episode one

Encounters part five

  U.s.s enterprise
Commander rycer walked around the coridor. He took every thing in. The hood,his last asignment could not even be compared to the magesty of a galaxy class starship. He was very impresed.
He came to the turbo lift. The lift opened. He was about to enter. Then he saw her.deana was there. He considered not entering the turbo lift but decided to go ahead and entered. The door closed behind him.
“Bridge !”he said. “Hello bill!” “Deana said. ” Hello deana!” He said. The turbo lift sped to its destination. “How have you been?”she asked. “Good! Buisy! You?”he asked. “Been good!this is going to be really awkward is it not?”deana said. “It definitely looks that way. We will get though it!”he told her. “I am sure we will!”she said. The door opened,the two entered the bridge.
“I can’t believe all this. I was not alowed on the bridge on the tyconderago. Captain andropov did not like kids. The captain hear lets me as long as i don’t get in the way!”leslie said.
“I would not wory about it. I am sure you will be fine! “Lt. Yar said.” Wess is considered the whiz kid but i think i can hold my own. My dad says me and my younger siblings were merical kids. A few years before i was born,my dad got caugt in an ambush. He almost died. He lost his best friend. Then not long after i came along! “Leslie said.
“My perents died when i was young. I raised my younger siater on my home colony. I waa lucky to get out of there!” Yar said.
Jack entered. ” more ships have arived at the asana border!”worf.said. “there is a build up?”rycer said. “That is a resonible asumption. We are also getting reports that asana embisiea have swiched there flags to the one used in there last war. It considered there imperial flag. There trade with orther races gas increased!”data said. “They are getting ready for a major conflict!” Gordi said.
“It does seam so lt! I want to be ready. I want a series of battle drills to begin imidiatelly!” Jack said. “Right away sir!” Will said.
Asana border
The enterprise D arived at the border. “Now at the border! “Gordi anounced. “Hold a defensive posture near the border mr. Laforge!” Captain crusher ordered the con officer. “Now in position !”gordi reported.
Asana border
Asana fleet
“The enterprise is leeding the border fleet! “The tactical officer said. “I was hoping that the enterprise was leading the charge! ” keriek said.
Uss enterprise
Conrence room.
In the room was captain crusher,commander rycer,lt commander data,lt. Yar,lt laforge,dr. Crusher ,worf and deana.
“Mr. Data?”jack said. “Thank you sir! The asana are a regonal empire. Twenty years ago they defeated the cardesian union and forced a painful treaty with them. The asana have fought skurmises with the talariens and tholiens. The asana and the United federation of planets have had a frosty relationship with the asana. There have been some incidents but nothing too serious. The asana have conservitive,liberal and moderate factions. The hardlinera have gained more power and influence in the last few years!”data said.
” while commanding the stargazer,i uncovered a smugling operation running though federation space. Third parties were running weapons to the cardesiens. In a way i unintentiinaly aided the asana rise to power. “Jack said.
“The asana have incisted that the bendaras system belongs to them. The federation has never had an interest in it. The federation is aprehensive about alowing it to fall into asana hands given its close proximity to several major colonies all hevily populated!”data said.
“This is a very serious situation as you can see. The federation is commited to peace. We canot ignore the threat. We will not. Lets stay vigilant !”jack said. They all agreed.
“Captain ! We are being hailed by the lead ship!” Yar said. “On screen !” Jack said. The tactical officer transferred the image to the screen.
“I am surpreme leader keriek! I am hear to discus a peaceful setlement to the curent situation ! ” he said.


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