you maried me for my medical skils! “She said. “I thought it was for your looks but ok!”he said. “How can i say no to that kind of flatery! “She said. “I need some information !”he said.
“What’s going on jack?”bevily said.”bev i have this hunch that somehow the asana factors in to the destruction of the romulan. I have absolutely no proof. It is just a hunch. I would like to explore it! ” he said.
“Is this even close to a good idea?” She asked. “Probably not. It not entirely star fleet sanctioned!”jack said. “What percentage is it sactioned?”she asked. “About 0 percent give or take zero. ” Jack said. “That was what i thought! You wil be off on your own! ” she asked. “Yes i will be carefull! “Jack said.
“You better! I can’t imagine my life without you. Your family needs you jack!”bevily said. “I will come back. Can’t get rid of me that easily !”he said. “Good'” she said.
Ready room
“You wanted to see me sir?”commander rycer said. “Yes bill come in! Sit down! ” jack said.”Feels like i am being called to the principles office!”rycer said.”no your fine bill! Look i know of the time that you refused to let captain desoto beam down to altair three. ” jack said.
“It was a violitile situation. The captain had no business beaming down there. I believe i was corect!”rycer said.
“Far be it for me to coment on an event i did not witness first hand. I gota say that there are times that a comanding officer is required to be on site himself !” He said.
“Alright ! I suspect this is not an acedemic discussion !”bill said. “You are corect! Will i am about to go on a fishing expedition. Only you and my wife know about it. Can we keep it that way?”he asked. “Where are you going?”he asked. “I can’t discus. I need you to trust me. You don’t me and i don’t know you. Something is off. I feel it! I know it. I have to know for sure. Please let me do this?” He said.
“I can’t stop you. I do have some concerns about it. You better come back in one pease or i will put you on report!”he said. “fair enough I will be back as soon as i can!” Jack said. “What do i do with keriek?” Rycer said. ” Stal him!” He said. “Understood!”he said.
Jack went to the private bay of the captain’s yaught. He went to the cockpit of the scout ship. The vessel launched. It headed for the berolien colony of mahascal. He needed answers. He wanted them yesterday.


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