episode one

Encounters part 3

Uss enterprise docked at space dock earth.
Earth year 2366
Location bridge
“We have incoming ships! It is the captain’s yaught. They are requesting permission to dock!”lt. Yar said. “Clear them to come abored!”chief engineer argyile temporily in command said. ” Sending now sir!” Yar said.
Captain’s yaught cousteu
  “We are clear to enter!”Wesley crusher a teen at the pilots chair said.  “Take us in ‘ensign’!”his farther jack said. “So do we get to go on the bridge ?”leslie, there daughter said. ” I will have to talk to the captain but i am sure we can work something out. ” captain crusher said. They all laughed. ” can i take the helm?”wesly asked. “Lets not get ahead of ourselves !”jack said. They laughed except for the two.little kids who did not get the joke and the baby. The cousteu entered the private bay designed specificaly for the entetprise as a scout ship. The vessel docked inside. The door closed and then the bay was depreserized.
Then the door opened and the captain and his family excited the craft. The crew snaped at attention.
“To captain john r crusher from star fleet command. You are requested and required to assume command of the u.s.s enterprise afective this date. Signed admiral norah setie. ” jack said.
“Welcome abored sir!”lt.commander data said.”you must be the android ! You came highly.recomended!”jack said. “Thank you sir. You have quite a record yourself sir!”data said.
“You must be counselor troyi”he asked.”i am sir. It is good to meat you!”she said. ” and you. You must be lt.worf!”he said. “I am sir!”worf said.” The only Klingon in star fleet ! Quite a feat!”he said . “Someone had to be the first !”worf said.”indeed!”worf said.
“All decks standing by !”yar reported. “Clear all morings!”crusher said. Lt. Torres presed the ejection buttons.”morings are off!” Toress said.”take us out con!”jack ordered. The enterprise d left the docking area. The vessel neared the space doors.
“Oppen space doors!”jack ordered. The door retracted. “Take us out!”jack ordered. The galaxy class starship excited the space dock. “We have cleared space dock!”worf reported. “Set course for farpoint station! Maximum warp! ” jack reported.torres set course and then presed the engage button. The enterprise went to warp.
What no one on the enterprise knew what was that they were being wached. Who was watching them was unknown or why. “Your not going to contact them?”one asked. “I am curious but not enough to make contact. At least not yet!” The first observer said.
Asana homeworld
Capital complex
“The fleet commanded by keriek has returned!”admiral biznovle said. ” That is not possible ! The fleet dissapered two years ago! “Grand chancellor zhienev said. “We have confirmed that it is the fleet! They are headed hear!”biznovle said. “Hear? “The chancellor asked. “Confirmed excellentcy. “Admiral geari said. This concerned the leader of the asana. It concerned him a lot. He did not not know why but he did.
Later on.
The fleet entered orbit of the asana homeworld. Keriek requested a meating of the commite of chancellors at once. The chancellors reluctantly agried to meeat with keriek. Keriek beemed down to the council chamber.
The asana legislature was tri cameral. It had a chamber of chancellors,chamber of lords and a chamber of commons. The chancellors wielded the most power. At one point the chancellor was part of the lower house but the chancellor and the ministers were given a third house designation. The military now yielded a lot of power. The religious leaders once held sway but fell into disfavor and had little role in the government. Then there was the burocracy.
“The chancellory recognizes fleet admiral ezrea keriek!”the grand  chancellor said.
“Mr. Chancellor ,members of the chancellory. You are probably wondering where we have been for the last two years. We were taken into the realm of the jerendra!”he said.
The whole room was a gasp. Thry chould not believe what they just heard.
“The jerendra have chosen me to be there representive. There contact. “Keriek said. The whole chamber broke into uproar. “Do you really expect me to believe that you encounter the jerandra and they made you there vicker. “The chancellor said.
“You don’t believe me !”keriek said. ” Of course not! You are a lunitic ! We don’t cater to lunitics!”the chancellor said. 
Keriek took out a wond like device. The gaurds tried to protect the chancellor. The chancellor was hit. The chancellor was vaporized.
“I am now the leader of the asana! Unless you want to suffer a similar fate! You will do what i say ! “Keriek said.
“What do you want?” The admiral asked. “First! I declare myself to be absolute leader of the asana and high clerek. I am disolving the tri-cameral legislature. We will invade the federation as we planed!” Keriek said.
End of part 3.


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