episode one

Encounters part four

“Captain’s log we have arived at farpoint station where we begin to take on the rest of the crew including my first officer commander wiliam rycer. ”
Farpoint station
” Commander the enterprise..”the man with some kind of device arond his eyes said. “Is this an oficial report lt?”commander wiliam rycer asked. “Oh yes! Sory sir. Lt. Gordi lagorge.sir the enterprise has arived. Captain crusher would like you to bored as soon as you can!” The lt. Said.”thank you lt!”he said. “Of course commander!”the officer said.  Coridor.
” Counselor! I am heading to meat our new exo!”jack said. “I see!”deana said. “Look! Commander i am not a betazed but i senced a reaction when i even mentioned the first officer!”jack said.
“I knew commander rycer. He was stationed on betazed briefly.it was a while ago. I should have considered that we might be on the same ship but it did not cross my mind!”she said.
“Is it going to be a problem ?”jack asked.”no sir! Its not!”she said. The two entered the transportor room. “Ready on your order sir!”a slightly balding transpirtor chief said.”enerzize chief!” Jack ordered. The transporter operator activated the beam. Commander rycer materilized on the pad.
“Rycer wt reporting as ordered!”rycer said. “Welcome abored bill! It is good to have you abored. You came highly recomended. “Jack said.”i will try not to dissipoint!” He said.
He saw deana. He tried not to look stuned. “Commander !”rycer said.”hello bill! ” deana said.
“Captain you have an incoming message from admiral hildalgo,priority one!” Yar said. ” I will take it in my ready room!”jack said. “Rerouting now!”yar said. “Bill you have the bridge!” Jack said.
Jack entered his office. He turned on the monitor. ” Admiral!”he said. “Jack,you remember a couple years ago,there were rumors of an asana fleet planing to attack the banderas system ?”he asked.
“The whe area was on high alert but nothing came of it! ” he said.”a fleet just left asana space ! I believe we may be attacked! I know the enterpeise was sheduled to poke around farpoint. I want the enterprise out there. I want you to procede near the asana border!” The admiral said.
“Of course admiral!” Jack said. ” There are rumors that there gas been a change in government . We don’t have anything tengible. “He said.
“Understood!”he said. “We will keep in touch!”the admiral said.”you got it sir!” The captain said. “Star fleet out!” Then the image faided. He turned off the monitor.
“There has been a change of plan! As soon as the rest of the crew is abored,we will be leaving farpoint!”he said.
“We are not investigating the station sir?” Rycer asked. “The asana may be perparing to invade the banderas system. We are going to showing the flag! “Jack said. “We will be making the preperations sir!” Rycer said.”very good number one!” Jack said.
“So! You get to have all the fun?”captain desoto said. “Frankly i don’t consider dodging asana tallons fun but ok bob!”jack said. “I get to probe the farpoint station!”desoto said.”something is going on down there! “Jack said. “I have seen some unusual things myself . Well good luck jack!”he said.
“All decks standing by!”yar reported. ” Alright lets do it! Mr. Laforge take us out of orbit!” Jack said. The enterprise cleared orbit.
“Now clear of orbit!”data reported. “Set course for the asana border!”jack ordered. “Course ploted!” Gordi said. Jack took his hand and ordered “engage”. The enterprise went to warp.
“Troubled q?” A human looking figure asked. “Yes! “The q said. “It will pan out!”the figure said. “Perhaps !”q said.
End of part 4


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