episode one

Encounters part six

“Captain’s log,it is with great reluctance that i have agreed to sit down with admiral keriek. A man who is caling himself the supreme leader of the asana. I am concerned by even meating with him. I want to do every thing i can to prevent any kind of conflict or at least try to. I hope that cooler heads can prevail. ”
The door opened,keriek entered. The sicurity gourds were dismissed and waited outside the door.
“What should i call you?”jack asked. “Admiral is fine!”he said.”very well admiral. Please sit down !”he said. He sat down.”can i offer something ?”he asked.”no i am fine thank you. “He said.
” i am now in charge of the political ,military and religious aperatus of the asana. I am in a position where i can deal with you!”he said.
“What do you want?” Jack asked.”the federation has no interest in the area you call grid 400. Why not cede it to us. In exchange i will give up all clams to what we call the anex. I would agree to a bufer zone controled by third parties. Peace keepers. I would agree to norminilize diplomatic relations. We could begin full implimentation imiduately. “He said.
“While i am by anyone’s standards a hard liner. I do not want a shooting war or a cold war. You have no interest in grid 400,i have no real interest in the anax. Lets swap it! ” keriek said.
” It is an interesting perposal. Why the build up? Thia looks like a prelude to war!”jack observed.”i may be esentialy a dictator but even i have a constituency to answer you. A despot relies on suport. The military is ansy. I have to provide them with what humans call red meat. I am no different then your people ronald reagon! I can call you the evil empire while at the same time engage in negociations that will eleviate the situation. I am a soljder. I may be a man of war but i am not a man of violence !” Keriek said.
“Those teritorial consesons have to be carefully studied !we cannot rush into a deal like this! I don’t want protracted conflict with you! I am sure that we can work this out. “Jack said.
“If you would agree to a plaliminary set of principles. My request is resonible. We both get something out of this deal!” Keriek said.
” it is an interesting perposal. I will take it under advisement!” Jack said. “You canot make a firm comitment either way!’he said. “Not at this time no!” Jack said. “I am sory to hear that. I hope that we can keep the lines of comunication open”he said.”of course!”jack said.
“I know peace can exist between our two peoples. We need not be perpetual enimies. We can co exist !”he said. “I would love to see that!”jack said.
“You believe him?”deana asked .”no! Not at all. I would like to but i don’t see it! “Jack said. “I don’t want another war! “Bevily said. “Nor do i bev!”he said.
Romulin colony tridex.

The colony was one of the oldest romulan colonies aside from romulous and remus themselves. None of them knew that there was danger ahead.
A smal freighter entered the space port. It had come and gone thousands of time. No one suspected that a harbinger of doom was abored. The ocupant left the ship and went to the market place. It opened a box.
The creture ran into the planets core. The crerure burowed though to the core. The creture ran though the core. The planet exploded. Some managed to esape but very few.
The jirandra once clamed much of the worlds clamed by the romulon star empire. This was the opening salvo in the jirandra’s efort to reconqer there old taritory. It would not be the last.
End of part 6


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